Heinz Field – Pittsburgh Steelers – Food Options

Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is home of the NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers and the College Football team Pittsburgh Panthers.

The stadium is named after local company gone global H.J Heinz, which is now among the largest and most recognizable food processing companies in the world. 

Heinz Field - Pittsburgh Steelers - Food Options

With that in mind, you’d probably expect to find some pretty tasty food on offer at the Heinz Field, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

The stadium does a great job of representing Pittsburgh’s unique culture in its food offerings. Join us as we run through all you need to know about the food at Heinz Field!

Food At Heinz Field

Heinz Field offers a wide range of food and beverage options. These range from stadium staples like peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, and beer, to local favorites that give you a taste of the unique cuisine of the Pittsburgh area. 

The stadium’s food and beverage operator, Aramark, has recently introduced new ways for fans to buy their favorite snacks.

These include Caper Counter, a new self-checkout ordering point, and mobile ordering via a QR code or the Steelers Mobile App.

In other words, you won’t even have to stand in line for your food at Heinz Field anymore!

Concessions At Heinz Field

Pittsburgh’s cuisine reflects the city’s heritage as a multicultural hub. Various European immigrant communities bought their own dishes with them when they arrived, some of which have gone on to become Pittsburgh staples, and other Pittsburgh classics have been spawned by the clash of cultures and cuisines in the decades since. 

Heinz Field does a great job of incorporating some of these cuisines into their concessions offerings, in addition to all the usual stadium favorites.

Primanti Brothers sell their locally famous french fry and coleslaw stuffed sandwiches from two stands in the stadium, including one located in the Great Hall.

You could also try Franco’s Italian Sausages or its namesake Franco’s Pizzeria, named after Steelers legend and four times Super Bowl champion Franco Harris.

Local chain Quaker Steak ‘n’ Lube also operates inside the stadium selling their hugely popular wings, as well as local favorites such as gyros and pierogi.

Pierogi, if you’re wondering, is a Polish dish of pasta dough stuffed with potato and cheese, sauerkraut, or onion. 

Several new items have been added to the menu this season, including The Tenders, Love and Chicken Signature Chicken Sandwich, Pretzel Fries, and vegetarian-friendly Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos.

Classic Food At Heinz Field

Classic Food At Heinz Field

The  47 concessions stands on the Stadium’s concourse offer all the classic stadium fare.

Whether you’re looking for a hot dog, a cheeseburger, a hamburger, or fries, you can find it here.

The stands also offer lighter snacks like popcorn, peanuts, and pretzels to munch on during the game.

You can also get yourself a beer or soda at these stands. 

Restaurants Near Heinz Field

If you’re looking for a bite to eat before the big game, or simply don’t want to pay those stadium prices, there are a number of great restaurants nearby that you could try.

Burgatory stands on North Shore Drive, just 0.3 miles away from Heinz Field.

Burgatory is a well-known local chain and a great place to grab lunch, offering delicious gourmet burgers and a range of other light bites as well as handmade shakes, cocktails, and a great range of beer.

You can even make your own burger! Combine that with a chilled-out vibe and great service and you can’t go far wrong. 

A little further down North Shore Drive is Southern Tier Brewing Co.

This is a great place to grab a drink before the game, with over 30 different beers on tap.

On top of that, you can grab some great food here too, with the kitchen serving classic American dishes and favorites like loaded nachos and tacos.

With a vibrant atmosphere and plenty of space, it’s the perfect place to eat on game day. 

How Much Does Food Cost At Heinz Field?

As with most stadiums, grabbing something to eat at the Heinz Field isn’t all that cheap.

Most items tend to hover around the $10 mark, though some items are a little more expensive.

For example, the revamped chicken sammie will set you back $14.79, whilst three buffalo cauliflower tacos will come to $13.29. 

Can You Bring Food Into Heinz Field?

Happily for those amongst us who balk at paying stadium food prices, you can bring your own food into Heinz Field.

The only condition is that the food you bring is contained in a clear plastic bag no larger than 12” x 6” x 12”.

Factory-sealed bottles of water or soft drinks are also permitted provided they are smaller than 24 oz. in size. 

If you’re interested in trying some Pittsburgh cuisine, you could choose to stop at one of the nearby Primanti Brothers outlets to grab one of their iconic sandwiches.

Yes, you can buy them in the stadium, but it’ll work out a lot cheaper if you buy it outside and carry it in!

What Restaurants Are Inside Heinz Field?

There are a number of food and drinks outlets inside the stadium’s museum cum hall of fame, the FedEx Great Hall.

These include Primanti Brothers and Papa Duke’s Gyros as well as Quaker Steak & Lube and Pub 33 Bar and Grill. 

How Much Does a Beer Cost At Heinz Field?

Like at most stadiums, beer is a little pricey at Heinz Field. You can get yourself a domestic beer for $10-12, whilst craft beer will set you back $15 or more. 

Is Heinz Field Cashless?

Like several other NFL stadiums, Heinz Field is now a cashless venue. That means you can forget the cash- you’ll need to pay for your snacks with credit/debit cards or apps like Apple and Google Pay.

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