Can You Hit The Face In Taekwondo? (Rules Explained)

Understanding more about Taekwondo is important if you are looking to participate in tournaments.

Some people do not understand the rules and the skills that are involved in martial arts as there are rules to follow during a competition to make the game safer and fairer. 

Can You Hit The Face In Taekwondo

Following the rules in a Taekwondo competition is important as if you don’t, you will lose lots of points.

Intentionally breaking the rules is frowned upon in Taekwondo as it does not make it a fair game.

Taekwondo is made up of high kicks and punches, but are you able to hit the face in Taekwondo, or is this against the rules? 

This article will explain more about whether or not you are allowed to hit the face in Taekwondo or if this is classed as breaking the rules.

You can find out more below to make sure that you are familiar with the rules to prepare for a competition. 

Can You Hit Your Opponent’s Face In Taekwondo?

You cannot hit your opponent in the face during a Taekwondo match as this is very dangerous.

It is met with a severe penalty as points can be taken away in the match as you cannot attack your opponent’s face.

If you do hit someone’s face in a Taekwondo match, you can expect to have points deducted as this is a serious issue. 

Can You Hit Someone In The Head?

You can hit someone in the head during a Taekwondo match as this is how you get more points.

Depending on the type of kick that is used to hit someone on the head during a Taekwondo match, there are lots of points available.

A turning kick can score you around 3 points if done correctly, but a spinning kick can get you more points. 

Why Can You Hit Someone In The Head But Not The Face?

In a Taekwondo match, the head of each competitor is covered with a protective helmet.

This prevents head injuries to the competitors in a match if they are kicked or if they fall over.

Without a helmet, it would be too dangerous to participate in Taekwondo as head injuries would be severe and common. 

As your head is covered by a helmet during a Taekwondo match, your face is not covered as you need to be able to see.

If you cannot see, you will not effectively be able to take part in the match.

As the face is left exposed, it is against the rules to attack someone in the face as this can cause a serious injury and inflict a lot of pain on your opponent. 

What Other Hits Are Banned?

To keep the Taekwondo match fair, several hits are banned to protect the competitors.

If the competitors do not comply with these rules, penalties will be applied to their scores and they may be removed from the match.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that you follow the rules to protect your opponent and to stop yourself from getting disqualified. 

Hitting The Back Of An Opponent’s Head

Intentionally hitting an opponent on the back of the head can result in point deductions as this is incredibly dangerous.

Despite wearing a helmet, the back isn’t all covered, so aiming for the back of the head can cause serious injuries and disorient your opponent, which is unfair.

Attacking from the back can also give you an unfair advantage over your opponent. 


Becoming violent towards your opponent will lead to you being removed from the match and becoming disqualified.

It will not be following the rules of the match and it will be putting your opponent in danger, so it is banned from Taekwondo matches. 

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Attacks to the face are banned as they can cause serious injuries to your opponent as the face is left unprotected, so headbutting is banned as it can cause a severe blow.

As competitors wear helmets, headbutting someone in the face is banned, especially when wearing your helmet as this can deliver a more intense force. 

Attacking An Opponent When They Are On The Ground

When an opponent is on the ground, you cannot attack them as this is dangerous and gives you a clear advantage over your opponent.

Your opponent will be in a vulnerable position and the attack can become violent, resulting in severe injuries. 

Can A Referee Intervene?

If the match is becoming aggressive, or violent, or if a competitor has broken a rule, a referee can intervene to stop the match.

If someone intentionally hits someone in the face by either kicking or punching them, the referee can stop the match and disqualify the opponent who attacked the other as it is incredibly dangerous. 

What Face Injuries Could Happen?

If a competitor is hit in the face by their opponent, they could suffer a black eye, bruising, a broken nose, or a broken jaw.

This all depends on how hard the blow is to the area, which is why aiming for the face is not permitted in a Taekwondo match.

Deliberately inflicting pain upon your opponent is dangerous, irresponsible, and not fair in a match. 

During training, you will be taught how to correctly hit during a Taekwondo match to score points and make sure that you are aiming for the right places.

This will prevent you from becoming disqualified during a match and from seriously injuring your opponent. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, you cannot hit someone’s face during a Taekwondo match as it is against the rules.

It gives you an unfair advantage over your competitor and it can result in severe injuries like a broken nose or a broken jaw.

It is incredibly dangerous and can see you having points deducted or even being disqualified from the match. 

You can hit your opponent on the head on the side as this is protected by a helmet, but you cannot hit them on the back of the head as the back is not covered.

This is dangerous and can result in serious injuries.
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