How Much Are Taekwondo Classes?

Taekwondo is a martial art that has been around for a very long time.

Many people all over the world practice it, and every day, someone new takes their first steps on their taekwondo journey. 

How Much Are Taekwondo Classes

However, most of the time, this is not for free.

Like most things, taekwondo classes cost money, and you will need to make sure you can afford to make an investment in a martial art before you begin. 

Luckily, this article is here to act as a payment guide! We will discuss everything you need to know about money and taekwondo, including how much classes cost, plus all other expenses you will need to pay for.

So, if this is of interest to you, then read on! 

How Much Do Taekwondo Classes Cost?

The price of taekwondo classes will differ depending on where you are in the world, what state you live in, etc.

However, we have broken down the general cost of taekwondo classes and other taekwondo-related things here! 

Taekwondo Classes 

The first thing you will need to pay for is a membership to the school.

Again, this will differ depending on the state, city, and school, but it will range on average from $100-175.

This can also vary depending on how often you go to classes and the type of contract you sign. 

However, your first class will usually be free. After this class, you will be able to speak to an instructor to sort out your contract. 

The Contract 

The contract for taekwondo classes seems to be for a year, and you will be able to go to two to three classes on a weekly basis.

However, this is negotiable and depends on the school.

Generally, if you want to attend more classes in the week, then it is going to cost you extra. 

You can pay for the classes in a few different ways: 

  • Credit card 
  • Paying the entire year up front (which can get you a discount)
  • Direct debit 

Some schools may only offer you a two or three-year contract.

In these situations, it is best to ask about a yearly contract to see if they have any to offer. 

No Contract 

You may have the option to attend taekwondo classes without paying for a contract.

This option may not be mentioned in the initial discussions, but it is always best to ask to make sure it is an option. 

The rate for classes without a contract may be substantially higher than taking classes while having a contract.

However, the advantage here is that there is no obligation to go to classes except for the month or class that you pay for, so you will be able to stop attending classes any time you like. 

Fees For Registration 

Like joining classes or yoga, or joining the gym, taekwondo classes have registration fees.

This will be a one-time charge for registering with the school, and the standard cost of this fee is around $50. This fee can be negotiable, but it is not refundable. 

Cost Of Uniform 

When you sign up for classes, you will be given a uniform with the insignia of the school attached, as well as your first belt.

This is not included in the price of the registration fee, so you will be charged separately for the uniform. Generally, this costs around $50. 

After this initial purchase, provided you have permission from the school, you can buy other needed uniforms from places such as Amazon.

Prices will vary a lot here, depending on where you shop.

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Testing For Lower Belts 

When your taekwondo classes first start, you will be doing a test every two months.

The cost of every test will be around $60, although please remember that this can change depending on a variety of factors.

So, for the first year you are attending classes, you will do six tests, which equates to spending $360 on tests that year. 

However, as you go up in the rankings, the tests become spaced out further and change to every three months.

But, the cost of the tests will increase for higher belts, with prices ranging around $80. 

Testing For Your Black Belt 

The black belt costs are quite significant. The test costs around $400. This is because you will receive much more than just the belt.

You will also be registered to the organization or school you belong to, and your belt will be tailored to you with your name, and degree on it. 

On top of this, you will get a certificate and a plaque. 

Sparring equipment 

Sparring equipment is necessary if you want to protect yourself from injuries. Here is what you will need and how much it will cost. 

A Chest Protector 

Chest protectors protect torsos and can be made from a plethora of materials.

They keep your chest, stomach, and ribs safe from punches and kicks. 

For a good-quality protector, you will need to pay a minimum of $50. 


Headgear is vital for taekwondo sparring. Most taekwondo schools do not permit head kicks, but accidents happen, and it is always best to be prepared.

Headgear generally costs between $20-40. 

Foot and Shin Guards

Shin kicks can be very painful, so it is important to protect yourself from them.

Luckily, you can buy shin guards online for around $30, although like the other items on this list, it 

depends on where you buy them from. 

Mouth Guard 

Mouth guards are often overlooked but are very important.

They give your teeth a little extra protection which can mean a lot in a fight. 

You can find mouthguards online for fairly cheap, so they are worth investing in!

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it!

Taekwondo classes can be around $100-175, but this depends on the type of contract you go for, the school you attend, and the state that you live in.

However, if you want to practice taekwondo then not only do you have to factor in costs for classes, but you also need to factor in costs for gear, uniform, and testing. 

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