Best MMA Gloves

Due to the surging popularity of MMA, there are now a wide range of MMA gloves available on the market. 

For this reason, it can be a challenge to find the right ones for you.  That’s where we come in to help.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best MMA gloves that you can purchase online from Amazon. 

We’ve assorted this list along with some details about each pair of MMA gloves, in addition to some pros and cons for each.  

You will also find a link where you can purchase the gloves online.  

Not only that, but we’ve put together a helpful buyers’ guide to aid you in making an informed purchase decision.  

What are the Different Kinds of MMA Gloves?

There are  a variety of different kinds of MMA gloves available on the market today.

It’s important that you’re aware of these different types of gloves before you choose the right one for you.  

These are the different kinds of MMA gloves that you can buy:

MMA Training Gloves

These are the kind of gloves that MMA practitioners use in the training gym.

Because of this, they have twice the thickness of MMA competition gloves, so they’re a little easier on your hands.

 This is to avoid injury during training sessions.  

The additional padding in MMA training gloves around the knuckles make them more suitable for sparring, mitt work, or for hitting the bag.

They are more similar to boxing gloves than MMA competition gloves. 

MMA Competition Gloves 

MMA competition gloves are the ones that you will see athletes wearing in the UFC or Bellator.

They weigh approximately 4 ounces, or 113 grams.  

Competition gloves are only thick enough to provide some protection to the hands, yet still thin enough to not be cumbersome or restrictive when grappling. 

MMA Bag Gloves

As the name suggests, these gloves are designed to be used on a punching bag.  They have the most padding out of any MMA glove.

Early types of MMA bag gloves are essentially boxing gloves without the thumb.  

The Top 9 MMA Gloves 


[amazon fields=”B01AUEAKMI” value=”thumb”]

Venum Challenger MMA Gloves


[amazon fields=”B0774X7XGB” value=”thumb”]

Sanabul Essential 7 ounce MMA Hybrid Sparring MMA Gloves


[amazon fields=”B06W5NZPS1″ value=”thumb”]

Fairtex FGV15 MMA Sparring Gloves


Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

[amazon fields=”B01AUEAKMI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

These slim MMA gloves are ideal for grappling rather than bag work or sparring. 

The thin padding on the knuckles don’t have the oval knuckle pads like some of the other pairs of gloves on our list.  

They are more geared towards grappling and light ground and pound work in the gym.

Venum are a very well-known brand in the world of MMA equipment. 

They make high quality gloves that are used internationally. 

If you want a good light pair of MMA gloves that will allow you to get a better feel for grappling, then the Venum Challenger gloves are a great option.


  • Well respected brand 
  • High quality materials 
  • Perfect for grappling 
  • Great looking gloves


  • The light padding on these gloves makes them less suitable for striking or bag work


Sanabul Essential 7 ounce MMA Hybrid Sparring MMA Gloves

[amazon fields=”B0774X7XGB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Sanabul are a newer but up-and-coming manufacturer of MMA equipment.  These gloves are very inexpensive, but despite their low price they are very high quality in terms of the material and craftsmanship. 

You may be surprised at how long these gloves will last you, considering how inexpensive they are. 

These hybrid gloves are more suited towards striking and bag work than they are grappling. 

The size and shape of these gloves lends itself to people with wider hands.  

The seam that goes along the pad make these gloves less suitable for grappling as they may be uncomfortable to use.  

Because of the low price of these MMA gloves, they are a great option for beginners or MMA practitioners who want a spare pair of gloves for training.

They are aesthetically pleasing and made of high quality materials that should last a long time.


  • Very inexpensive gloves
  • Sufficient padding for striking and bag work 
  • Ideal choice for beginners


  • New, lesser-known brand 
  • Stitching may be inconsistent 
  • A seam that protrudes from the padding makes them less ideal for grappling


Fairtex FGV15 MMA Sparring Gloves

[amazon fields=”B06W5NZPS1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Fairtex are a world-renowned manufacturer of combat sports equipment.

These Fairtex MMA gloves are designed for sparring in the gym, thanks to the thicker padding over the knuckles. 

The thick, round padding on these gloves are perfect for sparring safely, as there are no edges or seams to get caught on anything. 

You also don’t have to worry about injuring your hands when using these on a heavy bag or a sparring partner.  

The FGV15 gloves are made from high quality materials with a high standard of craftsmanship. 

They use a high quality Velcro, and they secure on the inside of the wrist, making them better for grappling.  

They are, of course, not designed specifically for grappling, but this is nonetheless a nice feature.

The only criticism we have about these gloves is that they can take some time to wear in. 

They are a good all-rounder pair of gloves, and they are highly recommended for those who want a pair of gloves they can spar with.


  • Durable and high quality 
  • Thick padding for sparring and bag work 
  • Smooth and dynamic design for striking and grappling


  • Can take a while to wear them in


[amazon fields=”B071ZZ8WKV” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

These MMA gloves from the brand RDX are very versatile and durable.

It features a high quality Velcro strap that secures by wrapping around the wrist twice, proving you with good wrist support.

There are some rough edges on these gloves which may be uncomfortable for grappling with, but they are decent quality and relatively inexpensive.  


  • Good value for money
  • High quality and durable 
  • Good Velcro straps to provide wrist support


  • Rough edges such as around the thumb seam
  • A little too bulky for grappling with


[amazon fields=”B007ZZG098″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Combat Sports are a well-known and renowned manufacturer of MMA equipment. 

These gloves have a solid 2 inches of padding across the knuckles, making them a great choice for those who want to focus their training on their striking.

They are made of high quality, durable material.  The design of these gloves allows for the athlete to make a tight fist without much of any resistance.  

The durable leather finger holes are very comfortable to wear and use when training. 

The gloves feel smooth, and they’re easy to put on and take off. 

They do, however, have a protruding edge on the top side of the glove that may get in the way while grappling.  

For strikers who want a pair of durable, comfortable gloves, the Combat Sports Max Strike are a good choice. 


  • Thick 2 inch padding across the knuckles 
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Durable finger strap design


  • Velcro straps may wear over time 
  • A little too bulky for grappling


[amazon fields=”B07S9768JN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Hayabusa T3s are great gloves for grappling, sparring, or striking. 

These gloves are a real all-rounder, and they’re suitable for athletes of all abilities.  

They are made from high quality material, and they are very well made and durable gloves.

These T3 MMA gloves are designed with a curve which helps to reduce hand fatigue during training. 

They also provide a great level of wrist and hand stabilization, making them a great pair of gloves for sparring with safely.  

Inside the gloves, there is a XT2 antimicrobial lining, which prevents the growth of bacteria, thus reducing bad smells inside the gloves. 

The Hayabusa T3s feature a “Y-Volar” design which gives you a higher level of protection, stability, and support than other MMA gloves. 

For a set of gloves that are comfortable to wear for long training sessions, the T3s are a safe bet.


  • Comes in a variety of colors 
  • Features antimicrobial technology to reduce odors 
  • Contoured fit for added comfort and reduced hand fatigue


  • May take a while to break in


[amazon fields=”B000JF4HOQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Everlast is a world-renowned company for their sports goods and equipment.

These pro-style MMA gloves are made from a high quality synthetic leather, and they are constructed to be as durable and long lasting as possible. 

What separates these Everlast MMA gloves from the others on our list is the fact that it has EverDri technology which helps regulate the temperature of your hands, keeping them cooler and dryer even after a long and grueling training session. They are great gloves for both grappling and striking. 

These gloves feature a strap that spans the entire wrist, having the wearer added support and stabilization. 

This also provides a more customizable fit, so they are suitable for people of any size.  

These inexpensive MMA gloves are perfect for athletes of all levels, including beginners.


  • Available in two colors 
  • Made from high quality synthetic leather 
  • Features EverDri Technology to keep your hands cool and dry


  • Synthetic leather wears over time


[amazon fields=”B075GXXJXS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

These MMA gloves are great for sparring or training in the gym whether you’re striking or grappling. 

The Battle Forged MMA gloves from Sanabul are versatile and durable, and they are some of the most advanced modern MMA gloves available on the market.  

Featuring hand-shaped foam, engineered leather, and an advanced fit, they are incredibly comfortable to wear even in long training sessions. 

Not only do they provide an advanced level of comfort, they are also very durable and long lasting. 

These MMA gloves also have an antimicrobial lining that helps to prevent bad odors by restricting the growth of fungi and bacteria. 

This technologically advanced lining also prevents moisture from absorbing into the fabric of the glove, which extends the lifespan of the gloves significantly.  


  • Available in 3 different styles
  • Features an antimicrobial lining to prevent odors
  • Good quality Velcro straps


  • May take a while to break in


[amazon fields=”B013JSWJ7Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Undisputed 2.0 MMA gloves from Venum are a fantastic pair of high quality MMA gloves. 

They are suitable for both grappling and striking, thanks to its quality design with thick layered padding across the knuckles.  

They also have a curved design to easily fit your hands and prevent hand fatigue in long training sessions.  

The Undisputed 2.0s have a newly designed closure system, that can fit a wider variety of hand sizes.  

They are also able to be removed with one hand, which is a helpful feature.

Venum MMA gloves have a higher level of quality and craftsmanship that is hard to find in this market. 

This superior quality is reflected in the price of these gloves, but they are well worth the money.  

Venum, as a brand, continually improve their MMA gloves with every new release. 


  • Available in 6 different color combinations 
  • Handmade in Thailand 
  • Great quality materials 
  • Contains layered foam for a high level of protection


  • Takes a while to break them in 
  • Expensive

Buyers’ Guide

Having quality equipment is essential for improving your MMA game and training to the best of your ability.  

When sparring, you need to ensure that you have high quality gloves for your own protection and that of your sparring partner.  

High quality MMA gloves should not have any rough edges or seams that could cut or scrape you or your opponent when sparring or grappling. 

Here are some important aspects that you should consider before buying a pair of MMA gloves.

Best MMA Gloves

Size and Weight 

The size and weight of the MMA gloves is very important to consider, as it will greatly affect the feel when you are sparring or training.  

Heavier, bulkier gloves closer to boxing gloves will provide you with extra protection to your hands, which is important when sparring or hitting the heavy bag.  

If you want to focus more on grappling, you should have lighter, smoother, and less bulky gloves, as they are less cumbersome and won’t get in the way.  

MMA gloves typically weigh between 4 and 6 ounces.  

Before you buy, it’s a good idea to measure the size of your hands and purchase a pair of gloves that closely match these dimensions. 

Glove Type 

The type of glove you choose will be dependent on the type of training you’re doing.  

If you’re planning on sparring or doing bag work, then you will either want heavy training gloves, sparring gloves, or hybrid gloves.  

If you are focusing on grappling in your training, you may want to consider using less bulky gloves, such as regular competition gloves.  

This type of MMA gloves provide less protection when striking, but they are less bulky and won’t get in your way when grappling. 

Material and Quality 

The material and quality of your MMA gloves is important to consider.  

You may opt for synthetic leather as opposed to genuine leather gloves, because synthetic leather is more cost effective, however they are less durable than natural leather gloves.  

It goes without saying that you want a pair of high quality MMA gloves regardless of the level of training you’re doing. 

A high quality wrist strap with a good Velcro closure system is very important, not only because they will last you a long time, but they will provide you with extra wrist support.  

Most MMA gloves feature foam padding, but some MMA glove brands use layered foam padding across the knuckles of the gloves. 

The less expensive gloves tend to have a lower quality of foam that is less effective and not as long lasting.  

The country in which the MMA gloves are manufactured is a good indicator of their quality. 

Many MMA gloves are handmaid in Thailand, and this is typically a marker of high-end quality and craftsmanship. 

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