FedExField – Washington Commanders – Food Options

Originally known as the Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, FedEx Field is located near to Capital Beltway which can be found in Prince George’s County, Maryland, around five miles to the east of Washington, DC.

FedExField - Washington Commanders - Food Options

The stadium acts as the home of the NFL team the Washington Commanders, formerly known as the Washington Redskins.

As well as NFL games, the stadium also plays host to college football, soccer games, concerts, and more. 

The stadium offers a wide range of food from various vendors throughout the stadium, ranging from seafood to tacos to ice cream and more. 

Concessions At FedEx Field

Back in June 2021, a competition was held to choose a new lineup of food vendors to serve up their cuisine at FedEx Field for the football season.

The winners were decided by a selection of local influencers, WFT alumni and leaders, and chefs from the area.

Those who succeeded currently serve up concessions at FedEx Field, so let’s take a look at some of the stands.

  • Fireman’s Café (Section 323): If it is soul food that you are looking for, the Fireman’s Café is known for its “shrab” cake, which is a fish cake that combines a mixture of crab and shrimp. This cake also features a special “Fireman’s Sauce”. The stand is also known for its fried catfish, fried whiting, and shrab fries. 
  • Ella Rays’s Café (Section 336): For Southern-themed cuisine, this stand offers traditional comfort food such as fried catfish nuggets, macaroni cheese, and a North Carolina BBQ sandwich. 
  • Kitchen Cray (Section 447): Caribbean and Cajun influenced, this soul food spot offers seafood fusions, such as crab cake BLT’s and lobster macaroni and cheese as well as traditional staples in stadium food such as chicken wings
  • Casa De Avila Tacos: A family owned taquería stand, this is the perfect spot for Mexican cuisine such as lengua, carne asada, quesabirria, carnitas, al pastor and other street style tacos. The stand serves up tacos from a mobile cart within the stadium, so it has no set section. 
  • Seafood at the Shack (Section 337): Inspired by Caribbean cuisine, this food truck- parked in Silver Spring- offers Caribbean classics such as plantain fritters and jerk chicken sandwiches alongside dishes such as chicken wings and seafood. 
  • South Mountain Creamery Ice Cream Shop (section 341): The perfect spot for classic ice cream, this stand is a treat for those with a sweet tooth. Their special “Hog Wild Sundae” is a delectable and decadent treat, with a vanilla ice cream base that is topped with peanut butter candy, peanut butter cups, peanut butter syrup, and peanut butter-filled pretzels. 
  • Everything Legendary: If you are looking for more vegetarian-friendly options, Everything Legendary offers stands around the stadium with Prince George’s County based-brands of veggie burgers. 
  • Suit2Cook (Section 330): Another seafood-based establishment, Suit2Cook offers delicious jumbo lump crab rolls. 
FedExField - Washington Commanders - Food Options

Classic Food At FedEx Field

Out of the vendors that we have mentioned here, a fair amount of them offer some interesting takes on classic stadium food as well as variations on Maryland cuisine, such as crab and other seafood dishes.

Some classical stadium food offered at FedEx Field include the following:

  • Signature ‘Skins Dogs: Provided by Hoffman’s Meats, the signature hot dog of the football team is made up of sausage, ham, pulled pork, and bacon. 
  • Brisket and Bacon Burger: Hoffman’s Meats also offers a brisket and bacon burger, which features a delicious twist on the standard burger.

More traditional Maryland food served at the stadium includes a huge array of crab dishes served at various vendors, including some that we mentioned above like Kitchen Cray, Fireman’s Café, and Suit2Cook. 

Restaurants Near FedEx Field

As well as some of the local vendors that we mentioned above- all of whom have locations outside the stadium in varying degrees of distance- there are also tons of other great restaurants available in the vicinity of the stadium should you wish to eat something other than what is offered within FedEx Field. 

  • Copper Canyon Grill: Located just over a mile away from the stadium, this grill offers home comfort dishes such as burgers, steaks, fried chicken, pot pies, meatloaf, and more. 
  • The Carolina Kitchen: Another restaurant that is focused on home cooking styled cuisine, you can get the likes of fried pork chops, corn muffins, macaroni and cheese with collard greens, and blackened catfish here. 
  • Jasper’s American Grill: For a range of food that offers the staples in Maryland cuisine- including blackened fish and shrimp and grits- as well as classics like burgers, this is the place for you.  

How Much Does Food Cost At FedEx Field?

With so many options available in terms of food, due to the wide range of vendors in the stadium, it is impossible to put one concrete price onto the food at FedEx Stadium.

However, it is safe to assume that the prices will fluctuate from stand to stand.  

Can You Bring Food Into FedEx Field?

The official website for FedEx Field confirms that you are not permitted to take outside food or beverages into the stadium. 

What Restaurants Are Inside The FedEx Field?

The vendors that we discussed earlier all offer a small taste of what they offer within their restaurants outside of the stadium in their stands. 

How Much Does A Beer Cost At FedEx Field?

There is a range of beer to be found at FedEx Field, most of which will put you back around $9.50 a can.

What Are The Policies Surrounding Alcohol At FedEx Fields?

When purchasing alcohol, a proper photo ID is needed. There is also a two-drink maximum per guest.

Alcohol sales will stop when the third quarter of the Washington Commander NFL games are over.

Management has the right to discontinue the sales of alcohol earlier at their discretion. 

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