Ford Field – Detroit Lions – Food Options

The Ford Field Stadium is the famous home of NFL team, Detroit Lions, and is located in downtown Detroit, in Michigan.

In addition to use for big NFL games, it is also known to host basketball, college hockey, soccer, and other competitions, as well as events such as music concerts.

Ford Field - Detroit Lions - Food Options

It has a seating capacity of 65,000 for NFL games, but this can be expanded to 70,000, and can be expanded even further for basketball games up to a whopping 78,000.

And with so many guests to welcome, you can bet that they’ve got great arrangements for food and drink, which is the central topic for the remainder of this article.

Concessions At The Ford Field Stadium

We’re pleased to report that you can get all your standard, traditional concession stand food at the Ford Field Stadium, including the likes of hot dogs, pretzels, chips, sodas, burgers, fries, pizza, BBQ, cheesesteaks, hoagies, beers, cocktails, and more.

Better yet, you can order these concessions without having to leave your seat. Simply download the Detroit Lions app, tap Game Day, and select Mobile Ordering.

From there you can place your orders and pay via your phone. When your food’s ready to be picked up, you’ll be sent a concourse section number for you to get your food from.

This way, you don’t have to line up, and you won’t risk missing important parts of the game.

Classic Food At The Ford Field Stadium

If you want to sample traditional foods of Detroit, Michigan, you don’t even have to leave the stadium.

One of the stadium’s biggest restaurant partners is Streats of Detroit, which serves up traditional Detroit food at a whopping 11 different stalls dotted about the stadium throughout levels 100 and 200.

And at the Club Level, you’ve also got the likes of Detroit restaurant Corridor Sausage Co., Detroit Bloody Mary Bar, and Detroit Spirits.

And you can order the likes of Michigan Cherry Chocolate Nachos!

Restaurants Near The Ford Field Stadium

If none of the food mentioned so far doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not make a day out of your trip to the game and check out some of Detroit’s best restaurants, cafés, and bars?

Here’s a quick run through of what’s around in the area…

There’s a takeaway chicken joint called Penny Red’s attached to The Brakeman beer hall at the Shinola Hotel, where you can get buckets of fried chicken, chicken sandwiches and biscuits.

Or, if you wanted to sample Detroit’s own Detroit-Style pizza, you can head over to Buddy’s Pizza.

It’s just steps from the park, and your pizza has a crunchy, fried bottom layer of crust, and is overflowing with melted cheese!

And despite being called Detroit Beer Co., they serve a lot more than just beer.

There’s Jambalaya, fish and chips, and there are even vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Or, how about checking out the Lions VIP Tailgate scene? There’s an excellent food buffet, an open bar, and a DJ.

There are even TV screens and Microsoft and Xbox gaming areas. Pretty neat, huh?

Alternatively, for something sweet, you could go for soft-serve ice cream at Mister Dips.

How Much Does Food Cost At The Ford Field Stadium?

One of the great things about the Ford Field Stadium is the discounts for food and drinks.

There’s a Silver Savings scheme for all-day value on concession stand offerings.

What’s more, this is boosted for the first hour after the gates open, and fans can enjoy rock bottom prices.

You can pick up a hot dog for as little as $2, sodas are $2, well drinks are $3, packaged beers are $3, and you can even pick up a specialty cocktail for as little as $5.

There are also a couple of great value meal combos, including hot dog, soda and chips for just $10, and hot dog, beer and chips for just $12. This saves you several dollars on what you’d ordinarily pay.

Can You Bring Food Into The Ford Field Stadium?

Unfortunately, you are NOT permitted to bring your own food into the stadium, or beverages for that matter. But with what’s on offer, why would you want to?

What Restaurants Are Inside The Ford Field Stadium?

There are some really great restaurant partners inside the stadium at various locations throughout the 100 and 200 levels. They are as follows:

  • Beverage MKT
  • Big Boy
  • Coppercraft Distillery
  • Craft Corner
  • Goal Post Grill & Pizzeria
  • Grobbel’s Gourmet Deli
  • Honcho
  • Hungry Howie’s
  • The Kroger Cooler
  • Lefty’s Cheesesteaks
  • Mane Street Saloon
  • Paradise Deli
  • Poletown Sausage
  • Pretzel Hastings featuring Ben’s Pretzels
  • Slows To Go BBQ
  • Snack Zone
  • Streats of Detroit
  • The Dash featuring Ben’s Pretzels
  • Turf Tavern
  • Corridor Sausage Co.
  • Detroit Bloody Mary Bar
  • Detroit Spirits
  • Kickoff Classics
  • Novella’s Pizza
  • Roary’s
  • Sonny’s Hamburgers
  • South East Pub
  • South Club Café featuring Milano’s & Ben’s Pretzels

How Much Does A Beer Cost At The Ford Field Stadium?

We mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating here.

You can pick up a beer at the Ford Field Stadium for as little as $3, provided that you buy it during the DTE Energy power hour, which is the first hour after the gates open.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About The Ford Field Stadium

Is The Area Around Ford Field Safe?

If you’re wondering whether to eat at the stadium or to try someplace outside, you need to know how safe the area is.

And, we’re pleased to report that the area is quite safe. While you may encounter some panhandlers, they are harmless and will not trouble you.

Is It Warm Inside Ford Field?

In Detroit, while the summers are usually warm, the winters can be freezing. Not to mention snowy and windy.

However, the good news is that Ford Field is domed, so you have a roof overhead to block out the bad weather.

But while you may not necessarily need a coat while at the Stadium, you’ll appreciate one when you leave.

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