Is A Muay Thai Kick Hard?

Muay Thai is well-known for its powerful movements and physically demanding training, but the movements never fail to amaze fans as they are incredibly impressive.

As the movements are so powerful, people who want to start Muay Thai training will be wondering how hard the kicks are to perform and receive.

Is A Muay Thai Kick Hard

The power and force that are used in Muay Thai are developed by regular training sessions, but are the kicks hard?

Knowing if Muay Thai kicks are hard or not is important for making sure that you know what to expect in a match, but you also need to work on developing your strength as a beginner.

This article will explain more about how hard a Muay Thai kick is to prepare you for a match and to see how strong you need to become.

You can find out more below about how to develop your strength and improve your performance.

How Do People Kick So Hard In Muay Thai?

When people are training for Muay Thai, they train their bodies to become stronger so they can deliver more force as the kicks can be very hard.

Developing strong and flexible muscles is important for improving your flexibility and strength, and training your legs can allow you to see your Muay Thai performance become significantly better.

As people can kick hard in Muay Thai, how do they do it? Increasing your power is important for your performance, but how can you start?

Train Your Legs

Training your legs is important for developing strong muscles as this will help you to deliver more force with your kicks.

Exercises like squats, lunges, and running helps to strengthen your legs, which will allow you to see an improvement in the kicks that you deliver during a match.

When your legs become stronger from squatting or lunging, you can add weights.

Using Heavy Bags

Practicing your kicks using heavy bags can train your leg to deliver more powerful hits, which can improve your kicking force.

It is important to build up to heavier bags if you are a beginner as you do not want to injure yourself, but you will begin to see a huge improvement in the strength of your kicks by using them to generate more power.

Training With Pads

Training with pads allows you to improve your precision and flexibility as you are aiming to kick the pads.

Someone else will be holding the pads so you can aim for them and focus on developing your strength.

This will help you to combine strength, power, and precision to focus on improving your kicks.

Medicine Ball Exercises

Using a medicine ball to perform rotational exercises helps you to increase the power of your kicks as rotating well can create a more powerful kick.

Without proper rotation, your kick will not generate a good amount of force, so the kick will be weaker.

Working on perfecting your rotational skills will increase the power of your kicks and improve your performance.

What Skills Do You Need To Develop For A Hard Kick?

What Skills Do You Need To Develop For A Hard Kick?

There are several skills that you need to develop if you want to perform harder kicks in Muay Thai, but what do you need to work on?

Working on improving these skills will help you see an improvement in your performance.


Increasing your speed is important for performing a hard kick, so you need to work on applying power at a quick speed to generate a powerful kick.

A good way to work on your speed is by sprinting and taking part in circuits as they consist of intense workouts with rest in between, which will help to improve your fitness.


Repeating techniques over and over again will help your muscles remember the movements, which will be very beneficial as the movements become natural for your body.

Once your body becomes familiar with the movements, you will not struggle to apply the right amount of power as your body will be used to performing powerful kicks.


Flexibility is important for delivering powerful kicks as you need to apply the right amount of rotation to generate a strong kick.

If your flexibility is not good enough and you cannot rotate well, the power in your kick will suffer.

Stretching improves flexibility and once you gradually become more flexible, you will notice your kicks becoming stronger.

Can You Injure Your Leg From A Muay Thai Kick?

When you kick in Muay Thai, your shins take most of the impact.

Therefore, it is important to strengthen your shins to deal with hard impacts, otherwise, it is possible to injure yourself.

It is important to strengthen your shins to deal with the impact from a hard kick, but it can take years to condition your shins to deal with a harsh impact.

When you condition your shins, it helps to prevent bruises on your shin bone and fractures from stress, which can cause you to have to take time off from training.

When you condition your shin, you train them to cope with a hard impact, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

The kicks in Muay Thai are hard, and they can injure your legs if your shins are not strong.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the kicks in Muay Thai are hard and can generate a lot of power, so they can be hard for the person who is kicking and the opponent who is receiving the kick.

People who train in Muay Thai increase their power by strengthening their legs, using heavy bags, training with pads, and improving their rotational skills to generate more force in their kicks.

Improving your speed and flexibility can help you to kick harder in Muay Thai, and repeating the movements allows your body to become more accustomed to the movements.

The movements will then become familiar to you, allowing you to continue to work on kicking harder.

Developing your power is important for delivering hard kicks in a Muay Thai fight to improve your overall performance.

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