Is A High-Protein Meat Diet Good For Muay Thai Training? (Kickboxing Diet Tips)

There are lots of different sports and martial arts out there that many people see as a good option to learn about.

For example, karate is great for learning about self-defense, whereas Judo is good for throwing and grappling.

Muay Thai is a great combat sport that teaches fighters all about striking and kicking their opponent, trying to lower their stamina and endurance.

Is A High-Protein Meat Diet Good For Muay Thai Training?

Moving on from that point about stamina and endurance, we all know how much energy is required when taking up a new sport, whether it be a martial art or something like soccer.

However, something like Muay Thai is far more physical than a sport like soccer and will require a lot more energy and muscle strength to compete to a good enough standard.

Follow the rest of our guide to find out if a high-protein meat diet is good for those looking to delve into the depths of Muay Thai.

After all, having enough energy is vital for succeeding in such a brutal sport as Muay Thai.

Eat Healthily

Our first point is actually to make sure you eat healthily, rather than dieting or eating anything that you consider to be a high-protein meal.

If you’re really serious about getting the most out of your Muay Thai experience, then you need to make sure that having a healthy and balanced diet is a big part of your life.

This means that any changes to your diet need to be for the long-term and not a quick fix.

A lot of diet plans online are likely to be more centered around losing weight, rather than fueling toward using a lot of calories when taking part in Muay Thai.

The average person can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour when performing to the best of their ability.

You need to make sure you have a lot of calories to burn, making sure you fuel the fire, so to speak.

Protein Protein Protein

If you’ve ever been to a Muay Thai class or watched Muay Thai on TV, then it’s likely you’ve noticed how big the coaches are, let alone the fighters.

They are visibly muscular and have worked hard to get there with their diet and their exercise.

The main food group that will need to be present for maximum effect is the protein group of foods.

When it comes to gaining the most out of your martial arts experience, you need to warm up and work out to the best of your ability. For this, you need to use the protein food group as much as you can.

Seafood, lean beef, and eggs are perfect for making sure that you have enough energy to practice and fight properly.

Lean beef is always recommended because fat is counterproductive to having a healthy diet, with lean beef having a lot of its own benefits and pros.

If you can eat a lot of lean beef, along with eggs and seafood, then you’re bound to see your skills, stamina, and endurance improve massively when fighting and sparring.

Protein shakes are also beneficial and have a positive effect on a lot of people who are trying to keep their energy levels high, whilst ensuring they don’t burn themselves out whilst training and sparring.

Scheduling Your Eating Patterns

Scheduling Your Eating Patterns

Experts suggest that 40% of your exercising actually comes down to eating, with a lot of this being how you eat, rather than what you eat.

The vast majority of people will eat when their hungry, having similar times but no real structure to their diet. This can cause two main problems, which you can see below.

The first problem is that when you eat at different times, rather than on a fixed schedule, your body can get confused and can often run out of energy when you need it most.

By having some sort of structure, you can almost train your body to keep going, expecting energy intakes at specific times throughout the day.

The second problem that you’re bound to encounter at some point is that you will be more likely to snack or make easy meals when you’re out of energy.

By having a schedule and a plan in place, you will have a much easier time lasting until the next meal, rather than giving in to temptation.

Healthy Snacks

Look, we’re not robots, we understand that everyone needs to snack on something every now and then.

This is why it’s important to snack on healthy foods like fruit and vegetables when you can, to avoid ingesting unhealthy foods without many benefits to your energy and stamina levels.

Eggs are also a good snack to have because of their high-protein levels.

So, Is A High-Protein Diet Good For Muay Thai?

The simple answer is yes! Knock yourself out! Protein is easily the best way to make sure your body has enough energy and stamina to go on.

Just make sure that you don’t eat meats that are high in fat because they can be very counterproductive when it comes to keeping yourself healthy and on track for becoming a Muay Thai master!

At the end of the day, meat and meat substitutes are great for the body and often play a huge part in the human body’s quest for a balanced diet.

You just need to make sure that you include healthy foods like fruit and vegetables along the way as well.


That’s the end of our guide! We hope we provided you with a good reason that protein high diets are great for those taking part in Muay Thai.

The martial art, also known as The Art Of Eight Limbs requires all of your body to take part properly, so you need to make sure you don’t run out of fuel along the way.

There are lots of different meats and proteins to choose from, so you know you’re not back into a corner when it’s time to decide on your next meal.

Seafood, eggs, and lean beef are our favorites! Now, go find yours!

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