Caesar’s Superdome – New Orleans Saints – Food Options

Caesar’s Superdome was previously known as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, as well as the Louisiana Superdome.

Caesar's Superdome -  New Orleans Saints - Food Options

It is the home to the New Orleans Saints, and it has been home to some of the biggest events, including the Super Bowl, football events, basketball, and music concerts. 

Going to see a team play is always great, but what about the food? Before you go, you need to know where some of the best food is in the stadium, where to get it, and some crucial questions.

In this article, we will be telling you about some of the best food options in Caesar’s Superdome, and what you can expect. 

Food At Caesar’s Superdome 

The stadium does not have the most diverse options in the world, but they do have a few classic New Orleans dishes to choose from.

You can get the usual hot dogs, pizza, as well as fries. There is an array of eateries, food stands, and restaurants on each plaza level of this stadium.

There is anything from pizza, Cubano sandwiches, and roasted beef. 

Additionally, there is a bar that takes up a whole level of the stadium, serving some of the most delicious cocktails, craft beers, and house wines. 

Concessions At Caesar’s Superdome

At Caesar’s Superdome, concessions are either provided by Sodexo, or a Sodexo vendor. This means all the food and drinks are pretty consistent and easy to find. On the 100 Plaza Level, there is a range of concessions.

Level Plaza 100 

Nacho Portables – Sections 107, 109, 119, 122, 135, 137, 147, And 149

Nacho Portables sells everything you may think. They sell delicious regular nachos, as well as ultimate nachos, loaded with guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and chilies. 

Mini Melts Ice Cream Portables – Sections 109, 116, 127, 137, And 152

Mini Melts sell portable and novelty ice creams and ice pops that are perfect for watching a game or a concert. 

Popcorn Portables – Sections 114, And 112

Popcorn Portables sell popcorn, candy, and cotton candy. This is ideal when you fancy a sweet treat. 

Geaux Nuts N’ New Orleans – Sections 117, 129, 145, And 155

Here, you can get roasted, glazed nuts whenever you want. This makes a great accompaniment to fresh cocktails and a craft beer. 

Market Fresh Portable – Section 147

Market Fresh Portable is great when you want a healthier, fresher snack. They sell poke bowls, pitas and hummus, and fresh sushi.

On the 200 Loge Level, there is also a range of concessions, most of which are the same as on the 100 Plaza Level. 

200 Loge Level

Stands 217 & 261

These stands sell some delicious concession food, with a range of options.

Here, you can get BBQ shrimp and cauliflower grits, vegan red beans and cauliflower rice, cheese cups, peanuts, dome dogs, smoked sausages, fruit parfait, nachos, and fresh garden salads. 

Stands 227 & 269

These stands have a delicious range, including a double stack cheeseburger, a bacon jam burger, dome dogs, chili dogs, chicken tenders, fries, and more peanuts. 

P&T Sweets – Sections 247 and 279

Drink Concessions

Smoothie King – Section 142 (100 Plaza Level) 

Bar locations from section 102-154 and on all levels

Classic Food At Caesar’s Superdome

At Caesar’s Superdome, there is a lot of food that you would expect at a classic game. 

100 Plaza Level

King’s Table – Section 104 And 132

King’s Table has delicious classic food, from chili dogs, dome dogs, and smoked sausage. This is a perfect concert or game food, and you can get some peanuts and candy whilst you are there. 

Cajun Corner – Sections 106, 109, 113, 121, 126, 134, 137, 141, And 150

Unique to New Orleans, Cajun Corner has a range of Cajun inspired dishes, including jambalaya, alligator sausage, or smoked sausage. 

Caesar's Superdome -  New Orleans Saints - Food Options

Parish Pizza – Section 153

Parish Pizza has a delicious range of game day specialties pizza, as well as cheese pizza, or pepperoni pizza. 

200 Loge Level

Royal Feast & Kings Table – Section 207, And 249

Royal Feast has chili dogs, dome dogs, smoked sausages, peanuts, cheese cups, and souvenir popcorn. This is everything you’d want at a classic game. 

Bienville, Iberville, Claiborne, And St Charles Concessions 

Here, you can get double stacked burgers, a shrimp platter, a grilled chicken sandwich, as well as dome dogs and chili dogs, chicken tenders, and crispy fries. 

Jesters Spread – Sections 239 And 281

Jesters Spread has a nice range of higher end classic food, including shrimp tacos with mango habanero slaw, beef tacos with pico de gallo, chicken tacos with cilantro and lime, as well as specialty Oreo churros. 

Restaurants Near Caesar’s Superdome

Maypop – 611 O’Keefe Ave

Catty Car Corner – 1340 Poydras St, inside Orleans Tower

Blaze Pizza – 611 O’Keefe Ave 

How Much Does Food Cost At Caesar’s Superdome?

Food is pretty pricey wherever you are out of the house, but especially at stadiums. For a hot dog, you are looking at around $7, and nachos for $9. Popcorn, drinks, and chips cost around $4. 

Can You Bring Food Into The Caesar’s Superdome? 

Like most stadiums and concert halls, you cannot bring food into Caesar’s Superdome. This is because there is a risk of allergies for people nearby, as well as the fact that the stadium would lose a lot of money.

Additionally, it is simply safer for the stadium to provide the food consistently to everyone, to prevent any issues or problems for the public. 

What Restaurants Are Inside Caesar’s Superdome?

There are no actual restaurants inside the stadium, but the closest you can get to a restaurant are the following:

Paris Grill 

Sugarlands Shine at the Corner Office Moonshine and Cocktail Lounge – Section 121 (100 Plaza Level) 

How Much Does A Beer Cost At Caesar’s Superdome? 

If you want a beer at Caesar’s Superdome, you are looking to spend anywhere from $8-10, which is pretty pricey, but you are at a stadium, so you have to expect that. 

What Food Is Unique To New Orleans?

Red beans and rice, jambalaya, seafood, gumbo, and beignets are unique to the city of New Orleans and its rich culture. You can pick up some of these foods at Caesar’s Superdome, too! 

Should I Eat Before I Go To Caesar’s Superdome? 

This completely depends on your budget, as well as the size of the event.

If you are going to a Super Bowl, it is likely there will be 50,000+ people there, and it will be difficult to get food, as everyone else will be too. It is also expensive, but it is an experience. 

Final Thoughts

If you go to a concert or game, be prepared for the prices at the stadium. Caesar’s Superdome is a large stadium, home to the New Orleans Saints.

Consider your options before you go to the stadium. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article! 

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