Empower Field At Mile High – Denver Broncos – Food Options

The Empower Field at Mile High is the home of the famous NFL team, the Denver Broncos, and is located just west of Denver, Colorado.

It has previously been known as Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Invesco Field at Mile High, and Broncos Stadium at Mile High.

Empower Field at Mile High - Denver Broncos - Food Options

It is also often referred to as Mile High and Mile High Stadium.

The nickname “Mile High” comes from the city’s elevation, which is well over 1 mile above sea level.

While “Empower Field” comes from the name of the organization that owns the stadium, Empower Retirement.

In addition to hosting NFL games, it’s also used to host soccer games, rugby matches, music concerts, and more.

It has a very large capacity, able to accommodate over a whopping 76,000 guests.

And with so many people to welcome, you can bet that the stadium has its fair share of concession stands to keep the Bronco fans fed and hydrated.

And with that in mind, the focus of the remainder of this article is on the food and drink options in and around the Mile High Stadium.

What’s particularly notable about getting food at the stadium is new technology to improve speed of service.

There are self-ordering kiosks, self-checkout scanners, smartphone ordering coming soon, and even Apple Pay.

Concessions At The Empower Field (Mile High)

You may be pleased to hear that there is a wide range of traditional concession stand food available for purchase at Mile High.

The stands are positioned at various points throughout the stadium at levels 100, 300, and 500.

You can pick up items such as burgers, chicken tenders, hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, pizza, popcorn, pretzels, water bottles, and beers.

Classic Food At The Empower Field (Mile High)

Denver, Colorado is well known for classic dishes such as Colorado Style Green Chili (also known as Chili Verde).

And we’re pleased to report that you can enjoy a selection of different food options inspired by Colorado Style Green Chili.

This includes a green chile cheese dog, green chile chicken nachos, and Denver cheesesteak.

You can also get specialty dishes from acclaimed Denver chef Frank Bonanno, including french dip sandwiches, and much more.

Restaurants Near The Empower Field (Mile High)

Here’s a little run through of some of the restaurants, cafés, and bars surrounding the Mile High Stadium…

There’s Happy Camper – Denver, which is situated 1.4 miles from the stadium, and has both vegan friendly and gluten-free options available, and offers outdoor dining.

There’s the Briar Common Brewery and Eatery which is less than half a mile from the stadium and does an excellent Buffalo Cauliflower.

Then there’s Rioja, which offers both American and Spanish cuisine and has a nice bar. It can be found about a mile from the stadium, and also offers outdoor dining.

Or if you’re a fan of Italian food, you’ll want to check out Jovanina’s Broken Italian restaurant. It’s about a mile from the stadium and comes highly recommended.

How Much Does Food Cost At The Empower Field (Mile High)?

The food options available at Mile HIgh are a little expensive, relatively speaking, but they are still very much affordable. Here’s a quick run through of the costs of some of the more popular items:

  • Brats $9
  • Burgers $9
  • Cheesesteaks $10
  • Chicken tenders $9
  • Corned beef sandwiches $15
  • French dip sandwiches $12
  • Hot dogs $5
  • Nachos $5
  • Peanuts $4.75
  • Pizza $7.50
  • Pork belly BLTs $15
  • Popcorn $5
  • Pretzels $5
  • Pulled pork sandwiches $10
  • Tacos $10
  • Tamales $8
  • Water bottle $7.50
  • Wine $7.50

Can You Bring Food Into The Empower Field (Mile High)?

We’re pleased to report that Bronco fans are in fact allowed to bring their own food and drink into the stadium…

There is one proviso to this, however, which is that whatever food is brought in has to be contained in an approved clear bag, not exceeding 12 by 12 by 6 inches in size.

Or alternatively, a 1-gallon resealable clear plastic storage bag, such as a Ziplock bag.

What Restaurants Are Inside The Empower Field (Mile High)?

Here’s a quick run through of what concession stalls are available at the stadium:

  • Drink MKT
  • Favs@MH
  • Tenders Love and Chicken
  • Denver Cocktail Co
  • Frank Bonanno Concepts
  • GQue Championship BBQ
  • Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs
  • Green Chile – Inspired Items
  • Federal Boulevard Burger
  • City Pop Popcorn
  • French 75
  • Kimchi Hot Dog
  • Federal Boulevard Burger
  • Jalapñeno Pork Belly BLT
  • Vegetarian Street Tacos
  • Denver Cheesesteak

How Much Does A Beer Cost At The Empower Field (Mile High)?

We’re pleased to report that alcoholic beverages can be purchased at The Empower Field (Mile High).

And, what’s more, the price of a beer there has come down by 50 cents, and when this article was written, you could purchase a domestic beer at Mile High for the small fee of $7.50.

There were also premium beers available, which cost slightly more at $9.25.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About The Empower Field (Mile High)

What Can I Bring To Empower Field Stadium?

We mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating here. You are allowed to bring your own food in the stadium, provided that it is contained within a clear plastic bag.

You can also bring other handy items such as binoculars, cell phones, seat cushions, and still-photography cameras.

Can I Bring A Water Bottle To Empower Field Stadium?

We’re pleased to report that you can bring non-alcoholic beverages into the stadium, such as water bottles, provided that they are in approved factory sealed containers.

You may also be pleased to hear that your water bottle can be topped up and refilled from any of the water fountains dotted throughout the stadium.

Is Empower Field Stadium Covered?

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) most of the Empower Field Stadium is mostly uncovered. However, there are about 15% of the total seats available that offer some form of shade or cover.

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