Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Can You Learn It At Home?

Brazillian Jui Jitsu is a very popular form of martial art that focuses on defensive techniques rather than attacking. 

Those who are already familiar with Brazillian Jui Jitsu will know that it is a very demanding martial art in both time and energy, but that also makes it incredibly rewarding.

Brazillian Jui Jitsu Can You Learn It Home

You might be wondering if you can learn Brazillian Jui Jitsu without the need of joining a class. Some people do just like to learn things from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace. 

In this article, we will be going over everything you need to know about learning Brazillian Jui Jitsu from home. 

Can You Learn Brazillian Jui Jitsu From Home?

It’s not advised to learn Brazillian Jui Jitsu from home, especially if you want to work your way through the belt system. 

That being said, you can learn Brazillian Jui Jitsu from home if you really want to. Learning this martial art from home is best for beginners who aren’t sure yet if they want to dedicate their time to learning it seriously.

Maybe you just want to learn some basic moves or grapples and see if this martial art is the right one for you. 

Once you’ve got a better idea of Brazillian Jui Jitsu and you’ve learned the very basics though, if you want to progress further, you should look into getting a teacher, because, without one, you won’t progress very far. 

It doesn’t hurt to get some practice in though and there are many things you can do yourself without a teacher before you get serious about your training, so read on to find out about these things. 

How To Train From Home

There are lots of things you can do to learn the very basics of Brazillian Jui Jitsu from the comfort of your own home. From reading up on the martial art to practicing drills, we’ll go over some of the things you can do to get started. 

Getting Physically Fit

The most important thing you can do is put yourself in a better physical condition. You don’t have to be chisled to start learning Brazillian Jui Jitsu, but you do have to have a decent amount of stamina. 

Brazilian Jui Jitsu is a very demanding martial art and will test the limits of your body and mind, so you want to get yourself into a decent physical state to progress in your studies. 

You can do squats and push-ups that will help improve your fitness. Before you even start learning any moves, you want to make sure you can do basic exercises like squatting and push-ups first.

Set yourself a target for every day and build up from there. If you’re dedicated to it, you will start to see results in a few weeks/months.

The better your physical fitness, the longer you can train in Brazillian Jui Jitsu without having to rest. 

Read Books

This might seem like a strange thing to do, but you’d be surprised how helpful reading the right books can be. 

Look for books written by Brazillian Jui Jitsu masters and experts and study them. Read them from front to back (at your own pace) and really absorb what you’re reading. If you need to re-read chapters or paragraphs, do it!

The faster you absorb the information in these books, the faster you will gain an understanding of the martial art. 

While reading isn’t putting the moves into practice, it is preparing you for when it comes to doing that. By the time you get round to training, you’ll have the fundamentals in your brain and it will make training run a bit more seamlessly. 

Watch YouTube Videos

Watching Youtube videos is another good option because there’s such a large variety you can choose from and they are all free. You can look up videos about techniques, drills and grapples, how to do certain moves, and much, much more. 

When you are watching YouTube videos though, don’t overwhelm yourself. Stick to one subject or area at a time and when you feel confident enough, move on to the next area.

The beauty of YouTube videos is that you can find tutorials and step-by-step guides on how to do the moves, so you can physically get up and practice alongside the videos. 

Enhance Your Flexibility

Because Brazillian Jui Jitsu is such a physically demanding martial art, it is important for you to enhance your flexibility. The best way you can do this is by practicing stretching and yoga. 

There are yoga options that specifically cater to Brazillian Jui Jitsu, so you’ll be able to find a good yoga routine that will benefit your training. You can even check on YouTube for some of these routines! 

Practice Drills

You can find lots of Brazillian Jui Jitsu drills online that you can practice too. You can find them on YouTube, but if you dig around you can find them in other places too. 

Practicing Drills is beneficial when you want to get more serious with your training and will give you an advantage if you end up signing up for an in-person class somewhere. 

What To Do Next

Once you’ve been practicing with these methods for a while, if you find that you’ve really gotten into Brazillian Jui Jitsu, you’ll want to find yourself an actual in-person class and trainer to take your training to the next level. 

Brazilian Jui Jitsu is a very time-consuming martial art that will require a lot of attention and hard work and having a teacher and class to go to will help you refine and better your skills. 


Whereas you can learn Brazillian Jui Jitsu from home, what you can learn is quite limited. When it comes to learning any martial art, it’s always better to learn from a master in the field and in person.

They can help you recognize mistakes and they can help you refine your own skills. 

Regardless of how you go about learning, Brazilian Jui Jitsu is a very rewarding martial art that will really test your limits in a positive way.

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