FirstEnergy Stadium – Cleveland, Ohio (Home Of The Cleveland Browns)

FirstEnergy Stadium is a football stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. It is the home of the NFL football team, the Cleveland Browns.

Although, it is also used as the grounds for other events such as concerts, and high school and college soccer and football games.

FirstEnergy Stadium - Cleveland, Ohio (Home Of The Cleveland Browns)

This stadium originally opened its doors in 1999, and went through two phases of renovation during 2014 to 2015.

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How Many Seats Are In FirstEnergy Stadium?

When the stadium first opened its doors in 1999, the FirstEnergy Stadium could hold around 73,200 people.

Yet after the first round of renovations during 2014, the capacity of the stadium shrunk to around 67,431. Gusts can sit in either the upper or lower bowl.

Not all seats have an unobstructed view, and some seats are much better than others. Therefore, you need to think about where you are seating in the stadium, when purchasing your tickets.

Directions – How To Get To FirstEnergy Stadium?

The FirstEnergy Stadium is located in downtown Cleveland. It is next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center.

The stadium itself is around 31 acre wide, and is positioned between the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway in North Coast Harbor and Lake Erie.

If you are approaching the stadium from the south, you will want to take interstate 71 or 77 north.

You will carry along this road and exit at east ninth street. They follow east ninth street and head towards the lake.

You will then start to see the stadium on your left-hand side as you head north.

If you are coming from the east of the city, then you will need to drive the interstate 90 west and follow route 2 west.

Continue along here, until you reach either exit: west third street or east 9th street. You will find the stadium on your right as you head further west.

Finally, if you’re heading from the west, you will travel east through route 2. Then exit at Lakeside Avenue.

At this exit, take a left into west third street, and you will see the stadium right in front of you.

Where To Park Near FirstEnergy Stadium?

When it comes to parking, the lots that are near the stadium are a priority for season pass holders.

These parking lots are the following:

  • Red Lot,
  • Orange Lot,
  • Yellow Lot,
  • Silver Lot,
  • Purple Lot,
  • Tan Lot.

Also, club seat license holders or suite holders are given their own parking spaces. All this information is detailed in their contracts that get out every summer.

Then, when it comes to other ticket holders and guests with disabilities or special needs, they are required to make their own arrangements when it comes to parking.

There are a few limited spaces that are only made available on a game by game basis.

However, there are several parking lots near the stadium that other ticket holders can use such as North Coast Harbor Parking, W. 3rd Street Lot, and 800 Summit Parking.

All which are a short walk from the stadium. However, as parking is so limited, FirstEnergy Stadium do advise that you use public transportation when you can, such as RTA.

Other FirstEnergy Stadium Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns FirstEnergy Stadium?

For a long time, Arthur Modell was the owner of the team and stadium, until he moved to Baltimore.

Today, the Cleveland City Council are the owners of FirstEnergy Stadium. They are a legislative branch of the City of Cleveland government.

Did The Cleveland Browns Ever Leave Cleveland?

In 1961, the Cleveland Browns were owned by Arthur B. Modell was seen as a superb leader and one of the more progressive leaders in the NFL.

However, Modell made a controversial decision in 1995, when he claimed that the Cleveland Browns would be transferring to Baltimore in Maryland in 1996.

The old stadium was then torn down, and through an agreement between the city of Cleveland, the NFL, and Modell a new stadium was built in its place.

Model agreed to leave the Cleveland name and colors behind and created a new identity, the Baltimore Ravens.

Then in 1999, the NFL reactivated the Cleveland Browns and a team came back to the city of Cleveland.

How Much Is A Ticket To Watch The Cleveland Browns At FirstEnergy Stadium?

On average, a ticket to watch the Cleveland Browns at the FirstEnergy Stadium can be as low as $75. Although, the average price for a ticket is about $136.

Yet, the club seats can range between $126 to $280.

However, with club seats you get padded seats, private restrooms, plenty of award-winning food options and flat screen TV to watch the action close up.

It is important to grab your ticket as possible, as tickets for any FirstEnergy Stadium sell out quickly.

What Are The Safety Regulations At FirstEnergy Stadium?

At the FirstEnergy Stadium, there are a couple of safety regulations that everyone must follow, to ensure that everyone remains as safe as possible.

Therefore, guests are asked to try and drink responsibly, and have the proper identification that is required.

Purchasing alcohol may be limited to stopped at any time if the stadium management decides to do so for numerous reasons.

Anyone showing disorderly conduct will be removed from the stadium without a refund.

When it comes to bags, the FirstEnergy Stadium employs a clear bag policy, which you can find more information about on their website.

You are allowed to bring banners into the stadium, but they must be tasteful and won’t obstruct anyone else’s view during the game.

Once you are inside the stadium, you are not allowed to leave and come back in.

Therefore, once you are inside the stadium, you can leave and reenter with the same ticket.

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