Lambeau Field – Green Bay Wisconsin Home Of The Green Bay Packers

Lambeau Field is a stadium located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Opened in 1957 as City Stadium, Lambeau Field is home to the National Football League (NFL) team the Green Bay Packers.

The stadium was informally known as the New City Stadium for most of the first decade of its existence, before the stadium was officially renamed Lambeau Field in August 1965, in honor of recently deceased head coach and club legend Curly Lambeau.

Nicknames for Lambeau Field include ‘The Frozen Tundra’, ‘The Shrine of Pro Football’, and ‘Titletown USA’. 

Having replaced the original City Stadium at Green Bay East High School as the Packer’s home ground in 1957, it is the oldest continually operating stadium in the NFL.

The Packers comfortably hold the NFL record for the longest tenure at their home ground, breaking the record in 2007 with their 51st season at Lambeau Field.

Only the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field and the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park have longer tenures across all American major league sports. 

How Many Seats Are In Lambeau Field?

When first opened in 1957, Lambeau Field was a 32,500-capacity stadium. The following years and decades have seen significant expansion. There was a flurry of activity in the 1960s right up to 1970, by which time the stadium had a total capacity of 56,263.

A further major expansion in the early 2000s brought the capacity up to 72,515 in time for the 2003 season. 

After the most recent expansion in 2013, with the addition of about 7,000 extra seats, the stadium now has an official capacity of 81,441.

It is the fifth largest stadium in the NFL with standing capacity included, and the third largest with a strictly seated capacity.

It is also currently the largest stadium in Wisconsin, narrowly surpassing the Camp Randall Stadium of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, which has a capacity of 80,321. 

Directions- How To Get To Lambeau Field

Directions- How To Get To Lambeau Field

By Public Transportation

Lambeau Field is located in central Green Bay. As such, the stadium is easily accessible by public transport.

There are four routes to Lambeau Field on game days, all of which are free! If you are located in downtown Green Bay, hop on the Lambeau Leap Route to head to the stadium district.

Buses run for five hours leading up to kickoff and continue to run for another three hours after the end of the game.

The buses will depart Lambeau approximately every 30 minutes after the game. For more information about this convenient and efficient gameday transport option, click here.

By Car

If arriving from the south on I-43, you’ll want to take the I-43 northwards to Highway 172 west.

Continue on the 172 for approximately 6 miles until you reach the Oneida Street/Ashland Avenue exit.

Take a left on Pilgrim Way to Oneida Street. Turn right onto Oneida Street and continue for approximately 2 miles until you reach the stadium. 

If arriving from the south on Highway 41, continue to take the highway until you reach the Lombardi Exit (Exit 167).

Turn right onto Lombardi Avenue and continue for another 1.5 miles until you reach Lambeau Field. 

If arriving from the north on Highway 41/141, take the highway southbound until the Lombardi Exit (Exit 167).

Turn left on Lombardi Avenue and continue onwards for approximately 1.5 miles to the stadium. 

If arriving from the west on Highway 29/32, take Highway 29 east to Highway 41 south.

Once on the 41/141 southbound, follow the directions as above. 

For more information and alternative routes, click here.  

Where To Park Near Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field’s official parking lots are nearly all sold out to holders of season parking passes, making official parking a little tricky to get hold of.

A limited number of parking passes are available on a first come, first serve basis for individual games. All vehicles must fit in a 9×18 feet parking stall. 

Being such an old stadium, Lambeau Field is fairly unique amongst its NFL peers.

There is something of a lack of parking in the vicinity of the stadium which has led to the unique sight of homeowners in the area renting out their lawns for a fee.

Depending on the distance to the stadium, lawn parking can cost between nothing and $40.

Local businesses like Kroll’s, Green Bay Distillery, and The Bar will also sell parking spaces for a price on game day.

If you’re prepared to walk far enough, there is also free on-street parking available in the stadium area. 

If you’re looking to enjoy a tailgate, try across the street from Lambeau Field on Ridge Road. Parking costs $40 in cash per car.

The lot opens four hours before kickoff and is designed with tailgating in mind, with portable restrooms, dumpsters, and hot coal bins available throughout. 

Lambeau Field Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Bring Into a Packers Game?

Fans are permitted to carry in a clear tote bag measuring 12” x 12” x 6” or a one-gallon clear plastic bag. Small clutches and purses are permitted as long as they do not exceed 4.5” x 6.5”, and are subject to search.

Additional clothing and blankets are permitted if carried in loosely, as are personal items like small cameras, cell phones, and binoculars. 

Firearms and other weapons, bags, backpacks, strollers, umbrellas,  and large obstructive banners are all prohibited inside the stadium, as is taking in food and beverages.

For a more thorough list of prohibited items and information on the stadium’s security policy, click here.

How Hard Is It To Get Packers Tickets?

Tricky. The Packers say they have sold out Lambeau Field for every game since 1960. There is a waiting list with a reported average wait time of 30 years, which has over 115,000 names on it. 

How Should I Dress For Lambeau Field?

It isn’t nicknamed the ‘Frozen Tundra’ for no reason. Winters in Green Bay are cold. With that in mind, you should wear as many layers as possible if you’re attending a game on a cold day.

Plenty of socks, warm boots, a wooly hat, and gloves are all essentials, and you might also want an extra blanket.

You can even wear battery-operated heated clothes at the stadium if you wish.

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