How To Wash Shin Guards

Shin guards may be small, but if you’re reading this, then you know as well as we do that they give off an awful smell.

Unfortunately, shin guards are notorious for smelling bad, and they are a prime breeding ground for bacteria and mold if you do not take care of them properly. 

How To Wash Shin Guards

Luckily, it is easy to wash shin guards and get them to be squeaky clean once more.

There are a few ways to clean your shin guards and in this article, we will discuss them all so you can decide the best way to clean yours. 

So, if this is of interest to you, then read on for more! 

What Are The Best Cleaners For Shin Guards?

Before you start cleaning, you should know what type of cleaners are available to you.

Of course, you will be able to use a chemical cleaning product from various stores, but there are also plenty of natural cleaning products that you can try, most of which you can find in your home already! 

Let’s check these out in further detail below! 

Cleaning Product One: Vinegar 

The first cleaning product on our list is vinegar. More specifically, white distilled vinegar.

This type of vinegar is a great product to have in your household. This is because it has amazing cleaning benefits!

White distilled vinegar can be used to clean carpets, and any stains, and boosts the cleaning of laundry.

Of course, this vinegar is also great for cooking. 

Being a cleaner that has highly acidic properties, it is great for killing bacteria.

This means it can remove all traces of odor.

And, you do not need to despair about destroying the fabric, because white distilled vinegar is gentle on fabrics so you will be able to clean your shin guards without any issues. 

Another reason why you may want to opt for vinegar to clean your shin guards is because it is affordable.

When you mix the vinegar with water, then you will pay very little for every item or area cleaned.

Many people also choose to mix water with vinegar because vinegar has a pungent smell that gets watered down when mixed.

Generally, the ratio of vinegar to water is 50/50, but be sure to use more vinegar than water when dealing with extra smelly shin guards. 

Cleaning Product Two: Baking Soda 

Baking soda is a known stain lifter and deodorizer that you probably keep in your fridge or pantry, or use in your laundry, to try and eliminate odors. 

The best way to use baking soda to clean your shin guards is to turn it into a spray. You can do this by mixing a cup of water with two tablespoons of baking soda.

Or, you can mix it in equal parts with water to make it a paste-like solution that is perfect for scrubbing! 

If you choose to make the paste of baking soda, then it is important to rinse your shin guards thoroughly afterward.

This will permit you to remove any leftover bits of baking soda, to ensure that the shin guards are fully cleaned. 

What Are The Best Ways Of Washing Shin Guards?

Shin guards do not need to be washed alone, and you can wash them mixed with your other soccer laundry.

Here is more information on the way you can clean your shin guards! 

How To Wash Shin Guards (1)

Soaking Your Shin Guards 

First, you can try soaking your shin guards. This method is great if you’re busy during the week. Here’s how to do it! 

  1. Take a dish pan and put your shin guards inside. 
  2. To stop your shin guards from floating, you will need to place a heavy item on the dish pan, like a bowl. 
  3. Next, you need to pour laundry detergent into the dish pan and mix it with baking soda. Use a few tablespoons. 
  4. Pour hot water into the dish pan. 
  5. Let the shin guards soak for half an hour. 
  6. Once half an hour has passed, you can go ahead and empty the dish pan.
  7. Place the shin guards on a towel (make sure the towel is dry) and allow them to dry overnight. 

Check to see if the shin guards are dry. Once they are, you can spray them with pure vinegar or a disinfectant to kill any mold or bacteria. 

Hand Washing Your Shin Guards 

Alternatively, you can try hand washing the shin guards. You should scrub them with a vinegar cleaning mixture and a small brush.

After that, all you need to do is rinse them and hang them up to dry. 

Using The Washing Machine 

You will actually be able to wash the shin guards in the washing machine.

The first thing you need to do is take out the inserts in your shin guards if they have them. Place the remaining soft fabric into the wash. 

However, if the inserts are not detachable, then you will need to place the shinguards in the washing machine inside a pillowcase and secure the pillowcase so it is shut.

This will help to protect the shin guards and keep them in working order. 

Washing And Drying The Shin Guards 

To wash the shin guards in both of these situations, you will need to use cold water and a gentle cycle.

Use the laundry detergent you prefer and then add some white distilled vinegar or baking soda. 

It is important to note that shin guards cannot be placed in the dryer when they’ve been washed.

The dryer will damage the shin guards, so they will either need to air dry on a towel or be placed to dry by hanging them either inside or outside.

It is important to flip the shin guards over to dry both sides because they need to be well ventilated in order to dry well. 

Final Thoughts

Shin guards are known for being really smelly soccer gear. However, they are easy to wash, and there are many different ways that they can be washed to squeaky clean perfection.

We hope this article tells you all you need to know about washing shin guards. 

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