How Much Are Karate Classes? (Full Pricing Guide)

Karate is a very popular martial art in places across the world, and there is therefore a lot of interest from people in taking up classes and learning how to do it themselves.

How Much Are Karate Classes?

However, cost is obviously a big factor for many people, and they won’t want to break the bank when they enroll in karate classes.

Prices can vary, depending on where you go and what you get, so it’s always a case of finding the one that is best for you. So, how much are karate classes?

Well, we’ve got the answers for you! In our helpful guide below, you’ll find out all about the different types of karate classes that you can get, with information on what you usually get from them.

On top of that, there is the inclusion of rough price points, so you know roughly what to expect. There will always be a difference with some places, so it’s always worth checking if you’re unsure – this is a more general idea. Read on!

Part-Time Karate Schools

The typical prices for part-time karate schools is anything between $75 and $150 for a month.

These types of karate classes are run in a commercial space, with the instructor renting out a special venue to do their teaching in.

By having this dedicated venue, the trainer can create and foster a wonderful training atmosphere that welcomes you in, reassuring you that you made the right choice to take the dive and study this martial art, and organizing your safety.

They can have training equipment properly available and installed, as well as pads for working on. This will all contribute to your learning experience, making it more thorough.

However, you shouldn’t expect the venues to be incredibly fancy. Part-time karate schools are often leased into empty stores, or put up at shopping malls. With that being said, it is still a dedicated place, and it’s the content that matters most. 

The schedule of a part-time school is more regular than community center karate schooling, which we will look at next, but then the schedule itself is often limited by the times that it’s on.

Some will be only a few nights a week, others will be different. This is because the instructors and leaders need to balance their normal job and family with teaching these classes. 

Speaking of instructors, there are typically one or two. Some, however, will have senior students of theirs volunteering and helping them out.

Due to their restricted availability, with their commitments outside the school, some instructors will group the classes together, in order to save time. 

Though this can allow adults and children to train alongside each other, it has the downside that then both will be a little more neglected.

If high and low ages are grouped, as well as high and low skill sets, then some will be better tended to than others – with others possibly falling behind a little bit. 

An advantage of a part-time school is that you may have some leeway with how you sign up to them and how much you are paying.

Some may allow you to only come to half the lessons every week, for half the price. It’s always worth checking, since it’s part-time anyway.

If you do sign a contract, check what you’re really paying for, and see how easy it is to cancel.

Community Karate Programs

A community karate program is likely to cost you anything from nothing to $100 per month. That figure is obviously the higher end, and you’re unlikely to find one that costs more than that.

However, the least you can pay is free – which is a very good deal! On top of that, there will often be discounts and deals, such as a family group reduction. 

The reason that they are often much cheaper is because they’re a lot more loosely organized.

In keeping with this, they do not have specific, special places leased out. Instead, they are often taught in community centers, parks, or even churches. 

They are operated out of free spaces, and as such they can often clash with another event, and have to be moved elsewhere or reorganized.

This means that some classes may be rescheduled at the last minute, which can be frustrating, or rearranged at a different place that you then have to reach. 

On top of that, the hours are often limited to what an instructor can do, which won’t always align with your diary. Additionally, the venues will rarely have special equipment.

However, the groups are usually smaller than other schools, which make the teaching more focused. 

Professional Karate School

These will often be the most expensive, usually ranging from $150-$500 per month. They are often sold as a yearly contract, or on a month-to-month basis. Always check what you’re signing up for!

However, this doesn’t always mean you’ll get better teaching. With that being said, the schedules are more full-time, often 7 days a week and with lots of hours.

This availability will allow you to train when you want, with more class options too.

Some schools will have small classes where you enjoy more focused teaching, while others will have larger groups. It’s a good idea to find the one you fit best with. 

Professionals will also have karate equipment on site, with more of it too. This means you will get more consistently thorough training, being able to use a variety of tools.

Additionally, there will usually be a good few instructors, as well as lessons which go beyond karate – teaching life and mindset advice too. 

Final Thoughts

Karate classes are a great way to master this popular martial art. They can come in a range of prices, but all will give you a good education. 

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