Can Taekwondo Be Self-Taught?

Throughout the world of different hobbies and activities, there are many people who try to take up different sports, with martial arts frequently seen as a good option.

Can Taekwondo Be Self-Taught?

However, there are a lot of different martial arts out there, with many people going down different routes and paths to find their next sport.

Taekwondo is a really popular martial art and is learned by a lot of people around the world.

A lot of people have jobs that mean they don’t have a lot of spare time, which can lead them to try and teach themselves different martial arts and sports, like Taekwondo.

However, it is a different ball game from talking about it, rather than actually doing it. Can you self-teach Taekwondo? That’s something that we will answer throughout our guide.

Where To Start?

We all know that it can be incredibly hard to find out where the best starting point is.

Taekwondo is a complicated sport and will be hard to learn for a lot of people who have the desire to teach themselves the martial art.

Think of it like learning a new language, it’s not just learning all the new techniques, it’s almost as if you have to embrace a new culture entirely!

One of the hardest things about learning Taekwondo on your own is that you have nobody there to help you.

Of course, you’ve already guessed that you won’t have someone there to help you, but this is a crucial part of learning a martial art.

People will look to their mentor so that they can be corrected when they make mistakes or have the wrong technique.

However, when learning by yourself, you don’t have that wisdom to help you make the right decisions.

Is It Easy To Self-Teach Taekwondo?

We’ve briefly touched on what we think, but we’ll reiterate that Taekwondo is by no means an easy thing to learn, especially when learning on your own.

It takes a lot of dedication and time to learn this martial art, so we recommend making sure that you understand how much time and effort it needed before you start.

To learn Taekwondo thoroughly, it can take many years, and even decades, before people master the art.

The rule of thumb is that you should train and practice as consistently and frequently as your body will allow.

People will usually visit a dojo or some sort of community center to make sure they have the space and dedicated area to practice.

So, what’s it like learning at home? How hard is it to learn this martial art when you’re at home alone watching videos on your computer?

Simply put, Taekwondo isn’t an easy thing to learn and we stress that it is extremely difficult to teach it to yourself.

Again, if you don’t have a professional or mentor to guide you, then you have no way of knowing if you’re doing things wrong.

Think of it like this! You’ve been told to learn cooking in a kitchen that you don’t know with nobody to help you.

However, Taekwondo is a lot harder than trying to cook!

The harsh reality is if you’re looking to learn Taekwondo as a casual hobby or activity, then you’re going to struggle to keep up.

The levels of dedication and passion that need to be reached when learning Taekwondo should never be underestimated and should be kept in mind as much as possible.

Can Taekwondo Be Self-Taught?

What Would I Be Doing? What’s My Goal?

You need to be able to learn this martial art autonomously. The only thing you need to think about is what you want your end goal to be.

Do you want to lose weight and get fit? Do you want to learn something new? Do you want to improve your self-defense?

These are all questions you have to ask yourself before attempting to teach yourself this martial art.

The likelihood is that you wouldn’t be sparring much at the start of learning this combat sport, you would be much more likely to be learning about your technique and the different movements you will need.

You would be learning a lot of sequences and would have to improve on your shadow boxing. It’s all about improving your own form before trying to beat your opponent from the start.

Watching a video and following the instructions will definitely provide you with some sort of insight into the type of things you should be doing.

However, you need to have someone there with you that can help you alter your body stance or your form, when you need correcting.

Learning yourself at home will be extremely difficult and will need a lot of perseverance.

Should I Teach Myself Taekwondo?

So, is it worth all of the effort and the time? Well, that’s something only you can answer. We’re by no means trying to put you off, we just want you to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

We have to stress that Taekwondo is a brilliant thing to learn and has lots of health benefits, like keeping fit and healthy.

On top of this, it provides you with a new way of spending your time and getting to know your own mind and body.

However, it does require a lot of focus and patience, so we recommend taking it slow at the start.

If you still think you could do this, then this could be the new activity for you!


There you have it! You definitely can teach yourself Taekwondo at home, however, the simple answer is that if you can attend classes with an expert in the martial art, then you should choose that instead.

At the end of the day, it’s definitely possible to teach yourself Taekwondo with videos online and different forums, but it will be a lot harder than with other people.

It’s always nice to have a helping hand and a push in the right direction, which isn’t present when teaching yourself Taekwondo.

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