Can Boxing Beat Karate?

If you have ever seen a boxing match or a karate fight then you know that both kinds of fighting are very effective. But in these scenarios, both fighters are trained in the same skill. What would happen if a karate expert fought a professional boxer?

Can Boxing Beat Karate

We have compared the two styles of fighting to understand which one is most effective, and whether boxing can beat karate. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Boxing?

Boxing is a striking style of fighting that takes place inside a boxing ring. You strike with your fists only- there is no kicking – and you can hit your opponent anywhere from the waist up.

Boxers learn a lot of techniques for hitting their opponent, but they also learn defensive moves like blocks, ducks and dodges. Boxers also need to learn intricate footwork to help them move around the ring and stay light on their feet.

What Is Karate?

What Is Karate

Karate is an ancient martial art which originated in Japan but is also influenced by Chinese martial arts. It focuses on counter striking – using your opponent’s movements against them to land your strikes.

You can strike with punches and kicks and you can also use your elbows and knees which gives you lots of potential points of contact.


Both styles of fighting involve specialized footwork. Although the styles of footwork are different, the two fighters would be evenly matched in this area.

Boxers tend to focus on left to right movement, shifting their weight from side to side. They also circle each other around the ring.

A lot of stamina is involved, and you need to have precise and light footwork to help you move out of the way of punches and advance towards your opponent.

In Karate, footwork is used to move forwards and backwards, in and out of your opponent’s striking range. As kicking is involved, a lot of emphasis is placed on balance.

You can kick your opponent and maintain distance, keeping your balance to use light footwork to then advance towards them for a punching strike.


Stance is important as it dictates the angle of your body and which parts are most vulnerable to an attack.

Both fighters will be steady on their feet and have a protective stance, but a boxer might find it hard to predict which strike is coming next based on a karate stance.

Boxers tend to stand directly facing each other to make better use of their arms, but will also stand with one foot forward and one foot back so they are at a slight angle. This allows them to rotate their body for the punches, building momentum.

It also makes it easier for them to block punches to the torso. A boxer’s feet are usually shoulder width apart at all times and their hands will usually be above the waist.

Karate focuses heavily on kicks so fighters will stand side on in order to strike their opponent with their feet.

The placement of their feet will vary depending on which strike they are going to use- they could be close together, far apart, or one in front and one behind.

Their hands could be above their waist or down by their sides. There is a wider variation of stances used in karate compared to boxing.


Boxing uses punching only whereas karate uses punching, kicking, elbows and knees. You might think that this would give the karate fighter an advantage, but this is not necessarily the case. Boxers put a lot more power into their punches.

There is rotational force and the muscle mass and weight of the boxer will impact the power of the punch.

Karate punches tend to come from the side rather than straight on, and they are fast but less powerful as they are used in combination moves with other strikes.

Boxers tend to use four main types of punches- jabs, hooks, uppercuts and cross punches. They can be used in combinations, in repetition, or as single powerful punches. A boxer needs to be standing quite close to their opponent in order to strike them.

Karate uses swinging punches, snap punches and follow through punches in conjunction with various types of kicks, elbow strikes and knee strikes. They can strike their opponent from further away and also do well in close combat.

A karate fighter will have more options available when it comes to attacking their opponent and will likely be able to surprise them with impressive combinations of strikes.

However, a boxer could knock out a karate fighter within a few punches if they get close enough, and they will be very skilled at dodging strikes.

A boxer is likely to be a lot heavier than a lean karate fighter, and they will have more muscle mass. Boxers have incredible resilience for being hit, so it would take a karate fighter a lot of strikes to knock out a boxer.

You also need to consider the gloves being used. Boxing gloves are much heavier than karate gloves which will contribute to the force of a punch, and they provide more protection.

Karate gloves are still protective, but they are a lot lighter. This could impact who wins the fight.

Can Boxing Beat Karate?

The answer isn’t straightforward as it depends on the skill, strength and stamina of each fighter.

It also depends on what weight class the boxer is in – a featherweight boxer will be more evenly matched with a karate fighter than a heavyweight boxer, as their punches will be less powerful.

A heavyweight boxer could probably knock out a karate fighter much faster.

In reality, a fight between a karate fighter and a boxer would be quite chaotic. Each sport has different rules and disciplines and the matches are structured differently. It is quite difficult to compare both styles of fighting.


In the right circumstances, a boxer could defeat a karate fighter due to the strength of the punches. However, a karate fighter has more options when it comes to striking.

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