Hard Rock Stadium – Miami Dolphins – Food Options

Located on Don Shula Drive in Miami Gardens- Florida-, the Hard Rock Stadium is home to the Miami Dolphins NFL team as well as the Miami Hurricanes.

Hard Rock Stadium - Miami Dolphins - Food Options

Having hosted six Super Bowls and an array of other professional sports competitions.

Hard Rock Stadium has earned its reputation as one of the most prominent all-purpose stadiums in the United States. 

The Hard Rock Stadium offers a wide range of diverse and vibrant food, matching the vibrancy and diversity of Miami in general!

From doughnuts to pizza to seafood and beyond, Hard Rock Stadium has something for everyone to enjoy. 

Concessions At The Hard Rock Stadium

There are various concessions to be found within the stadium, including classical stadium fare- such as hot dogs at Stahl Mayer Hot Dogs in sections 1114 and 101 or pizza from &Pizza in sections 142 and 345- as well as foods that are inspired by the tastes of Florida, such as Po’boys and conch fritters inspired by the Florida Keys from Sloppy Joe’s in sections 145 and 317. 

There are also concessions that represent tastes from around the world, such as Latin flavors from Los Ranchos (found in sections 106 and 350)- which offers foods such as churrasco, tres leches and queso frito bites- and Japanese tastes from Sushi Maki (in section 244), with offerings like poke bowls and classic sushi rolls. 

Some other concession stands that can be found in the Hard Rock Stadium include the following:

  • Bru’s Room: Serves fried Buffalo wings and chicken in sections 102, 214, 242 and 304 of the stadium. 
  • Shula Burger: Serves classical burger and fries in various sections of the stadium: 114, 142, 222, 250 and 345.
  • Fuku: Fried chicken sandwiches found in sections 116 and 319. 
  • Jackson Soul Food: Soul food themed cuisine, including macaroni and cheese, chicken wings, Caribbean fried shrimp, banana pudding, barbecue rib bites and more. You can find two concessions stands for Jackson Soul Food in sections 134 and 329. 
  • Café Versailles: A French themed café where you can find food such as croquetas and con leche. Found in sections 120, 242 and 347.
  • Shorty’s Bar-B-Q: Classical barbecue, including brisket and pulled pork. This is another concession that has multiple stands throughout the stadium in the following sections: 104, 132, 219, 247 and 313. 
  • O-B House: This stand in section 146 offers breakfast themed foods. These include buttermilk, oven-baked pancakes, available with andouille sausage, corn, blueberries or just plain. They also offer brunch items too, such as BLT’s, and alcoholic beverages like bloody marys, mimosas and mango bellinis. 
  • Menchie’s Yogurt: Offers sweet yogurt, soft serve ice cream cones and cups- all of which can have a variety of toppings- in sections 139 and 350.
  • Mojo Donuts: A huge variety of powdered sugar doughnuts in all sorts of flavors in section 217. 
  • Ray and Shannon Allen’s Grown: Gluten free food and options such as quinoa-based veggie burgers in sections 148 and 242.
Hard Rock Stadium - Miami Dolphins - Food Options

Classic Food At The Hard Rock Stadium

For a classical stadium food experience, some of your best bets would be Shula Burger- as they serve classical burgers and fries-, &Pizza- with long pizzas in all sorts of flavors- and Stahl Mayer Hot Dogs, which features classic hot dogs alongside refreshing beer. 

That being said, classical food can mean different things to different people, so no matter what kind of food you consider to be a staple of the stadium experience, you are sure to find something to your liking with the wide range of food choices at the Hard Rock Stadium. 

Restaurants Near The Hard Rock Stadium

The cuisine diversity extends far beyond just the Hard Rock Stadium, venturing out into Miami thanks to the variety of different restaurants in the surrounding area.

Let’s take a look at a few noteworthy restaurants that are close enough for you to grab a bite to eat.

  • Perry Wings Plus: The perfect football game food can be found at Perry Wings Plus, including chicken wings, burgers and sandwiches. They also offer Caribbean themed cuisine, such as curried chicken, oxtail and other foods such as fried shrimp, macaroni and cheese and chicken alfredo. 
  • World Famous Miami Gardens: Known for its eclectic combination of dishes on the menu- from Philly cheese steak to egg rolls to chicken sandwiches-, World Famous Miami Gardens is the perfect place to go if you are with a group of friends and none of you can settle on one cuisine style!
  • Ice Cream Heaven: Those with a sweet tooth are sure to be in literal heaven in Ice Cream Heaven, which serves desserts such as ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes and even fried Oreos!
  • Fresh Catch Fish and Chicken: If you’re more akin to some chicken and seafood, you can grab anything from jumbo shrimp and tilapia to chicken legs and thighs at this local restaurant. 

How Much Does Food Cost At The Hard Rock Stadium?

This will differ from stand to stand, but classical stadium food such as pizzas, popcorn or chicken sandwiches cost between $14 and $16.

Other foods can be more expensive, ranging from between $22 and $35, though again this can vary from place to place. Generally a speaking, a hot dog is around $6.75.

Can You Bring Food Into The Hard Rock Stadium?

You can bring outside food into the Hard Rock Stadium, but if you are unsure, contact the stadium’s customer service department before you plan to go there. 

What Restaurants Are Inside The Hard Rock Stadium?

Although there are no restaurants within the stadium itself, there are plenty of them in the surrounding area, such as those we discussed above.

How Much Does A Beer Cost At The Hard Rock Stadium?

You can purchase domestic draft beer from Hard Rock Stadium for $12. You can also get a 16 ounce bottle of Bud Light for $14. On average, a beer will put you back about $11. 

Are There Vegetarian Options At The Hard Rock Stadium?

Various concessions offer vegan and vegetarian friendly options, but if you are keen to visit a vegetarian only concessions stand then head over to Ray and Shannon Allen’s Grown, which we mentioned above. 

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