How To Use A Sauna Suit To Cut Weight (Guide for Fighters)

Some people decide that a sauna suit is an effective way to lose weight quickly, because it increases your internal temperature and makes you sweat great amounts.

How To Use A Sauna Suit To Cut Weight

However, they can be dangerous to your health if you use them wrongly, so it is essential that you use them carefully and follow the guidelines. So, how can you use a sauna suit to cut weight?

Well, we’ve got the answers for you. In our handy guide below, you’ll find out about sauna suits, as well as detailed instructions on how to use them safely. You must be careful if you use a sauna suit.

What Is A Sauna Suit?

A sauna suit is a special tracksuit that keeps your body heat and raises your internal temperature, causing you to sweat and perspire while you work out when wearing it.

Heat and sweat build up much faster than they normally would when you’re exercising, and that speeds up how quickly you lose weight.

What Are The Risks Of Using A Sauna Suit?

However, there are many downsides and health risks that come from using a sauna suit, especially if you use it too much and for too long.

Exercising when wearing a sauna suit has been linked to having a negative impact on many different parts of your body.

For example, it affects your body composition, as well as messing with your thermal regulation and your cardiovascular function. 

In addition to those, your electrolyte balance will be meddled with, as well as your electrical activity.

On top of that, both the strength and endurance of your muscles will be negatively affected, as well as your hydration capabilities – which is especially dangerous. 

All of these can lead to conditions which can prove FATAL – meaning they could kill you. These conditions are:

  • Dehydration
  • Hyperthermia (overheating)
  • Rhabdomyolysis (leads to kidney damage)
  • Myoglobinuria (leads to kidney injury)

In 1997, three wrestlers died while using sauna suits, exercising in a hot location and limiting the amount of food and water that they had. Sauna suits are not a device that is to be meddled with. You must use them safely. 

Can Sauna Suits Make You Cut Weight?

The answer is yes. Sauna suits can be used effectively in order to cut weight, as long as they are used safely.

The initial weight loss from using one is often water loss, sustained loss can be improved with a sauna suit because they increase your resting metabolic rate (meaning you burn energy faster), as well as increasing your post-exercise consumption of oxygen. 

Can You Target Specific Areas?

You may want to lose weight in a certain part of your body. However, a sauna suit does not let you target specific areas.

A sauna suit can help you decrease your overall body mass index, as well as lower your body fat percentage, but there is no way that you can target a specific area for weight cutting – such as your stomach. 

How To Use A Sauna Suit

So, how do you actually go about using a sauna suit? And how should you keep yourself safe with the process?

Well, you should only ever wear it for very brief periods at a time. When you begin using one, have it on for only about 5 minutes, maybe 10, before stopping.

On top of that, you should only be doing low or moderate intensity workouts.

Gradually, over time, increase that amount of time by little bits while you’re working out. Add 5 minutes every 3 to 5 days.

Eventually, you will have adjusted to its heat, and will be able to use it for something close to a full 30 or 40 minute workout.

When you’re new to the sauna suit, do not under any circumstances wear it for a long workout session without taking any breaks. Breaks are the key to all this, so take them regularly. 

What Do You Wear Underneath Your Sauna Suit?

You may be wondering what you’re supposed to be wearing underneath while you wear your sauna suit.

The answer is really more about what you want to wear. You can choose what you wear  underneath the sauna suit, just as long as you don’t throw on loads of layers that will cause you to boil, and do harm to your health.

Being comfortable is the biggest part, but we don’t just mean material-wise: comfort is about making sure you don’t overheat too much. 

Some people wear t-shirts underneath their sauna suits, while others wear nothing at all. Others will pick undergarments that fit them tightly.

Choose what you want to wear, just make sure that it isn’t too thick. We recommend you go for moisture-wicking undergarments.

Can You Wear Your Sauna Suit Every Day?

This all depends on how safe you are, and what level you’re at. If you’ve gradually worked up for a period of weeks how long you can wear your sauna suit, then you may be able to use it for daily workouts.

However, that is only on the grounds that you regularly take breaks, as well as drinking thoroughly throughout – hydration is absolutely essential.

On top of that, the workouts that you do should only be low in intensity, or moderate at most. So: break regularly, workout small-scale, drink. 

To put it into context, even athletes who do workouts of moderate intensity for five days a week will only wear their sauna suit for a maximum of 45 minutes. You must practice moderation and take frequent breaks. 

Which Should I Buy? 

A PVC sauna suit may wear out quickly, so instead invest in a suit made from Neoprene.

On top of that, measure yourself to get the best size. It shouldn’t be loose, rather snug – and definitely not tight

Final Thoughts

It is essential that you stay safe with a sauna suit. Buy the right size, take regular breaks, and hydrate. 

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