How Long Does It Take To Be Skilled In Muay Thai?

Have you recently started your Muay Thai training and want to know how long it will take to be skilled in Muay Thai? Maybe you are considering training and want to know how long it will be to reach your skill goals?

How Long Does It Take To Be Skilled In Muay Thai

Whatever question brought you here today, we have the answer for you! 

When it comes to learning a new skill, we all want to master it immediately.

The days of instant results, be it messaging or same-day delivery have trained us to expect the same from our bodies, and as much as we want to be skilled in Muay Thai overnight, it does take time. 

But how much time? If you head online you are sure to find a range of answers, all contradicting each other! Before you know it, you are confused and overwhelmed, unsure who to trust or where to turn. 

Well, no more! Today we are here with the answers you need, keep reading to find out how long it takes to become skilled in Muay Thai and everything else you need to know! 

What Is Muay Thai?

Before we get into the article, let’s have a quick recap for those in the room that need it! Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, is a style of martial arts that uses a range of techniques to attack or defend yourself from your opponent.

Known also as the Art of 8 Limbs, Muay Thai teaches you to use your fists, elbows, shins, and knees to strike, punch, or sweep your opponent. 

Muay Thai is a popular martial art and combat sport that has been around since the 13th century. It has changed over the years and has even been used as a warfare technique in its long history!

These days the sport is played across the world, not just in Thailand, with professional fighters living in every corner of the globe. 

No matter where you live, there is sure to be a Muay Thai trainer nearby that you can utilize to learn martial arts.

Now that we have established what Muay Thai is, let’s move on to see how long it takes to become skilled in the sport. 

How Long Does It Take To Be Skilled In Muay Thai?

Let’s get into what brought you here today!

Unfortunately, we don’t have one answer that will fit everyone, as to how long it takes you to become skilled in Muay Thai will vary depending on how often you train and the skill set you have when you start training. 

For beginners that train six times a week, you could reach an intermediate level within six to twelve months. From beginner to intermediate in such a short time period is excellent, but you will need to be quite committed to reach this level.

And by committed we mean, training almost every day, keeping fit, and eating a healthy and balanced diet. For those that are willing to do this, you are sure to find success.

But if you want to train fewer times a week, then you can expect the training to take a little longer.

For example, if you dropped the training to three times a week (which is still a lot), it would take between eighteen and twenty-four months for you to become skilled in Muay Thai. 

It’s worth noting that we are using the intermediate level here as a marker for being considered skilled in Muay Thai. You will start learning Muay Thai skills and techniques straight away, giving you a good understanding within the first few months.

If this is what you are looking for, then you can consider yourself skilled in a few months! The word is quite subjective until we look at becoming a Pro Muay Thai fighter. 

How Long Does It Take To Become A Pro Muay Thai Fighter?

You can start competing professionally after 1 or 2 years of Muay Thai training but being considered a Pro fighter is something that takes constant training. You will always be looking to improve and master your techniques.

After all, you don’t want to be beaten by someone younger and newer to the sport than you! 

Not only do you need to have mastered the techniques in Muay Thai, but you will want to keep your fitness levels as high as possible. If you aren’t very fit, then it can be super easy for your opponent to exhaust you and win the fight. 

Along with training and perfecting your Muay Thai techniques, you will want to incorporate some cardio and resistance training into your gym routine.

Whether this is a run followed by some weights, a stint on the rower, or an elliptical machine, keeping your body as fit as possible is the key to success as a Pro Muay Thai fighter! 

Why not take a look at your favorite Pro fighters fitness routine?

How Long Does It Take To Be Skilled In Muay Thai (1)

Most fighters talk openly in interviews about how long they train and will provide some insight into their routines allowing you to see just how much hard work and effort goes into remaining a Pro Muay

Thai fighter! Professional fighters will also spend some time reflecting on any mistakes in previous fights and work to avoid them in the future. 

Not only will you need time, but to be self-critical and able to continuously work on improving yourself and your skillset.

Pro fighters are resilient, dedicated, and extremely fit. If you have a similar skill set and can commit the time, you are sure to achieve your goals! 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, depending on how many times a week you train, you can become skilled in Muay Thai in as little as six months!

And while this is welcome news, you can expect to continue training and developing your Muay Thai skills for as long as you want to fight.

After all, you can always learn new techniques and keep improving your skill set!

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