How Strong Does A Skilled Muay Thai Fighter Kick?

The kicks that Muay Thai fighters use have a well-deserved reputation for being among the most powerful kicks able to be performed by a skilled fighter. However, just how powerful are these kicks? Keep reading to find out.

How powerful the kick is will depend on the amount of force used by the fighter. The force of the kick will be determined not only by the skill of the person who delivers it but also by the size of the person as well. 

How Strong Does A Skilled Muay Thai Fighter Kick?

The roundhouse kick in Muay Thai is the most powerful strike in the whole world of martial arts. The swing of a baseball bat transfers almost the same amount of energy as a conventional roundhouse kick in Muay Thai, which is 480 pounds of force on average per strike.

Here are more things that you should know about the very powerful kicks used in Muay Thai. 

How Powerful Is A Muay Thai Kick?

It is not easy to provide an answer to this since the answer will rely heavily not only on the height of the kicker but also on the kicking technique that they use. 

The hosts of the American television show Sports Science investigated various aspects of many martial arts to identify those that include the most difficult kicks.

The Muay Thai fighter cracked a maple baseball bat with a force that registered at over one thousand pounds of pressure. This impressive feat took place during the fight, showing just how powerful these kicks are.

A leg kick in Muay Thai may provide a severe jolt to the leg, which can result in a large degree of harm as well as numbness in the affected area.

The leg kicks that are used in this sport are among the most painful fighting techniques of Muay Thai. 

When directed at the body, a roundhouse kick can do substantial harm to the ribs, including the possibility that they may be shattered. 

How Are The Fighters Able To Kick So Hard?

If you’ve ever watched a Muay Thai battle, you’ve probably wondered how the kicks that the boxers use can be so powerful without damaging their legs.

Through training, Muay Thai fighters condition and train their shins to make this part of their body as strong as possible. 

Calcification of the bone is the process that ultimately leads to this outcome. Calcification of the bones occurs when the body deposits calcium to raise bone density and strengthen bones.

The harder the bones are, the harder you can kick without doing damage to your own body. 

However, getting the shin bones strong enough to kick each other with full force in a professional bout involves a lengthy and grueling process that can take years of dedicated practice to complete.

This may be done by kicking dense, heavy bags and pads for an uncountable amount of hours and by engaging in extended bouts of free sparring.

The body will ultimately conclude that it has to provide the shin bones with calcium to make the bones in that area stronger. 

Kicks that are both rapid and forceful are a crucial component in mixed martial arts (MMA), and Muay Thai focuses a large amount of emphasis on developing these skills. 

The notorious roundhouse kicks are the most powerful of the bunch. These kicks can cause significant damage to the opponent. 

The body kick is another highly effective weapon that you should be using when practicing Muay Thai. When you take part in training, you will learn how to rotate your body while simultaneously producing a great deal of force in a body kick.

Nothing beats the efficiency of a body kick that is well-placed and timed to maximize its impact.

Types Of Muay Thai Kicks

One of the best things about Muay Thai is that all of its techniques can also be used in mixed martial arts (MMA). You have a better chance of winning a bout in mixed martial arts if you make use of some of the following kicking styles. 

Roundhouse Kick (Te Chiang)

This particular kick is the most powerful kick that can be delivered in Muay Thai as well as in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Although similar kicks may be found in other styles of martial arts, how they are thrown in Muay Thai is a little bit different from the way they are used in other styles.

When performing a roundhouse kick, a Muay Thai fighter should keep their leg entirely straight and not bend at the knee. This allows the fighter to produce a more powerful kick. 

Low Kicks

The lightning-fast and powerful low kick are also considered to be among the most effective in MMA. 

The most important factor in a standup fight is the use of low kicks, particularly calf kicks to the lead leg. This is because scoring even a few early hits can hinder the movement of an opponent and force them to stand still for the remainder of the fight.

After this, it will be much simpler for you to land further kicks until the opponent’s lead leg hurts so bad that they can no longer fight properly. 


A Muay Thai fighter’s kick is one of the most powerful kicks that you could ever experience. The roundhouse kick especially can do considerable damage to the opponent’s body, potentially breaking their opponent’s ribs if the kick lands in a certain way. 

The kicks used by Muay Thia fighters have a similar force to the swing of a baseball bat, and if you are unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of it, it is said to be one of the most painful things that you can ever experience. 

Used a lot in MMA fights, Muay Thai kicks are known for being one of the best ways to quickly and easily overcome an opponent, as once they have been hit by one of these powerful kicks, it is very hard for them to continue with the fight due to the pain they are feeling. 

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