How To Throw A Sinker

As a pitcher, you need to learn a variety of throwing techniques so you can help your team win games. One of the best pitches you can learn is a sinker. A sinker is a pitch in which the ball will drop to the floor just before it approaches the batter.

Because there is a small movement at the last second, this psychs the batter out. 

How To Throw A Sinker

So, it is important to know the correct way to throw a sinker, and we are here to help! Read on to learn how to perfect sinkers so you can bring your A-game the next time you’re up to pitch. 

Throwing A Sinker 1: Find The Right Grip 

The first step to throwing the perfect sinker is finding the right grip. 

1. Hold The Ball In Your Dominant Hand

To throw a great sinker, you need to have a strong grip on the ball. The best way to do this is to hold the baseball in your dominant hand. There are narrow seams on the ball, and these need to face outwards while you are gripping the ball. 

2. Wrap The Index Finger Around The Seam Closest To You

This gives you more traction while you hold the ball, and allows you to create the necessary spin to throw a sinker. So, wrap the index finger around the closest seam to it. 

3. Put Your Middle Finger Next To The Index Finger

You need to apply pressure to the baseball with the middle finger, so it is best to place it close to the center of the ball, next to the index finger. The middle finger must be placed on top of the ball so you have great leverage. 

4. Wrap Your Thumb Around The Bottom Of The Ball

Move your thumb so it is secured at the bottom of the baseball. This will help you to have a strong grip on the ball. To do this correctly, your thumb needs to be lined up with the index finger.

However, you can adjust your grip as necessary so it feels comfortable. 

Throwing A Sinker 2: Get Into Position

Next, you need to get into the right position!

1. Stand In Your Regular Pitching Stance 

It is best to stand in a regular pitching stance since sinkers are just like fastballs with a twist right at the last second. Your feet should be in line with your shoulders, your knees should be bent, and you should feel relaxed!

Your body should be in line with the hitter, so the arm you’re not throwing with is facing the plate. 

2. Throw The Ball Toward The Belt 

Sinkers need to look like they’ll be an easy hit to land…up until the very last moment when it drops to the ground. So, it is best to aim for the batter’s belt or waist when you throw the ball.

However, do not make this obvious – or the batter will know you’re pitching a sinker and they will have an easy run. 

3. Wind Up

Move to one side with a slight step, while shifting your weight to your behind foot, and bring your knee up so you can balance. After this, lean forward and move your weight to the leg in front.

4. Move Your Torso

Next, you will need to move your torso so it faces the hitter. If you do this through your chest, you allow your pitch to have much more power.

Just before you throw the ball, you need to pivot your torso towards the batter while keeping your eyes focused on their waist. Now, all you need to do is throw the ball. 

How To Throw A Sinker

Throwing A Sinker 3: Perfect Your Throw

Perfect your throw to land the perfect sinker!

1. Throw The Pitch

It is best to throw the pitch overarm. While bringing your arm forward, move it so it’s up high. Then, bring your arm down right up until the ball is released.

This ensures your arm is in the correct position, so the ball’s spin will increase after it has been thrown. 

However, be cautious when you do this because you may injure yourself. 

2. Have A Strong Grip

It is best to have a strong grip on the baseball so you can keep control of it until it is thrown. This also allows the ball to have more spin after it is released.

However, you should only grip it with your thumb and fingers, not your palm. If you use your palm to grip the ball this increases the friction and will actually reduce the spin of the ball. 

3. Apply Pressure 

It is best to apply pressure to the ball via the middle finger. With fastballs, the pressure will come from the index finger, but sinkers rely heavily on the middle finger, so don’t forget this as you try to perfect your throw. 

It is best to make sure the middle finger is on top of the ball when it is thrown. The ball should not leave your hand via your index finger or thumb but via the middle finger. 

4. Twist Your Hand And Release The Ball

Now, it’s time to throw the ball. To do this well, it is a good idea to get a topspin on the sinker. This is known as pronation. 

If the middle finger is on top of the ball, then pronation should happen naturally as your hand rotates. If you can get these moves to work together, then you should have an excellent  throw. 

Our Best Tip For Throwing Sinkers

It is best to keep the type of pitch you will throw hidden, no matter if it is a sinker or any other type. This is so the batter has no idea what’s coming, and you can get the ball past them with ease.

Final Thoughts 

Sinkers are a type of pitch where the ball will drop toward the ground just before it approaches the batter. You need to perfect your grip, stance, and throw to get the perfect sinker, and we hope these steps have shown you exactly how to do that!

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