How To Wrap Hands For Muay Thai (Guide for Beginners)

The hands are a very important part of Muay Thai, one of the eight different body parts that the martial art uses. For that reason, you will want to keep them from getting damaged.

How To Wrap Hands For Muay Thai

If you injure your hand from getting struck by an opponent’s blow, then you won’t be able to take part in further matches for a good while until recovery.

This is why all Muay Thai fighters have both of their hands wrapped up in special elastic bands, to protect their hands from getting damaged. But how do you wrap your hands for Muay Thai?

Well, we’ve got the answers for you! In the helpful guide below, we’ll provide a complete description of how to wrap your hands properly for Muay Thai, as well as advice on finding the correct wrap and wrapping technique for you. Read on!

Selecting The Correct Wrap

To start with, you will want to find the wrap that works best for you, and fits most comfortably on your hands.

There is no point in having a wrap that cramps up your hands, because then they will be useless in Muay Thai anyway. You can choose from a few different types:

  • Basic Hand Wraps – made of cotton, use velcro to keep them attached
  • Elastic Wraps/Mexican Hand Wraps – these are easier to apply, more comfortable, and use elastic fibers
  • Non-Elastic Wraps – more durable than elastic wraps, meaning they will last longer. This makes them good for repeat training.

Once you’ve found a variety that will give you the best comfort and flexibility, you will need to buy one that is in a length long enough to cover your entire hand.

Standard wraps are usually about 180 inches in length, which is 460 cm, and this is usually enough for most adults to cover their hand. Obviously, this means that junior wraps will be smaller and shorter. 

To see if a wrap is long enough for you, try applying it and check that you can finish the wrapping process by wrapping the remains around your wrist a few times.

If you can’t, you will need to buy a longer wrap. This buying process can be quite trial and error, but when you find the best length for you, you’ll enjoy comfort and protection which will make it all worth it. 

How To Wrap hands For Muay Thai

Now that you’ve got the best type for you, as well as a length that comfortably covers all of your hand, it’s time to wrap.

However, before we begin, we’d just like to mention a few things that you will need to keep in mind while doing your wrapping – if you don’t, then it won’t be an effective wrap and you could risk injuring yourself during Muay Thai.

First, you must wrap your hand by keeping your wrist straight, as well as level with your hand and forearm at all times.

If you bend the wrist, then you could be hurt, and the wrap will keep it held in a bent position. That way, if you then strike an opponent, your wrist could be bent even more – and broken. 

Second, you must make sure that the final wrap is thick around each of your knuckles, as well as around your wrist.

Make sure that you don’t wrap beyond the first knuckle, because it could limit the movement you have in your fingers, and hinder your performance. 

With all that in mind, you can begin.

How To Wrap Hands For Muay Thai

Step 1

First off, you want to take your chosen wrap and unroll it. Roll it back up as tight as you can, with its adhesive patch as the inward layer. This is so that you can roll it inside-out, which will make the wrapping easier in general. 

Step 2

Next, you want to find the thumb loop. Position the loop so that its end is in line with your index finger’s edge, just above the knuckle placement.

Then begin to wrap the wrap around all of your fingers as one, but make sure to spread your fingers a bit so that the wrap doesn’t restrict you and cause pain.

Step 3

Now you want to carefully take the wrap off your fingers, but holding all the layers together so that it doesn’t lose that molded shape.

Then take that set shape of wrapping and put on the back of your hand, keeping it in place with your thumb. 

Step 4

After that, get the remaining fabric that’s hanging off and wrap it underneath your hand, to the wrist, going between your thumb and index finger and securing it over the pad. Do this 3 times. Your wrist should then be snug.

Step 5

Stop with the roll next to your thumb, then bring the wrap upward to your pinky, traveling across the back of your hand. Push the wrap between the pinky and the finger next to it, wrapping it through and then holding it by your palm.

Step 6

Take the wrap to your thumb, passing it between the thumb and your index finger again. Wrap it down to the edge of your wrist, before making a full loop around it. 

Step 7

Now you need to repeat the previous two steps, but going between each set of fingers.

First is between middle and ring finger, then wrap to your wrist, go to the thumb, and go back up to go between middle and index. Always make a fist when you pass it between fingers.

Step 8

Finally, take the wrap around your thumb, and bring it to your wrist’s edge. Wrap the remaining wrap around your wrist until it’s gone, then use the adhesive to secure.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping your hand is essential to Muay Thai protection, so follow these steps carefully!

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