Gillette Stadium – Foxborough, Massachusetts (Home Of The New England Patriots)

The Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts is the home of the New England Patriots.

This multipurpose stadium was completed in 2002, and since then the Patriots have used it as their home ground for all of their AFC East games.

This stadium essentially replaced the Foxboro Stadium which the Patriots had been using since 1971.

When the stadium was first completed, it wasn’t known as the Gillette Stadium. Instead, it was known as CMGI Field, but soon after the naming rights were bought by Gillette.

Even though Gillette was bought by Procter & Gamble in 2005, the “Gillette” name and brand is still attributed to the stadium, and this is something that hasn’t changed.

The stadium has also been given a number of nicknames, including “shaver stadium” and “the razor”, all while being the home of the Patriots.

How Many Seats Are In Gillette Stadium

The official capacity of the Gillette Stadium is 65,878. This capacity is spread across multiple levels of seating, offering outstanding views of the field, no matter where in the stadium you are sitting.

Within this capacity, there are a large amount of regular seats, a smaller amount of club seats, and an even smaller amount of suites. 

Regular seating makes up the majority of the stadium’s 65,878 capacity. Of this, around 6,000 of the seats are club seats, which allow ticket holders access to the inside of the stadium (as well as their seats).

Then only 88 of these seats are reserved for those who have purchased a luxury suite for the match. 

Directions – How To Get To Gillette Stadium

Gillette Stadium is located in Foxborough, Massachusetts, which is around 29 miles southwest of Boston, and 25 miles northeast of Providence, Rhode Island. The stadium can be found at 1 Patriot Place, Foxborough, MA 02035-1388. 

If you are traveling to the stadium from Boston, then you should take I-93 South, and take exit 1 to merge onto I-95 South (Providence). Follow this road, and then take exit 19 on route 1 South.

Then all you have to do is follow Route 1 South for around 3 miles, and then you will find Gillette Stadium on your left.

Alternatively, if you are traveling from the Cape Cod area, you should take the I-495 North and exit at 36A. This will take you onto route 1 North.

Follow this road for approximately 4 miles, and you will be able to see the Gillette Stadium on your right. 

If you are coming from Maine, New Hampshire, simply take the I-128 South to I-95 South. Follow this route south for approximately 3 miles and then you will find the Gillette Stadium on your left.

Due to the stadium being located outside the city, it is usually pretty easy to find this stadium when you are in the car.

Where To Park Near Gillette Stadium

Of course, if you are driving to Gillette Stadium, you will need somewhere to park your car while you are watching the Patriots. Thankfully, the Stadium has its own parking lot which can be used safely.

On the days of Patriots games, the stadium parking lot opens 4 hours prior to kickoff. There are a number of spaces to choose from, and you can even pre book parking.

So, if you are traveling a long distance to the match, you can pre book your parking space to guarantee a spot for you when you arrive at the stadium. 

There are a number of spaces also available for those who simply turn up on the day, but these spots are available on a first come, first served basis.

The cost of parking differs depending on the specific spot that you end up in, and how close you are to the stadium. 

Other Gillette Stadium Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Gillette Stadium Called Gillette Stadium?

Originally, the Gillette Stadium was known as CMGI Field, but a naming agreement with Gillette saw the stadium change names.

At the time of the naming agreement, Gillette was an independent company, but since then it has merged with Procter & Gamble. However, as the companies still use the “Gillette” name, the name of the stadium has remained unchanged.

How Early Can You Enter Gillette Stadium?

For Patriots games, all gates will open 2 hours before kick off. So, general ticket holders will be able to access their seats from 2 hours before the game is due to start.

Ticket holders with club, Optum Field lounge, or suite seats will be able to access their seats an hour before doors open for general admission. So, if you have a premium seat, you will be able to access it 3 hours before kick off.

Is Gillette Stadium Natural Grass?

No, Gillette Stadium does not have natural grass. After a very muddy game against the Jets in 2006 (which resulted in a Patriots loss), the stadium has instead used synthetic turf.

Up until 2006, natural grass was used in the stadium, but that loss against the Jets was a real turning point, and the team hasn’t looked back since. 

What Is Not Allowed In Gillette Stadium?

There are a number of things that are prohibited in Gillette Stadium. One of the things that is heavily enforced is the prohibition of any food/drink that is bought outside the stadium.

Once you enter the stadium, you can only consume food and beverages that are bought inside the stadium, any food will be taken off of you upon entry to the stadium.

Does Gillette Stadium Sell Alcohol?

Yes, Gillette Stadium does sell alcohol. You will be required to provide identification that proves you are over the age of 21 in order to purchase alcoholic beverages, and the number of drinks that you can purchase at one time might be restricted. 

Is Gillette Stadium Covered?

No, Gillette Stadium is not covered, instead it is an open air stadium. This is part of what makes Gillette Stadium so unique as it is one of just 5 NFL stadiums in the USA to feature synthetic turf and an open roof.

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