Gillette Stadium – New England Patriots – Food Options

Gillette Stadium is the home of the NFL’s New England Patriots. It is located in downtown Boston in Massachusetts.

Gillette Stadium - New England Patriots - Food Options

This stadium opened its doors in 2002, after replacing the Foxboro Stadium. A wide range of events have taken place at the Gillette Stadium, thus its capacity can hold around 65,878 people. 

Food is a big part of any event and watching any NFL game. As a result, there is a huge choice of food that you can choose from while you are at Gillette Stadium. In this guide, we will be discussing all the different food options that you have. 

Food At The Gillette Stadium

Food is an important part of anyone’s day while at the Gillette Stadium. At this stadium, you are spoiled for choice.

It is known that the stadium continues to update their food menus every season, so each time you visit the stadium, there is something new to try.

With that being said, there are plenty of food options, including concession stalls and classic stadium food found all over the stadium. In addition to that, there are lots of restaurants nearby, if you prefer a bigger meal to enjoy either before or after your event at the Gillette Stadium.

Concessions At Gillette Stadium

Inside the Gillette Stadium, you can visit one of their many concession stands. All the stands at the stadium use cashless payments, in order to stay safe The Ale House serves freshly baked pretzel logs and personalized pizza, they can be found in sections 11,121, and 137.

If you like your pulled pork or BBQ street tacos, then you will want to try the Backyard Barbecue, found in sections 112 and 140. 

Everyone loves a good hot dog while watching the game. At the Gillette Stadium, the best hot dogs you can find will be from the Italian Sausage in sections 104, 118, 303 and 325. Although if you want something a bit more healthy than the Marketplace Express in sections 105, 122 and 129 is for you. 

Classic Food At Gillette Stadium

There are some foods that are classic for any NFL game., such as chicken wings, french fries, pizzas and donuts. The Gillette Stadium offers you all of these options all over the stadium. 

For the best chicken wings at the Gillette Stadium, try the wings from Tenders & Wings in sections 107, 117, 130 and 135. However, if you fancy some simple yet delicious french fries they can be found in sections 101, 138, 141 and 143 by Lighthouse Grill.

However, no event day would be complete without a beer, and the Ale House will offer you craft and domestic beers to satisfy your thirst in section 113. Although, there are carts all over the stadium to offer you an alcoholic beverage. 

Restaurants Near Gillette Stadium

There are dozens of restaurants near to the Gillette Stadium that you can enjoy either before or after a match. Around 30 different restaurants are within walking distance of the stadium that you can enjoy from, and all of them offer delicious food for you to enjoy. 

Some of the best restaurants to try out, including Red Robin Gourmet Burgers And Brews, Tavolino and Citizen Crust. All of these offer typically comfort food, including burgers and pizzas.

There is also an Italian Steakhouse for those who love their classic Italian foods. In the majority of these places, you can either dine in or takeaway. However, at some places you may need to book a reservation by phoning in advance. 

How Much Does Food Cost At Gillette Stadium?

The prices of the food at the stadium can vary. However, for the most part you will be looking to spend around $4 for hot dogs, $5 for pretzels, $9.00 on pizza and $9.00 for chicken wings. When it comes to dessert like cotton candy, popcorn or peanuts, these are all priced between $4 to $5. 

Can You Bring Food Into The Gillette Stadium?

According to the official website of the Gillette Stadium, all outside food and drinks are banned. There are enough restaurants surrounding the stadium and food options inside to satisfy your hunger. 

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What Restaurants Are Inside The Gillette Stadium?

There are no restaurants inside the stadium, but over 60 concession stalls to use instead, all offering a wide range of food. If you do fancy dining in a restaurant, there are 30 close by options for you to consider. 

How Much Does A Beer Cost At Gillette Stadium

There are various beer stalls all around the stadium. If you choose to purchase a beer from any of these stalls, then you will be looking to spend around $10.50. Making the Gillette in the top three stadiums for the highest priced beers. 

Other Gillette Stadium Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Concession Stands Are In The Gillette Stadium?

There are 38 permanent concession stands found in the stadium. These stalls offer a wide variety of food, with some newer stands offering healthier alternatives to your classic foods. 

Is Cash Accepted At The Gillette Stadium?

The Gillette Stadium now uses a completely cashless payment system. Therefore, you can only pay for concessions using cashless payment options. There are cash to card kiosks that will convert your cash into a Visa prepaid card for you to use within the stadium if you only have cash. 

Can You Bring A Bottle Of Water Into The Gillette Stadium?

No foods or drinks are allowed to be brought into the stadium. Therefore, if you want a bottle of water, you will need to purchase one once you are inside the stadium.

There are plenty of areas to purchase from water once inside or other beverages. Alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are available for you to purchase.

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