Hard Rock Stadium – Miami Gardens, Florida (Home Of The Miami Dolphins)

Hard Rock Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium that can be found in Miami Gardens, Florida. The stadium is used for a couple of different sporting events, but it is most famous for being the home of the Miami Dolphins.

Hard Rock Stadium – Miami Gardens, Florida (Home of the Miami Dolphins)

Construction of the stadium was completed in 1987, and it is estimated that it cost around $115 million to build. In 2015, the stadium was completely renovated in a project that cost around $350 million to complete. 

Over the years, the stadium has been known by a couple of different names. But a naming rights agreement with Hard Rock Café Inc. in August 2016 saw the stadium renamed the “Hard Rock Stadium” in an 18-year deal.

The Miami Dolphins were founded in 1965, and the Hard Rock Stadium has been their home since it opened in 1987. 

How Many Seats Are In Hard Rock Stadium?

The Hard Rock Stadium has a seating capacity of 65,326. The capacity of Hard Rock Stadium has actually reduced since the stadium originally opened in 1987.

When the stadium opened, it had a capacity of around 75,000 people, but this was reduced when the stadium was renovated in 2015.

During the 2015 renovations of Hard Rock Stadium, the decision was made to reduce the overall capacity of the stadium in favor of adding a number of extra suites to the stadium. 

The 65,000 seats that are now in Hard Rock Stadium are spread across multiple levels. Between the top level, and the bottom level, there is a section for anyone who has purchased a luxury suite for a Dolphins match.

These luxury suites come with indoor and outdoor options for watching the game, and your own private area to relax. But, the majority of the stadium still consists of general access seating. 

Directions – How To Get To Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium is located in the suburbs, and this makes it pretty easy to locate the stadium when visiting by car. Miami Gardens is located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and is about 15 miles away from downtown Miami. 

To get to Hard Rock Stadium, the easiest route is to take Florida’s Turnpike. The Turnpike is a North-South toll road that connects to Interstate 95 which is just a little south of the Hard Rock Stadium.

Once you pass through the Stadium toll Plaza, you should turn right onto NW 199th Street (also known as Dan Marino Boulevard). After you turn onto this road, you should be able to visibly see the Hard Rock Stadium on your right. 

If you are not traveling by car, then you should consider taking the Express Shuttle. This shuttle bus departs the stadium following matches and has several drop off points in and around the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas.

However, this option is only available for returning home after the match. You will have to use public transportation, a ride-share, or a taxi to find your way to the stadium ahead of the game.

Where To Park Near Hard Rock Stadium

Due to the location of Hard Rock Stadium, a lot of people choose to drive there. If you are doing this, then you will want to know where to park your vehicle during the match.

Hard Rock Stadium – Miami Gardens, Florida (Home of the Miami Dolphins)

Due to the location of the stadium, there isn’t much parking available outside the stadium’s own parking lots. There is barely any road parking in the surrounding areas, and this means that you will usually have to park in one of the stadium’s lots. 

The stadium has multiple lots, but they do fill up rather quickly. So, if you want to park your car, you will need to arrive at the stadium early.

At current, parking at the stadium can cost anywhere between $15 and $50 depending on which lot you end up in.

If you want to find the parking lot at the stadium, simply follow the directions to find the stadium, and then once you enter the stadium’s grounds, follow the signs that will direct you to the various different parking garages. 

Other Hard Rock Stadium Frequently Asked Questions

What Side Of Hard Rock Stadium Is In The Shade?

Over half of the Hard Rock Stadium is in the shade at different times of the day. Most shaded seating can be found on the 100 level from row 10 backwards, as well as most of the level 200 rows. Shaded seats can also be found in level 300 in the highest rows. 

Is Hard Rock Stadium Roof Retractable?

A canopy was added to the Hard Rock Stadium during the 2015 renovations, providing cover from the elements to the stadium.

The canopy roof at Hard Rock Stadium is retractable, and when it was added to the stadium it was a ground-breaking addition to the sports stadium. 

Is The Hard Rock Stadium Air Conditioned?

Some parts of the Hard Rock Stadium are air conditioned. This includes the concourse, and the North Sideline club. These club seats are wider and padded, with outstanding views of the field.

These seats are also provided with air conditioning which general access seats do not have. 

What Are Box Seats At Hard Rock Stadium?

Box seats were added to Hard Rock Stadium during the 2015 renovations.

Essentially, box seats provide small groups with an exclusive and private section of seating, while also having outstanding views of the field.

There are 14 sets of box seating at Hard Rock Stadium, each set including 4 seats.

What Was Hard Rock Stadium Called Before?

When Hard Rock Stadium opened, it was called the Joe Robbie Stadium. Since then, it has gone through a number of name changes.

Some of the most notable names that the stadium has been called include: Pro Player Park/Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, Dolphin Stadium, Land Shark Stadium, and Sun Life Stadium.

In August 2016, the stadium changed its name to Hard Rock Stadium following an 18-year naming rights agreement with Hard Rock Café Inc. It was reported that the deal cost the company $250 million.

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