Do Pull Ups Work Abs? – Guide to Pull Up Muscle Groups

Working out is an important part of a lot of peoples schedules and doing the right exercises for different muscles are very important.

You want to be working these muscles correctly so you have the best results and outcomes and you can be happy with your progress.

Do Pull Ups Work Abs?

Today is all about pull ups and whether they are good for working out your abs. This guide will outline if this is true and why it is good for the abs. This will also list other exercises that are really good for working out those abs for the summer.

Are you working on the basics or are you someone who is looking for some advanced exercises? This guide will also give you a wide range of examples that you can use in your home or gym workouts too.

Continue reading to find out more about muscle progression this year.

Why Do People Work Their Abs?

Most people desire ripped abs or nice toned abs because it has always been linked to a vision of beauty or intense fitness.

People who live to keep in shape don’t just focus on their abs but their whole body because they want to make sure that their bodies are proportional in all areas.

Most people think that floor exercises are the way forward, but it is way more effective to use equipment.

Importance Of Core Muscles

If you have a really good core then this allows you to become stronger and better at more sports. If you have a stronger core it also helps you out in daily tasks, makes you fitter and more able to carry out more physical activities.

You also need to think about your lower back! A lot of people complain about having lower back pain because of their everyday jobs but strengthening your core will only help. This also links to the types of breaths you can take.

If you work on your abs, this will help you take deeper breaths and have better control.

Different Pull Up Exercises For Abs Workouts

There are several different types of exercises that are great for the abs that all link to pull ups.

You have the windscreen wiper for that really defined look. If you want to have abs you can follow this exercise. You need to make sure you have your hands apart on the bar to make sure you stay balanced.

Keep them a shoulder width apart to keep your stability and keep your legs straight to start. Then, without bending your legs you need to lift them to the bar and move your legs left to right in the wiper motion.

You need to repeat this 10 times and regularly to make sure you are keeping up with the routine.

Leg lifts are also a great way to really push your abs on the bar. You can either just keep your legs straight then lift as high as you can while on the bar. If you want to make it all that more intense, you can also hold that position for a few seconds.

What about the L-hang? This is a great exercise where you don’t have too much movement. You need to hang from the bar in a stable position and lift your legs straight halfway and hold it!

This will really push your abs and you can track your progress over the time you can hold it for.

Hanging crunches are also great for your abs because they have a large amount of movement. You need to position yourself slightly differently in comparison to the other exercises.

You need to place your legs on the bar and you can do your crunches in this way which will allow you more room.

You can also add equipment to this exercise by placing some weights on yourself to make sure you have a maximised experience when exercising. This is also the best way to see progress in your core.

How advanced are you when it comes to your exercises? This one is on the more complex side because it will be using all different types of muscles to carry out this task.

This is high intensity where you will do a burpee and even push yourself to do a push up then back to your feet to jump up to do a pull up after. The longer you can hold everything will make your exercises much more effective.

Frequently Asked Question

Can You Do Abs On Pull Day?

Because abs are used in both pushing and pulling actions, they can be trained several times per week – just choose different exercises for each session.

You could also try splitting your midsection routine into abdominal and core workouts, training abs on pull day and doing core strengthening on push day.


Overall, when it comes to your exercises, you want them to be as effective as possible. You want to see that progression and doing pull ups are definitely great for the core but also other muscle groups as well.

They can train the whole body because you can add in different weights and other exercises like burpees and crunches to make them all that much harder.

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