Best Hand Wraps For Boxing

Best Hand Wraps For Boxing

 However, if you want the best chance of protecting your hands, then you’re going to need to buy good-quality hand wraps. 

It can be hard to find these, especially because there are so many out there that you risk decision fatigue.

This is why we have done the work for you! In this article, we have detailed the five best hand wraps for boxing.

Each of these hand wraps has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but they will all provide you with a safety net for your bands when it comes to your fights.

So, if this is of interest to you, then read on for more! 


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First on our list are the Venum Boxing Hand Wraps.

These hand wraps are elasticated to fit around a variety of hand sizes and come in their own varied sizes of 2.5 meters to 4 meters.

Not only that, but they come in a variety of colors, and each one displays the ‘Venum’ logo on the side. 

This brand of hand guard promises the ultimate protection and support for your hands.

They aim to provide this for all boxes by including velcro fasteners to secure the hand wrap to the hand of any boxer who invests in them, as well as stretchy cotton for the wearer’s comfort needs. 

Additionally, these excellent hand wraps come with thumb straps so you can use them with ease!

So, no matter if you are a professional boxer or an amateur who is just starting out, you can feel confident that Venum Boxing Hand Wraps will provide you with the support you need. 


  • These hand wraps can be washed and used again, making them environmentally friendly 
  • These wraps are durable 
  • Great for other martial arts, as well as boxing


  • The blue wraps bleed in the wash, so will need to be washed alone or with similar colors 
  • There are reports that the camo color material is a different fabric from the rest


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Next on our list is the Everlast Professional Hand Wraps!

These hand wraps are an excellent choice for boxers because they feature Everfresh technologies.

They also come with anti-microbial treatments in order to reduce bad odors and any potential growth of bacteria to keep your hands and hand wraps fresh and safe to use. 

As for their design, the everlast professional hand wraps come in a variety of colors and each color has a white “Everlast” logo attached.

However, there is a white and black version of this hand wrap available that feature a gold-like logo.

This gold logo is bigger than the white logo.

The design you choose will come down to personal preference, so be sure to choose one that suits you best! 

Every design of the Everlast Professional Hand Wrap is 120” and can be cleaned in the washing machine after use.

Each hand wrap has a thumb strap to ensure you can use it with ease, and a loop and hook closure system to ensure the fit is secure.

As for the material, they are all made from a blend of spandex and cotton, making them very comfortable to wear. 


  • The strap is adjustable so it can fit a variety of hand sizes 
  • Tough wraps that secure your hands when training 
  • Durable hand wraps that will last for a long time without fraying or visible wear and tear.


  • The hand wraps are so long that some people may need to cut them so they can fit properly 
  • The dye may wash out in the water and affect other items in the washer, so you may have to hand wash these hand wraps initially.


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Sanabul Elastic Hand Wraps are some of the best in the business!

For one thing, these wraps are tested by professional martial artists, such as Mike Lee, Michael Bisping, and more!

So, you can buy these wraps in confidence knowing that if the professionals trust them, then so can you! 

Sanabul places emphasis on the wrapping style of every individual’s hands being personal, so they ensure that their hand wraps can be adapted to fit a variety of martial arts - a variety of fighting styles.

Their wraps work well with a heavy bag, Muay Thai, Boxing, and more! You can use any wrapping technique you like!

These hand wraps are 180” in length and primarily made from cotton, but they are also made from elastic, which makes them extremely durable.

They will not get loose but retain their shape very well. Additionally, they also contain polyester, which keeps your hands cool despite all the moisture from the training or fighting.

This means that your hand wraps will not get ruined by moisture quickly, allowing you to use them long-term. 


  • A soft material that will not wear down easily, thus making these hand wraps durable. 
  • A stretchy material that does not reduce circulation in hands like some other hand wraps 
  • Great protection and support for your wrists as well as your hands 


  • Can be complicated to put on
  • Some designs of the hand wraps are reported to be of worse quality than others


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Another excellent hand wrap option is the Hayabusa Boxing Hand Wraps!

These hand wraps are made with latex-free cotton and elastane, which allows for an amazing blend of stretch and comfort.

Not only that but these hand wraps are made to fit a variety of hands thanks to their loop and hook closure system with an extra-wide hook.

On top of that, there is a label “This side up” which ensures that putting on the Hayabusa Boxing Hand Wraps could not be easier!

Additionally, these hand wraps can be used in both the washer and the dryer, but it is recommended that you wash them with similar colors and that they are placed in a mesh bag to protect the other items. 

These hand wraps are 180” long and 2” wide, and are perfect for a plethora of martial arts, on top of boxing.


  • Breathable material which reduces odors
  • Offer excellent support for your hands, wrists, and knuckles 
  • Latex-free, and so are suitable for those with a latex allergy


  • Reports of color loss after a few washes 
  • Reports of velcro loss after a few washes


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Last but not least are the Meister Adult Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps! 

These 180” wraps are made especially for boxing and MMA fighting but can also be used for other combat sports, such as Muay Thai. 

These hand wraps are made from spandex and cotton of high quality.

They provide excellent protection for your knuckles, hands, and wrists, but without feeling too bulky under your gloves and causing discomfort. 

Not only that, but these hand wraps feature a loop and hook strap that is oversized which helps to keep the hand wraps snug and secure, and a thumb loop that provides you with extra security. 

The Meister Adult Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps come in multiple colors and patterns.

It is important to note that the patterned hand wraps of this brand will gain elasticity after being washed. 


  • Absorb sweat from your hands well which adds further comfort to your training 
  • Easy to roll up 
  • Comfortable to wear 


  • These hand wraps are thin and do not hold their shape as well as other hand wraps 
  • Must be washed separately from other items

Hand Wraps Buyer’s Guide

Here, we will discuss what you should look out for when it comes to hand wraps in further detail! 

Best Hand Wraps For Boxing (1)


An important factor you need to consider when it comes to hand wraps is the size, especially if you are choosing traditional wraps.

The longer the wrap is, the more you will be able to customize them to suit you, and the more supported you will be by them. 

Most adults choose hand wraps that are at least 180” long, but you can opt for smaller ones if you have smaller hands to prevent you from needing to cut the wrap due to its size.

Additionally, it is better to buy smaller wraps for children, or else the length will add extra bulk that may cause unnecessary discomfort. 


The perfect hand wraps for boxing should feel snug and comfortable around your knuckles, hands, and thumbs, and will not allow you to lose circulation in any of these areas.

An important thing to remember when checking how comfortable your hand wraps are is to try them on underneath your boxing gloves.

This is the best way to test them because this is the way that they will be worn. 

Hand wraps can be as thin or as thick as you like, because the level of thickness of the hand wrap is a factor in how comfortable it is, and this will differ between everyone.

However, you need to ensure that your hand wraps are not too thin, otherwise, they will not provide enough support.

You will also need to ensure the wraps are not too thick, or else it will cause friction between the gloves and the hand wraps. 

Support For Your Wrists 

Wrist support is very important when it comes to boxing and choosing the correct hand wraps.

So, it is important to choose hand wraps that are going to stay secure around your wrists and hands. 

It may be easier to ask a professional to teach you how to wrap your hand wraps and then practice this yourself so you can be sure they will always feel secure around your hands and provide the necessary support for your wrists. 

It is vital for your safety that your wrists are adequately supported. However, it is not just vital for your safety.

The more wrist support you have from your hand wraps, the more control you have, and the harder you can punch because of that control.

So, it is important to find hand wraps that can fit your hand.

Washing And Drying 

Different boxing hand wraps will need different types of care when it comes to washing and drying them.

Some will be okay to throw in the washer with similar colors, but others will need to be placed into a mesh bag to be washed, or else their dye will bleed out into other clothes, creating a very unpleasant situation for you. 

Additionally, some hand wraps will need to be washed on their own entirely, or even hand-washed. 

So, when it comes to choosing the best boxing hand wraps for you, you will need to ensure that the type of care that they need works well with your lifestyle and laundry habits. 

Additional Features 

It may be beneficial to look out for any additional features that come with the hand wrap.

For example, if you are stuck between hand wraps that are very similar in terms of their care requirements, size, comfort, and wrist support, then you need to look out for any bonus features that could be the deciding factor for you. 

Additional features can be a variety of things, such as anti-bacterial technology, tested by professionals, or come in a color or pattern you like. 

Refund And Warranty 

Another important factor to consider is the refund and warranty of the hand wraps.

This way, if anything goes wrong with the hand wraps you have chosen, you know you are covered.

Therefore, it is best to look for hand wraps that include these services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should Hand Wraps Be Washed?

The recommended time between washes for hand wraps is one week.

However, this depends entirely on how often you use them, it comes down to personal preference.

So, if you train a lot during the week, then you may want to wash your hand wraps more often to prevent bad odor and a build-up of bacteria or mold. 

It is also important to note that you need to allow your hand wraps to air dry after a workout, before washing them.

The worst thing you could do is put them in your gloves once your training has concluded for the day. 

How Can I Learn Hand Wrapping At Home?

There will be many educational videos or step-by-step tutorials out there for learning how to wrap your hands.

If you are struggling with this, it is best to ask your instructor or a professional about the best way to achieve it.

Ask them to show you how to do it and then practice on your own in front of them, so they can watch and correct your technique. 

Do I Need To Wear Wraps At All Times?

Hand wrapping is vital when it comes to training and fighting. However, they are also a good idea when practicing at home.

This is because you are still getting in practice when it comes to learning how to wrap, as well as getting the necessary extra grip that you will have when training for serious fights. 

Are 120 or 180” Hand Wraps Better?

This depends entirely on the individual’s usage of hand wraps. Most hand wraps are 180” in length and can fit a variety of hands.

This length is great for hand wraps because they provide comfort, and support, and are easier for individuals to customize to their tastes. 

However, children will be better off with 120” hand wraps because the 180” will usually be too long, resulting in extra bulk that is not necessary for wrapping, causing discomfort. 

Final Thoughts 

So there you have it! 5 excellent hand wraps that are perfect for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and so much more!

It can be difficult to choose between different hand wraps, but the important factors to look out for when trying to decide are size, comfort, wrist support, durability, warranty and refund policies, and if the washing and drying care for the wraps fits your lifestyle.

And of course, is it important to like the style and design of the hand wraps.

Once you have found hand wraps that fit the necessary criteria, then you can go ahead and start your training! 

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