Best Muay Thai Shorts

If you’re looking to buy a new pair of Thai boxing shorts, or even if you’re a seasoned Muay Thai expert and you’re buying your hundredth pair,it’s important to consider how to pick the best ones for you.

Best Muay Thai Shorts

They’re quite different in a number of ways from other types of shorts you might wear for exercise, so it’s important to find the right fit and style that fits both your body type and your budget.

One thing to note is that Thai boxing and Muay Thai shorts don’t usually come with pockets, as they’re often designed too short, so if that is a feature that’s important to you in your shorts, it might be a good idea to opt for a different style.

Another important note is that most Muay Thai boxing shorts are gender neutral – most sizes will fit women just as well as men, meaning won’t need to shop around for specific styles.

There are a whole host of factors to consider when buying your perfect pair of Muay Thai shorts and in this article we will go over the top 5 Thai boxing shorts on the market today.

We’ll also run over what to look for in the perfect pair of shorts and even why having specific Muay Thai shorts is important to your success in the sport!

The History Of Muay Thai

Muay Thai actually translates as ‘Thai Boxing’ and is the treasured national sport of Thailand! It is a complex martial art that originates all the way back to the thirteenth century, in the time of the Sukhothai Kingdom.

It takes its roots from its initial military use because it utilises many defensive techniques. Muay Thai is also known as ‘Art of eight limbs’ as it has 8 main points of contact; punches, elbows, knees and kicks.

This is different from most martial arts, which usually have two to four points of contact on average.

Today, Muay Thai is practised as both a competitive sport and fun hobby all over the globe in many forms!

The Right Fit and Size

 One of the first and most crucial  things you need to consider before looking to buy Thai boxing shorts is how they fit you, especially as they’ll need to withstand very intense and fast paced movements.

Usually Muay Thai boxing shorts run much smaller than other styles of shorts, so when you’re looking at a pair, check the sizing guides on the website carefully and make sure you measure yourself with a measuring tape beforehand. 

The reason these shorts are much smaller is because you need extra mobility for kicking, so if you prefer a slightly longer style, take that into consideration when you’re looking for Muay Thai shorts, you may have to consider other types or styles.

When you’re looking to size up, an easy and handy little trick is just to roll the waistband over if you feel it’s too big, so don’t be afraid of going up just one more size.

The most important thing to consider when you’re buying Thai boxing shorts is that you feel comfortable in them, especially as the movements can often be intensive and rapid, so your shorts will need to accommodate any high kicks or movements.

The Right Material

Material is an incredibly important factor when you’re choosing Thai boxing shorts, even more so than with other gym clothing. While you may be able to work out in just a t-shirt and shorts.

Thai boxing is so much more demanding, the movement so much more strenuous, that a simple pair of gym shorts won’t cut it.

Because of this, Thai boxing shorts are usually made out of two materials, either satin or nylon, which are both light, breathable, and perfect for when you’re practising your kicks, or the sharp leg movements during sparring.

Comfort is absolutely key in this environment and Muay Thai shorts are designed to provide ultimate comfort.

Nylon Thai boxing shorts are generally much cheaper than satin and come with more added benefits. For example,Nylon dries very quickly, is slightly thicker, and you can still find very high quality nylon boxing shorts on the market quite easily.

Satin Muay Thai boxing shorts, though often more expensive, are of a higher quality material than nylon, and are extra comfortable and durable, which is perfect if you’re training for long periods of time.

When you’re choosing Thai boxing shorts, consider both of these materials so that you opt for the one that best suits your specific needs. It is also a good idea to consider any fabric allergies you may have, especially as nylon can be irritating to some skin types.

The Right Style

Often, you’ll find that there are just two main styles of Thai boxing shorts available on the market. These are the most common styles of boxing shorts; the traditional cut and the retro cut.

While both styles are excellent for training, a lot of the decision will be based on personal preference and what you would feel most comfortable sparring in.

Traditional, or standard cut shorts, will usually have wider legs, and are a bit shorter in length, allowing for slightly more breathability.

The retro cut is usually much shorter, and will have slits on the side of the legs to improve flexibility and ultimately your range of motion.

Both shorts are ideal for training, but vary in designs and style. They are still similar in sizing, so make sure you opt for the style that best fits the way you train, as well as the one that you’re  most accustomed to. 

For instance, if you’re someone who’s used to wearing yoga pants or workout leggings, you might opt for a longer, traditional cut pair of Thai boxing shorts, to make you feel more natural.

The waistband of both styles will still be elasticated and thick for stability, and should sit comfortably on your waist throughout training. This is ideal for more intense sessions.

If you find that your shorts are riding up or sliding down during training, you may need to size up or down with a new pair.

The Right Design

One of the more immediately noticeable areas where Thai boxing shorts differ from regular shorts is their range of vibrant colours and styles. They come in every colour imaginable, and a huge array of patterns and designs that suit all tastes and choices.

However, when selecting Muay Thai boxing shorts, it’s worth being aware of designs that are insensitive to Thai people, and to the culture that those shorts represent.

In many Asian cultures, including Thai culture, below the waist is not a respectful position, so placing the Thai flag on them is considered offensive and inappropriate.

This is particularly important if you’re looking to purchase custom Thai boxing shorts, and it’s vital you respect the cultures and heritage of the sport.

The same rules apply to other various symbols of Thai culture, such as the Garuda, which symbolises Thai royalty – they should not be on your shorts, especially as this can be considered incredibly disrespectful.

If you’re looking at having custom Thai boxing shorts made here in the UK, just be aware of symbols such as these when you’re considering your design choices.

Having your own custom Thai boxing shorts designed may be more expensive than normal, so it’s important to factor that into your budget, especially if you’re looking to find shorts that match the rest of  your existing kit. 

The Best Muay Thai Shorts Available

While there is a whole host of amazing Muay Thai boxing shorts on the market, it can be difficult to find the best ones out there for you, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Our selection of the best come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and designs, meaning you’re bound to find something that’s right for your style choices.

Boxsense Muay Thai Shorts

This first pair of Muay Thai shorts represents a great blend of both quality material with an affordable price tag. The shorts come directly from an official Thai boxing shorts supplier in Thailand, so you know their authentic and excellent quality.

Boxense’s Thai boxing shorts come in a wide range of sizes, from S to XXL, so you’re sure to be able to find the best fit for you.

Made out of 100% satin, these shorts are also incredibly cost effective, as satin shorts can be incredibly expensive, given its often a difficult to obtain material.

These Muay Thai boxing shorts also come in a large range of colours and styles, including traditional and retro styles, both of which are equally priced.

Of course, given the brand’s excellent reputation in the muay thai community, you can be assured that they’re authentic and of the highest quality. 

Ultimately, when we’re completing high intensity exercise, it’s of the utmost importance to be as comfortable as possible, and this is where Boxsense truly excels. 

When buying these shorts, though, make sure that you check the size guide, as they tend to run much smaller than other Thai boxing shorts – we’d recommend sizing up for extra comfort. 

Ronin Fightwear Thai Boxing Shorts

A company that originated in Britain, Ronin Fightwear  offers quality and stylish fight wear for any and all martial art practices.

With stretchy and durable fabric, their shorts are great for longevity and give the wearer a great range of movement while sparring or performing high kicks.

With their reinforced seams, Ronin fightwear not also gives you a secure and stable pair of shorts that will last you a long time but, unlike other low quality shorts, they are super stylish and sleek too!

With simple but fashionable colours available, these boxing shorts are designed so well, they’ll soon become your favourite pair. 

Coming in sizes small, medium, and large, there’s plenty of room to size up or down if needed, and the flexible elastic waistband means that each size has plenty of adjustability if you need to alter them at any point.

Every order from Ronin Fightwear comes in biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging, and with every order over £50, they plant and care for a tree! So you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that every purchase is great for you and the planet.  

8 Weapons Muay Thai Shorts

8 Weapons are a company from Europe that manufactures super high-quality Thai boxing shorts. Their Super Mesh shorts are no exception to that rule, combining ultimate flexibility with the highest quality construction and materials, worth every penny.

Coming in a myriad of colours,including a striking red and gold design, the strong seams mean that these Muay Thai boxing shorts are durable and won’t rip after the first session, which is perfect for these more premium options.

Best Muay Thai Shorts (1)

While these are one of the more expensive options on our list, they more than justify that price tag.

As these shorts are made in Thailand, you can rest assured that they’re the best quality Thai boxing shorts available on the market, and conform to all the strict regulations you’d expect of specialist sports gear.

Available in sizes M to XXL, 8 Weapons offers excellent boxing and Muay Thai shorts that anyone can fit in and wear.

On top of this, their build quality is second to none, using only the highest quality satin and sturdy elastic to create a product that can stand even the most rigorous of tests, whether that’s in the ring or practice sparring in your fight gym.

However, one thing to look out for is that these shorts have a slightly smaller waist than most other shorts, so consider sizing up when buying.

If you’re unsure, 8 Weapons have provided a handy size chart on their website to help you choose the right size and fit of shorts for you. 

Askari Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

Using pure, 100% satin, Askari makes Thai boxing shorts that are so high quality, you won’t believe how breathable, durable and flexible they are!

With a lower waist to provide you with extra mobility, they won’t inhibit your movement when striking and sparring in any way. They go from sizes XS to XL, so there is plenty of room to size up in these shorts if necessary.

These shorts have a classic cut and have plenty of room for kicking,striking and rapid movement. They come with slits in the side of the leg for extra mobility and breathability.

They come in a number of attractive minimalist designs and they make great Thai boxing shorts for training, or even running errands day-to-day.

This classic cut is supported by an incredibly sturdy elasticated waistband, meaning that you’ve always got the support you need during intense spars, or challenging training exercises.

And for a reasonable price tag, Askari’s offering represents an excellent balance of quality product and affordable cost.

Based on the 5 out of 5 stars rating on the Askari website, these Thai boxing shorts are sure to become your go-to pair when training. However, we’d strongly advise you to always check the size guide before buying.

While you will be able to return your shorts if they’re not the right fit for you it’s best to get it right the first time.

Fairtex Muay Thai Fighting Shorts

Fairtex is a huge player in the Muay Thai fighting gear industry and in the Muay Thai community in general. Thanks to their pioneering gyms and fighting gear of the highest quality for all fighters, they have become well renowned.

Their reputation and pedigree have meant that they’ve been able to create one of the highest quality pairs of Thai boxing shorts anywhere in the world.

The silky yet sturdy satin material of their shorts is extremely high quality, lasting and maintaining its structural quality for use after use, and their innovative designs mean that you’re sure to find a pair of Thai boxing shorts that you love. 

These shorts are Handmade in Thailand, so you can be assured of their quality and authenticity.Fairtex Muay Thai boxing shorts have a slit in the side for added mobility allowing you to kick as high as you like without restrictions.

Coming in sizes S to XL, the Muay Thai community often recommends these shorts if you have bigger legs, as they’re much roomier than other brands tend to be. 

This brand of shorts tend to be on the longer side too, and are the best choice if you want a baggier fit or more room for mobility.

If you’re looking for shorts that can also double up in different workouts as part of an intensive routine, then these might just be the shorts for you!

Although they’re definitely not cheap Thai boxing shorts, with Fairtex, you’re paying for superior quality and shorts that will last for years. They’re a great investment to make when looking to buy Thai boxing shorts.

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