How To Train For Karate Like Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai is awesome! And a lot of people are of course thinking of trying out karate because of Cobra Kai! What do you need to know about training for karate like Cobra Kai?

How To Train For Karate Like Cobra Kai

Recognize Reality

The most important thing to remember is that Cobra Kai is a work of fiction. It’s all made up! Cobra Kai isn’t a real fighting style or martial art – and for that matter, neither is Miyagi-Do or Eagle Fang.

No matter how fun the show is, you simply need to understand that it’s a work of fiction – and don’t think that you can actually learn Cobra Kai!

This doesn’t mean that the martial arts shown on screen aren’t real, of course. Cobra Kai has some amazing stunt performers, and the actors have really thrown themselves into the fight scenes over the years too!

Some of them are seriously impressive at what they do, and clearly have martial arts training outside of screen fighting.

However, everything you’re seeing on screen is just that – screen fighting. Cobra Kai is just meant to be entertainment with a martial arts theme – not a martial arts instructional series!

Take it for what it is, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Just don’t think that you can actually learn to fight from watching Cobra Kai, ok?

However, getting inspired by Cobra Kai to take up a real martial art is awesome! And if that’s you, then there are definitely some things that you can do to get prepared for a real karate lesson!

Join A Karate Class

The first and most important thing to do is to join a real karate class! And don’t even feel silly about the fact that you’re joining because of Cobra Kai!

Not only is the fact that you’re starting a martial art at all completely awesome, no matter what reason you have for doing it – but you’d be in very good company!

Some of the best martial arts practitioners in the world will freely admit that one of the reasons they started off their martial arts journey in the first place was The Karate Kid!

So, it’s only fitting that nowadays the successor series to The Karate Kid is inspiring people to take up martial arts again.

If that’s you, then the best first step is to simply join a class! Don’t worry if you feel like you’re not fit enough, or you’re not ready. Would Sensei Johnny want you to think like that?

Hell no! He’d want you in class learning how to be a badass, straight away!

Joking aside, karate classes are ready to welcome new students all the time, no matter their level of physical fitness.

Find a friendly karate class, and not only will you be learning a real martial art, you’ll likely have much more motivation to get fit than if you were doing the other way!

Get Fitter

You certainly don’t need to be in great physical shape to learn karate. In fact, so many people take up martial arts activities like karate in the first place simply because they want a reason to get fitter!

So, if you’re the type of person who struggles with getting the motivation to exercise, joining a martial arts class can be absolutely perfect for giving you a reason to push yourself!

WHile it’s true that you don’t need to be in great physical shape at all to start learning a martial art, things will definitely get easier for you if you take the time to improve your physical condition a bit!

Getting in better shape and improving your cardiovascular health will make all aspects of martial arts easier. Not just that, but you’ll find it much more enjoyable too!

Of course, don’t do any of the stupid stuff that Johnny Lawrence puts his students through! Don’t go jumping off of a roof, or crawling around the inside of an old cement truck. Instead, join a gym!

Or do some running, or ride a bike – frankly, anything but jumping off of buildings!

Getting fitter isn;t just great for improving your martial arts sessions – it’s a good thing to do in general!

Keep At It

Remember that this is a lifelong marathon, not a weekend-long sprint. There will definitely be times where you feel like you’ve reached a plateau, and aren’t improving anymore.

And there will be times where you simply aren’t enjoying yourself anymore!

These are all normal, and are often healthy reminders that maybe a break will be a good idea for you! Nobody can be at 100% passion for something all the time, and having ups and downs is completely to be expected.

However, unless you’re absolutely 100% sure that you don’t want to continue with your martial arts journey ever again, don’t hang up your belt too soon when you reach the challenging times.

Everybody goes through them – even the absolute best martial artists in the world!

Take a break, and have a rest from whatever it is you’re not enjoying. Maybe you simply need some time off to regain your passion – or maybe you simply need some time to rest and recover!

Beginners often find that the extremely rapid improvement they show in the early weeks and months fades as their skill improves – and it can often feel like they’ve got worse, simply due to the fact that they’ve run out of the easy stuff to learn!

Remember, it’s easy to improve when you know nothing, but now that you’ve learned a few things, you have to work harder to get better!

Remember, above all, to enjoy yourself. It’s by far the best way to improve, and of course having fun is what keeps people coming back to martial arts!


Cobra Kai is fictional, of course – but don’t let that simple fact stop you from enjoying it. And if it inspires you to start real martial arts classes, then that’s absolutely fantastic!

Take your time and enjoy yourself, and you’ll be amongst countless others who have been inspired to take up a martial art after seeing something from this fun franchise!

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