Caesar’s Superdome – New Orleans, Louisiana (Home Of The New Orleans Saints)

In 2021, a groundbreaking naming agreement was signed, and the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was no more. Instead, the home of the New Orleans Saints would be known as Caesar’s Superdome going forward.

Caesar’s Superdome - New Orleans, Louisiana (Home Of The New Orleans Saints)

The New Orleans Saints play in the NFC South Division, and the Superdome has been their home for a number of years.

Work was completed on Caesar’s Superdome in the mid 1970s, and the stadium officially opened its doors in August 1975. Since then, the Superdome has been known by many different names, with its most recent being Caesar’s Superdome.

The New Orleans Saints were established all the way back in 1966, and they have called the Superdome their home since the day it opened. 

How Many Seats Are In Caesar’s Superdome

At present, Caesar’s Superdome has a capacity of 74,295. When the stadium first opened in the 1970s, it had a capacity that was similar to what the capacity is today.

But as health and safety precautions came into place, the capacity did reduce, and at its lowest the capacity has been around 64,000. 

Even though the official capacity is 74,295, published attendance figures for large events, such as the Superbowl have exceeded 79,000.

The most recent increase to the Superdome’s capacity occurred in 2011 when an additional 3,500 seats were added, so there is a possibility that the capacity of this stadium will grow again in the future.

Directions – How To Get To Caesar’s Superdome

If you are traveling to Caesar’s Superdome, you will be happy to hear that it is fairly easy to find in the car.

The address is 1500 Sugar Bowl Drive, New Orleans, LA 70112 which you can use if you are planning on using a SatNav to find the Superdome. 

If you are traveling from the East, you should take the I-10 West to the Caesar’s Superdome exit. When you see this exit, turn right onto Cleveland Avenue, and then immediately right onto Claiborne Avenue.

When you reach Polydras Street, turn right onto it, and then make a U turn. From Polydras Street, you can then turn right onto Clara Street and then left onto Sugar Bowl drive. You can then follow the traffic signs to the Superdome.

If you are traveling from the West, the stadium is easier to find. Simply take the I-10 East to the Polydras Street exit, and then turn right onto Clara Street.

From here, you can turn right onto Sugar Bowl drive, from where you can follow the traffic signs to the Superdome.

Finally, if you are traveling from the South, you should take Bus. 90/West bank Expressway all the way to the Mississippi Bridge. Then you can exit at Camp Street which allows you to proceed onto Polydras Street.

Take this street westbound past Superdome/Claiborne Avenue, and then make a U turn. From here, turn right onto Clara Street, and then proceed to Sugar Bowl drive from which you will be able to follow the traffic signs to find Caesar’s Superdome. 

Where To Park Near Caesar’s Superdome

If you are driving to Caesar’s Superdome, then you will need to park your car somewhere while you are watching the game. Thankfully, there are plenty of places for you to leave your car during the match. 

Caesar’s Superdome has 4 garages of parking spots, however these spaces are limited, and they do fill up quickly. There is also a Champion’s Garage which is only available to season ticket holders.

Caesar’s Superdome - New Orleans, Louisiana (Home Of The New Orleans Saints)

On Saint’s days, parking spots can be purchased on a first come, first served basis in these garages. 

In addition to the Caesar’s Superdome parking, there is also ADA Parking located on some levels of the garages.

This parking is managed separately from the rest of the levels in the garages. There is also plenty of parking located within a short 10 to 15-minute walk of the stadium.

Other Caesar’s Superdome Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened To The Mercedes-Benz Superdome?

In 2021, a new naming agreement was signed and the Mercedes-Benz Superdome became known as Caesar’s Superdome.

The stadium was known as the “Mercedes-Benz” Superdome as part of a 10-year naming agreement, but this agreement expired in 2021, which is why the Superdome was given a new name. 

What Can You Bring To The Superdome?

Like many stadiums, Caesar’s Superdome only allows bags which are clear to be brought into the stadium. Any bags shouldn’t exceed 12 × 6 × 12 inches, and all contents within the bag should be easy to see.

This rule was brought in to improve the safety and security of these events as clear bags prevent people from smuggling prohibited items into the stadium. 

What Time Do Gates Open At Caesar’s Superdome?

For anybody who is watching a Saints game from a luxury suite, the gates will open 3 hours before the game is due to kick off.

This is because priority access is given to those watching from the suites. For the remaining ticket holders, gates will open 2 hours ahead of the time the game is supposed to start.

What Is Not Allowed In The Superdome?

One of the most prohibited things at the Superdome is food and drink that is bought outside the stadium. You are not allowed to bring any food or beverages that were bought outside the stadium into the stadium.

Instead, only food and drink purchased within Caesar’s Superdome can be consumed while you are within the stadium.

Does Caesar’s Superdome Sell Alcohol?

Yes, Caesar’s Superdome does sell alcohol. ID will be required to purchase any alcoholic beverages, and purchases are capped at 2 alcoholic drinks per person per purchase.

At the end of the third quarter, all alcohol sales will be discontinued, as is practice in most sports stadiums.

Can You Visit Caesar’s Superdome?

Yes, you can visit Caesar’s Superdome. The most obvious reason why you might find yourself visiting this stadium is for a Saints match, but concerts and conventions also take place in this stadium.

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