Bank Of America Stadium – Charlotte, North Carolina (Home Of The Carolina Panthers)

Bank of America Stadium, which has previously been known as Carolinas Stadium and Ericsson Stadium, is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it is the home of the Carolina Panthers, members of the NFC South Division.

Bank Of America Stadium – Charlotte, North Carolina (Home Of The Carolina Panthers)

The Stadium originally opened in 1996 as Ericsson Stadium and cost $248 million to build, naming rights were then purchased by Bank of America in 2004.

The Carolina Panthers were originally founded in October 1993, and they have always been known as the Carolina Panthers.

The Bank of America Stadium has been their home since it opened in 1996.

How Many Seats Are In Bank Of America Stadium

The Bank of America Stadium currently has a capacity of 75,412. This capacity has grown throughout the years with a number of renovations that has increased capacity by around 3,000 since 1996.

The Bank of America Stadium has multiple levels of seating, and blocks of seats that are split into sections.

In addition, a number of luxury suites can be found circling the venue, with great views of the field, and a number of amenities.

Directions – How To Get To Bank Of America Stadium

Finding your way to the Bank of America Stadium is nice and easy because of the venue’s location. The Bank of America Stadium is located in Uptown Charlotte, which is the heart of the city.

This not only makes it easy for those who are driving to find their way to the stadium, but it can also be reached easily via public transportation too.

There are lots of ways to find your way to the Bank of America Stadium as Routes 16, 27, 29 and 74, along with the I-77 and I-85 allow you to easily drive to the stadium.

The nearest Blue Light stop to the Bank of America Stadium is Mint St Citylynx station, and the Stadium is only 6 miles from Charlotte Airport.

In comparison to some other sports stadiums, the Bank of America Stadium is very easy to find.

Where To Park Near Bank Of America Stadium

If you are driving to the Bank of America Stadium, then you will need somewhere to park your car. If you are a season ticket holder, then parking around the stadium will be dedicated for you.

However, if you aren’t a season ticket holder, there are still plenty of places to securely park your car.

In fact, there are more than 30,000 parking spaces within a short 10 to 15-minute walk of Bank of America Stadium.

These include 501 S Mint Parking, 498 W Morehead St Parking, and Legacy Union Seven20.

Parking spots do fill up quite quickly on game days, so it is best to reserve a parking spot. This can be done by following the directions on the Panthers website.

For non-Panthers events, Bank of America Stadium allows parking in lot 1 which is adjacent to the stadium itself.

Other Bank Of America Stadium Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carolina Panthers Stadium Covered?

No, the Carolina Panthers Stadium isn’t covered. Like many football stadiums, the Bank of America Stadium has no roof, which does mean that games can be affected by the weather.

There is a certain level of cover over the seats that surround the pitch in the stadium, so if it rains during a match, you might be able to avoid getting wet.

However, there is no roof over the stadium, so there is no guarantee of this.

Can You Visit The Carolina Panthers Stadium?

Yes, you can visit the Carolina Panthers stadium. When the Panthers haven’t got a game, the Bank of America stadium is open to the public for guided tours.

These tours allow fans behind the scenes access to the stadium, exploring areas of the stadium which would usually be off limits.

Some of the areas that you will be able to explore in a stadium tour include the general seating, luxury suites, the press box, media areas, the field tunnel, and the locker room.

How Much Did Bank Of America Stadium Cost?

In total, the Bank of America stadium cost around $248 million to build.

Since the stadium first opened its doors in 1996, a number of renovations have happened to the stadium, so it is likely that more money has been spent than this on the stadium over the years.

What Is Club Seating At Bank Of America Stadium?

Club level seating at Bank of America stadium is a premium type of seating that gives ticket holders access to more than just their seats.

As well as granting access to your designated seats, club seating also gives patrons access to inside areas of the stadium.

These inside areas include access to a 50,000-square foot concourse with lounge areas, full-service bars, game day entertainment, and more.

What Can You Bring In Bank Of America Stadium?

To ensure the safety of everybody who visits the Bank of America Stadium, the stadium has a clear bag policy.

This policy means that all approved items that are taken into the Bank of America stadium need to be enclosed in a transparent plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag that measures no larger than 12-inches x 6-inches x 12-inches.

This means that security can easily check all bags that are entering the stadium for any prohibited items.

How Much Did Bank Of America Pay For Naming Rights?

The naming rights for the Bank of America Stadium were purchased by Bank of America in 2004 for a total of around $140 million.

This $140 million granted naming rights to Bank of America in a 20 to 25 year deal.

Does Bank Of America Stadium Sell Alcohol?

Yes, the Bank of America Stadium does sell alcohol. Although, like many other stadiums, they do have rules regarding the purchase of alcohol. Only alcohol that is purchased in the stadium can be consumed within the stadium’s grounds.

Likewise, ID is required for all alcoholic purchases, and the number of alcoholic drinks that can be purchased are capped at 2 per person every time that they visit the bar.

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