How Old Is Too Old To Start Karate?

Martial arts training is one of the greatest ways to learn discipline, learn skills, build personal fitness and boost your mental health. 

Karate is perhaps one of the most popular forms of these martial arts and it’s well known that it takes commitment to succeed, so you’ll need time to develop your karate skills. 

How Old Is Too Old To Start Karate?

As a result though – how old is too old for you to start karate? We’ve decided to find out and write this handy guide for you to know much more about it. 

Join us as we find out what age is too old to begin karate and why this might be the case. 

What Exactly Is Karate?

It’s first beneficial for us to explore what karate exactly is before we move on. Karate is a Japanese martial art, meaning empty hand in its original language. 

It focuses on self defense, and whilst there are many forms of karate in the United States, the principles and fundamentals remain the same. They are:

  • Self control 
  • Respect 
  • Concentration 
  • Character building 
  • Mind training 
  • Philosophy 

So, if karate training focuses on these principles – is there an age limit for when you can start karate?

Karate Age Limit?

There is absolutely no age limit for starting karate! It’s one of the most beneficial martial arts you can learn for both the body and the mind. 

Having said that, you need to be aware of your own limitations when thinking about starting any physical activity. If you do need any assistance – this may be possible, so consider your options and speak with a professional before you begin. 

If you are able to take part in karate, you will develop and learn multiple beneficial things which we will explore next. 

The Benefits Of Karate 

Luckily, despite karate being a physical activity – there is very little physical restriction. As a result, adults and children of almost any age can benefit from the martial art. 

In fact, you may be able to boost your confidence and overcome any barriers in your own mind that you may have placed there based on your age bias or certain perceived physical restrictions. 

Let’s explore some of these further. 

Physical Strength 

Physical Strength 

Karate can help improve and build your physical strength in a number of ways. Primarily, your muscle groups are engaged through training certain moves and stances, which over time help them to build. 

Many students report that after a number of weeks, they are able to move their limbs higher or quicker than they used to be able to. 

Your core muscles receive huge benefits too, especially if you incorporate meditation into karate. Your posture, muscles and breathing will improve and you may find a boost in your mental health. 


There are many areas where you will be building confidence when you decide to take up karate. 

As you will be facing danger and standing up to it when learning self defense, you start to recognize your own bravery and confidence. 

Not only this, you realize you do not have the limitations that you thought you had, and you’re able to push through that barrier. 

Over time, as your body and mind develop, your own self confidence improves due to an improved look physically but also mentally as you are exhibiting confidence through your everyday actions.

Of course, you will also feel a large sense of self satisfaction because you have managed to accomplish and achieve something. 

Stress Relief 

Karate takes a lot of discipline but through training, you can significantly improve your mental health and relieve stresses from the everyday world. 

This is not just through physical training, but through philosophy and spirituality. 

Can Karate Help Me Stay In Shape?

Anyone of any age can get a physical benefit from karate. Many older people find it difficult to go out jogging and some people detest the thought of going to a gym – as a result, karate can be a fantastic alternative. 

Remember, any type of physical activity will always be beneficial for you when it comes to burning calories and generally improving endurance and stamina. 

Karate can also help you build stability, balance and flexibility – all of which can benefit you as you get older. 

Can Karate Help Me Improve My Mind?

What some people may not know is that most martial arts incorporate a lot of brain training that happens, almost on a subconscious level. 

You’re developing your skills and thought processes, whilst also training your body. You’re thinking about your next steps and what to do, which can help improve your memory too. 

Additionally, the philosophical aspect can also help improve your mind. You learn how to clear negativity and gain self confidence, providing huge benefits to your mental state. 

What Age Is Too Young For Karate?

Again, there’s no real age restriction as such – but many trainers in the United States say that 6 is probably a good minimal age. 

Karate for kids can be extremely helpful for them as they go through school. Not only do they have the benefits that we’ve discussed like the physical and psychological benefits – but they also benefit from:

Stopping The Bullies 

Some children find it difficult to deal with bullies, but if they are trained in the art of self defense, they should be able to repel the bullies and stay in control. 

Improve Adult Discipline 

Studies have suggested that martial arts training at a young age and throughout adulthood can reduce the risk of the person getting involved in crime and can help prevent substance abuse. 

The Bottom Line 

There is absolutely no age limit to starting karate – it’s one of the best forms of martial arts that can improve your body and your mind. 

Of course though, the earlier you start – the longer you have to develop your skills. So why not start today?

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