Ford Field – Detroit, Michigan (Home Of The Detroit Lions)

Ford Field is the football stadium of the Detroit Lions. You can find this stadium located in Downtown Detroit in Michigan.

The naming rights of this stadium were bought by the Ford Motor Company.

Ford Field - Detroit, Michigan (Home Of The Detroit Lions)

In addition to this, the Ford Company has had ownership of the Detroit Lions since 1963.

Many sporting events take place at this stadium, and they offer a wide range of high quality foods and drinks for you to enjoy while you watch your favorite tea

The Ford Field stadium first opened its doors in November 1999. Continue reading to learn more about this famous stadium!

How Many Seats Are In Ford Field

A vast range of sporting events have been held at the Ford Field Stadium.

Therefore, the capacity of this stadium can be expanded depending on the type of event that is being held.

While this stadium is the home of the Detroit Lions, it also hosts state championship football games, wrestling championships and the Marching Band State Finals.

The regular seating capacity of the Ford Field stadium is around 65,000.

However, it is known that the stadium can expand their seating capacity to 70,000 for football games and up to 80,00 for basketball matches.

Directions – How To Get To Ford Field

There are quite a few different ways to make your way to the Ford Field Stadium, but all depends on where you are coming from.

Southern Detroit, Toledo and Downriver Suburbs – If you are coming from this direction, you need to follow the northbound interstate 75, also known as Fisher Freeway.

Exit at exit 50 (Grand River Avenue) and carry on interstate 75 service drive across Woodward avenues and Grand river.

Keep following this road, until you reach Brush Street and turn right into it.

Continue for one block and then turn into Montcalm on your left. You will see the stadium on your right.

Metro Airport, Western Suburbs and Ann Arbor – Follow the eastbound interstate 94 to the southbound interstate 75.

Then continue to interstate 375. Take the Madison Avenue exit that will be on your left.

Once you reach the first set of traffic lights, turn right into St Antoine, and you will see the stadium on your left.

Northern Wayne, Lansing, Western Oakland Suburbs and Novi – Drive along the interstate 96 east until you reach interstate 275, then you can carry back onto the interstate 96.

Then exit at exit 50 and drive along the interstate 75. Continue on this road until you reach Brush Street and turn right. Then the stadium will be on your right.

Northwestern Detroit, Southfield, Oakland County and Northern Suburbs – Drive along the Lodge Freeway (M10) south and take the Grand River Avenue exit.

Then follow the Grand River into the interstate 75 service drive and drive through Woodward Avenue.

Take a right into Brush Street and then turn left into Montcalm and you will see the stadium on your right.

Where To Park Near Ford Field

There are numerous parking facilities that are next to and surrounding Comerica Park and the Ford Field Stadium that guests can use.

These parking lots are available on a first come, first served basis.

The parking lots are commonly opened around 4 hours before the start of the event.

To make this process as simple as possible, guests will be directed into a parking space, so you don’t have to worry about having to drive around and find one yourself.

Although, it is important to note that you cannot reserve any parking spaces before the event.

If you are a disabled driver, there are spaces for these individuals, as long as they have the appropriate state issued license placard or plate or permit.

These parking spaces are found in lot 4 that is north of the stadium.

It is then only a short walk to the stadium itself. However, just like with other sparking spaces, they are available on a first come, first served basis.

Other Ford Field Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Health And Safety Procedures Related TO COVID-19?

Ford Field Stadium still asks that you wear face coverings while you are in the stadium.

The covering must cover the mouth and nose at all times, except when you are eating or drinking.

In addition to this, guests are asked to follow social distancing procedures where possible. There are markers on the floor when queuing for food or drinks to help make this easier.

The team at Ford Field are trying to do everything in their power to make your experience as safe as possible, while also still allowing you to enjoy e game or event that you have come to watch.

We would recommend that you check the Ford Field website before leaving, so that you check their latest safety procedure, in case something changes.

What Are The Different Suite Options?

Ticket prices can vary, but the more you spend, the better viewing experience that you will gain.

At Ford Field Stadium, there are a couple of different suit options for you to consider.

These are annual suites where you can have a VIP game day experience, catering and personal invites to VIP events all year.

In addition, there is also MGM Tunnel Club, where you get access to the club 3 hours before kickoff.

You get field level seats and a beer and wine included. Finally, there is Lodge Boxes, where you get VIP parking, a dedicated lodge attendant and high quality goods and drinks.

When Did The Detroit Lions Move Back To Detroit?

Back in 1975, the Lions moved to the Pontiac Silverdome. They then continued to play there for around 37 years.

Until 2002 when it was announced that the Detroit Lions would come back home to downtown Detroit.

Thus, a new stadium was created, named the Ford Field. This new stadium used the existing site infrastructure that was already on the site.

This is where the Detroit Lions have continued to play until this day!

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