How Old Is Too Old To Learn Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a sport that’s steeped in culture and tradition, as well as being incredibly deep.

Many people train for most of their lives trying to perfect their form and style and this is because of the enormous depth and variety of moves that comes with any martial arts, taekwondo included.

How Old Is Too Old To Learn Taekwondo

Because of this you might wonder if taekwondo is something that you’re too old for, or perhaps you don’t have the time to train as much and as hard as others might?

In this article we’ll be answering this question, and exploring some avenues that older students take when exploring the world of taekwondo.So without further ado let’s get started. 

Taekwondo When You’re Old

First off, asking if you’re too old to begin taekwondo is like asking if you’re too old to care about your health, your balance, your confidence or your flexibility. The answer should always be no!

You’re never too old to begin taekwondo training and enjoy all the benefits of a sport that exercises your mind and your whole body. Accepting the first answer, many people’s second question is: am I too old to get good at taekwondo?

Again, the answer is no. Of course, most Olympic medallists began practicing taekwondo before they even reached the age of 20, but there’s loads of famous martial artists, for example Chuck Norris, that didn’t even set foot into a dojo until he was a grown adult.

So even if you finish the article here, then no! You’re never too old to practice taekwondo, and you’re never too young either! Children can start as young as 12 learning basic moves and the discipline that’s involved with learning a martial art. 

Differences In Training

So i can already expect your next question, sure you can practice taekwondo no matter what age you are, but surely there’ll be limitations, and boundaries that’ll have to be set.

Well, basically this all depends on whatever you’re comfortable with.

If you’re happy with keeping up with whatever younger students get up to, then that’s absolutely fine, if you’d rather keep a slower pace then again, that’s absolutely fine and your teacher should accommodate for that.

Ultimately taekwondo is about learning.

Here’s a few tips that you should be mindful of if you’re older when learning taekwondo though:

  • Practice Basic Kicks: Do not go for fancy, high-intensity kicks as you might end up injuring yourself.
  • Focus on punches and blocks: Avoid kicking, saving energy and putting them into punches and blocks will give you a better chance at a duel
  • Do not over-do drills: Overdoing exercises will result in injury and fatigue. Follow your coach’s advice and don’t go overboard.
  • Keep the intensity light: Light impact workout and drills will help you improve a lot without putting you at risk of injury.
  • Don’t turn it into a fitness contest: Though, you have to play safe, don’t end up turning Taekwondo into a fitness class. Slowing down the intensity doesn’t necessarily mean you stop it. You can still kick, punch and block – do not count yourself out of it. Moreover, lastly, know about your body when practicing taekwondo.
  • Remember to enjoy yourself: First and foremost, if you’re not enjoying yourself then there’s no point in getting involved with taekwondo. There’s more effective and easier ways to keep yourself fit, taekwondo just offers a fresh perspective, and more than just a method to keep yourself fit. 

The Taekwondo Mindset

As well as a sport, taekwondo is so much more than just a moveset that you can employ when you want to beat someone up.

It’s about a mindset, and a completely different way of thinking than you’re probably used to, so don’t get so hung up on the flashy kicks and spins that you’re not able to do!

Taekwondo is largely about respect, and this respect goes both ways, so younger students will respect you, just as you respect them.

You can get so much out of taekwondo other than just working out your physical body, so even if you’re not massively into fitness it’s still a great idea to get into taekwondo

Some Things To Be Mindful Of

Whilst you’re never too old to get started at taekwondo, you shouldn’t expect to thrive as fast as you might in any other sport.

People spend years of their lives dedicated to learning moves and styles of taekwondo, and due to the sport mostly being based on spins and kicks, it can be tricky for an older person to keep going for as long as someone that’s younger.

This difficulty applies for people of any age too though, so don’t be put off, it’s tricky for everyone!

In saying that though, 30 and 40 year old people have been known to beat 20 year olds whilst sparring, it’s just about being smart with your energy, and using what you know wisely. 

Final Thoughts

Taekwondo is a sport that requires physical strength and agility, there’s no doubt about that. But you’re never too old to start getting into the martial arts, there’s loads to choose from and taekwondo certainly isn’t the easiest one at that.

You’ll have to work hard, and don’t expect anything to come easily, but anyone can excel at taekwondo, with the correct respect, determination and discipline.

And if you’re skeptical about anything, then it’s as easy as finding a local class and giving it a go! There’s no pressure to make a lock down decision immediately.

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