How To Watch Fencing Online

The two best places to watch fencing competitions and highlights online are Youtube and Instagram.

Fencing competitions are live streamed on Youtube every few weeks, with live commentary at major events like World Cups and World Championships.

How To Watch Fencing Online

The exception to streaming on Youtube is the Olympic Games, which has the fencing events streamed on regular television instead.

How To Watch Fencing Online

Replays from the television broadcast of the Olympics specifically can be watched on the official olympic website, for example:

Typing in “foil” “epee” or “sabre / saber” will bring up the fencing replays.

For competitions that happen more often than the Olympics, such as European Championships, World Cups, Grand Prixs and so on, the two big channels to look at are firstly the official International Fencing Federation Youtube channel:

FIE Fencing Channel – YouTube

And secondly the “Fencing Vision” channel, who are the company that handle almost all of the competition live streaming for fencing events:

Fencing Vision – YouTube

After the live streams are finished, the competition is broken down into individual bout videos and uploaded, with the key words to look up being the name of the fencers.

So for example a bout between Lee Kiefer from the USA and Anne Sauer from Germany would be uploaded like this:
2019 129 T16 05 F F Individual Cairo EGY WC GREEN KIEFER USA vs SAUER GER

This title has the year, the round of the competition and a few other technical details, the place (Cairo, EGY) the type of competition being a World Cup (WC) and the competitors with their three digit country code.

This lets you look up bouts from fencers you’re interested in watching or a fan of, using their last name.

For less raw video, you have some fencing channels that provide fun highlights and special focus videos, like surprising results where the underdog wins the match, matches with huge comebacks, and so on.

For example one of the most popular highlights:

Oh Sanguk: Trouble – An Epic Sabre Compilation

Or humor videos such as:

“Fencing is an Elegant Sport”

How To Watch Fencing Online

This kind of interest video can be found on youtube, mainly produced by these channels:

For super short highlights, such as showing a cool hit in a 10 second video, or for a more personal look into Olympians fencing training and lives, Instagram also has some great fencing highlight pages to check out:

One of the big advantages of looking for fencing footage on instagram is that the pro athletes will share a deep insight into their daily lives and their training.

This can really make the competition footage more interesting, as you can get to know the competitors on a more personal level.

Some of the more popular personal pages for Olympic fencers include

Overall online the best places to watch fencing and find fencing related content are Youtube and Instagram.

Both of these sites are very active, with content of all types from historical to raw bout footage, to high level analysis, to fun highlights.

Different aspects of the sport will be more interesting to different people, so get out there and enjoy exploring the fencing web!

Whether it’s an official page, a fencer’s personal story, or a hobby highlights channel, there’s bound to be an online fencing place for you.
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