Is Muay Thai Bad For Your Shoulders?

Looking after your body is incredibly important, even when you are exercising.

Before you take up a new sport, it is important to understand the risks that are associated with the sport to make sure that you can prevent them from happening to you.

Is Muay Thai Bad For Your Shoulders

Taking care of yourself is extremely important, so knowing the risks is vital. 

Muay Thai is a very dangerous sport there are a lot of risks associated with it, but what are they? Understanding the risks first is important for knowing what you are participating in, but is Muay Thai bad for your shoulders?

As Muay Thai involves throwing a lot of punches and strikes, can it damage them?

This article will explain more about whether or not Muay Thai is bad for your shoulders and how you can prevent it. Find out more below to see if your shoulders will be damaged from practicing Muay Thai. 

Can Muay Thai Damage Your Shoulders?

Muay Thai can damage a lot of areas of your body, including your head, hands, and shins.

It can be a very dangerous sport as there are lots of risks involved as the main aim is to knock out the other person. This is full of dangerous risks as the punches and kicks are very hard and can cause a lot of damage. 

As Muay Thai can damage your body, is it bad for your shoulders? Your shoulders can become damaged in Muay Thai if they are punched or if you fall as this can result in bruises, cuts, or broken bones.

You could also experience dislocations or torn muscles in your shoulders from Muay Thai that could cause long-lasting damage. 

What Happens If You Damage Your Shoulders?

If you damage your shoulders during Muay Thai, it can prevent you from continuing to practice it.

Damaging your shoulders during Muay Thai can cause long-lasting damage that weakens your strikes, causing you to be unable to throw punches and put up a good fight during an official fight or training. 

Shoulder injuries can take a long time to heal if they are not treated properly, so receiving the proper care is important to make sure that you do not experience permanent damage.

Broken bones are very common in Muay Thai, so cracks or breakages to your shoulder or the surrounding area can affect your strength and movement. 

Broken Bones In Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a very dangerous sport, so broken bones are extremely common as you are faced with hard hits from your opponent.

Very common breakages to experience during a Muay Thai fight are your hands and feet as the impact from a punch or a kick when they are blocked by your opponent can result in breakages from the harsh impact. 

Broken arms and shoulders can occur if they are the areas that are hit by a hard punch or kick, and dislocations are also very likely.

If you fall and land on your arm or shoulder, your shoulder can suffer extreme injuries, like a break, that can be hard to recover from. The breaks can be severe, especially if there is a lot of force on your shoulder.

Muscle Strain And Soreness

Muscle Strain And Soreness

The strain on your shoulder muscles in Muay Thai is very harsh as the training is very intense.

Muscle strain can happen when your muscles are overworked and not stretched properly, so it is important to stretch well before training to avoid this. You can strain your shoulders, which can affect your performance. 

Muscle soreness in Muay Thai is very common in your back and arms, so your shoulders can be greatly affected.

It is important to rest your shoulder muscles if they are strained as you can cause more damage to them if you don’t rest. If you do not rest for the right amount of time, your shoulders could become very damaged. 


Bruises are very common in Muay Thai as punches and kicks can cause deep bruises, which can affect your shoulders if they are hit.

If your shoulders are punched and it doesn’t result in a break or cut, deep bruises can affect your muscle tissue and damage your shoulder, preventing you from training. 

Swelling is very common with bruises, so you need to give them enough time to heal.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to try and avoid bruises in Muay Thai as the aim is to punch and kick, so you need to make sure that you give your body the right amount of rest to recover. 

Can Hand Injuries Affect Your Shoulders?

Hand injuries in Muay Thai can sometimes affect your shoulders if a harsh impact hits your hand that sends shocks up your arm.

This can strain your shoulder and cause it to weaken, so hand injuries can affect more than just your hands. The impact of your hand injury could even cause you to fall and damage your shoulder.

Is Muay Thai Dangerous?

Muay Thai is dangerous as it can cause a lot of injuries to your head and other parts of your body, so you need to be careful when you are practicing and training.

Preventing injuries is important by stretching and trying to avoid being hit, but breakages, dislocations, fractures, and strains are very common in Muay Thai. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Muay Thai is bad for your shoulders as it can affect your entire body. If you are directly punched or kicked in your shoulder, this can cause deep bruising, dislocations, or even breaks.

If they are not treated properly, your shoulder can become damaged and weakened, affecting not only your Muay Thai performance but your daily life. 

Muay Thai is a very dangerous sport and it can be difficult to avoid injuries. It is bad for your shoulders as the hard impacts can cause damage and weaken your body, so looking after your shoulders is important.

Not only are you at risk from punches and kicks, but if you fall wrongly, you could damage your shoulder, so it is important to protect yourself. 

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