Can A Kick In Muay Thai Break Ribs?

Muay Thai is a very dangerous form of martial arts as there are a lot of risks associated with training and competing.

As Muay Thai involves a lot of hard kicks and punches toward your opponent, is it possible for a kick in Muay Thai to break ribs?

Before you begin learning a martial art like Muay Thai, knowing what the risks are is important for making sure that you are comfortable participating in the sport.

Can A Kick In Muay Thai Break Ribs?

It can be very dangerous to train in Muay Thai, but it is still very popular to learn.

Knowing what parts of your body can be affected by Muay Thai is important, but are your ribs at risk?

This article will explain whether or not a kick in Muay Thai can break ribs and how dangerous it can be.

You can find out more below to see how your ribs can be affected in Muay Thai.

How Hard Is A Kick In Muay Thai?

To determine how hard a kick is in Muay Thai, you need to measure the amount of force in the kick.

Force is measured in Newtons, which can show how strong a kick is.

It is important to take into consideration how well-trained the person is in Muay Thai, as a well-trained Muay Thai fighter will have more force in their kick than a beginner.

Someone well-trained in martial arts can have a kick that is equivalent to 9000 Newtons.

This is very powerful, but beginner martial artists will not be able to generate this type of force until they are more experienced and well-trained.

Can A Kick In Muay Thai Break Ribs?

As the kicks in Muay Thai are so powerful, it is possible to break your opponent’s ribs.

Ribs are very fragile bones and it doesn’t take a lot of force to break them, so a kick in Muay Thai could break ribs.

The force that is usually required to break a rib is around 3,300 Newtons, so it is possible.

As you still need to generate a lot of force to break someone’s rib, it is often more experienced Muay Thai fighters who can break ribs, not necessarily beginners.

To generate this kind of force, you will need to have been trained for a few years, so a well-trained Muay Thai force can break ribs.

Are Broken Ribs Common In Muay Thai?

Are Broken Ribs Common In Muay Thai?

Although broken ribs are a possibility from Muay Thai kicks, they are not very common.

Muay Thai fighters do not try to seriously injure opponents during a professional competition as this is very frowned upon.

During the competition, it is not the aim to brutally injure your opponent, so broken ribs are not an everyday occurrence for Muay Thai fighters.

When Muay Thai fighters begin training, they are taught how to take common blows in Muay Thai.

This shows them what to expect and how to reduce the force that is inflicted upon them.

Training is very important for preparing Muay Thai fighters with the right skills to reduce the amount of force on their bodies.

In a competition, the opponent will be rolling with the blows, which means that they will be reducing the amount of force from kicks in Muay Thai.

This means that the force that is inflicted on the opponent’s ribs will not be enough to break them.

Although broken ribs are not a very common occurrence in a Muay Thai fight, they are still a possibility.

The fighters must work to reduce the impact of the kicks on their bodies as this will keep them protected.

What Is Lerdrit?

Lerdrit is a very difficult version of Muay Thai that is a lot more dangerous and lethal.

Lerdrit is not taught anywhere else in the world except in the Thai military as it is extremely dangerous, so it is taught under strict supervision.

It is a martial art that is used in the Thai military that can kill people with a single blow.

As Lerdrit is a form of Muay Thai, people often mistake Muay Thai fighting for Lerdrit as it is very dangerous. However, these styles are very different.

In Lerdrit, soldiers in the military are taught how to kill people with a single blow that is usually delivered from their elbow, fist, or knee.

Deadly kicks can be used, but the close range of Lerdrit means that kicks aren’t very common.

Although people are trained in Lerdrit for the military, it is highly unlikely that a Lerdit fighter will use their skills outside of the military.

This will be met with repercussions from superior officers in the military as Lerdrit should only be used inside the military, so you will not be met with Lerdrit fighters randomly attacking people.

Protecting Yourself In Muay Thai

Muay Thai fighters do not aim to severely injure their opponents, but people still need to be trained to reduce the force from the blows in Muay Thai.

Rolling with the blows is very important as this protects your body from more serious injuries.

This is why training in Muay Thai is so important as it teaches you skills and techniques that will be very beneficial during a Muay Thai competition.

Learning discipline in Muay Thai teaches you Muay Thai techniques without severely injuring your opponent.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, a kick in Muay Thai can break ribs, but it is not very common.

A lot of force is generated in Muay Thai kicks from well-trained fighters, so beginner fighters can’t break ribs with their kicks as they will not have enough force.

Although it is possible, it is not common for ribs to be broken in Muay Thai.

Muay Thai fighters do not aim to inflict severe injuries on their opponents, which is why broken ribs are not that common.

Lerdrit is a lethal form of Muay Thai that is only used in the Thai military, not in Muay Thai competitions.

Lerdrit fighters are trained to severely injure and kill, which is not the aim in Muay Thai competitions.

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