Levi’s Stadium – San Francisco 49ers – Food Options

The brand-new home of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers football team, Levi’s Stadium, is absolutely packed with food options. 

The Niner Empire’s brand-new stadium is roughly 40 miles outside San Francisco, in Santa Clara. 

As the crow flies, the stadium is actually closer to Silicone Valley/San Jose than San Francisco. 

As with all things that are brand new, fans of the 49ers have a lot to talk about with their new football stadium. 

Levi’s Stadium - San Francisco 49ers - Food Options

One of these big talking points is the huge variety of food and drink options available to them at the stadium. 

You name it, Levi’s Stadium has it. From classic football food like hot dogs, nachos, and pretzels, to more exotic foods like chicken tikka masala bowls. 

So without further delay, let’s get into it and discuss the food options at Levi’s Stadium!

Concessions At Levi’s Stadium 

As with many major football stadiums, Levi’s is split into two sections: an upper level and a lower level. 

The way in which the concessions stands are located and spread out in the stadium makes a lot of sense. 

Entering the stadium from Intel Gate A dead in front of you is Gold Bar and on your left is Touchdown Taps.

Both of which offer a selection of peanuts, bottled water, and bottled beer. 

Moving down the terrace, you have offerings from Churwaffle in section 103 with waffle sandwiches and chicken fritters and The Chairman in 105 with their spicy chicken buns and pork belly buns. Both of which have a lot more to offer. 

Across the terrace you will find two Stadium Favorites concession stands, with everything from hot dogs, nachos, and candy to sodas, draft beers and Micehelada. 

Coming into the stadium from Dignity Health Gate C, you’ll be greeted by Puesto in section 129 serving up tacos and The Organic Coup at 127 with their signature chicken sandwiches and chicken tenders and tots. 

Classic Food At Levi’s Stadium 

In terms of classic food choices at Levi’s Stadium, again you’ve got a great selection of choices for all tastes. 

Below is a list of our favorites: 

  • Loaded Big Kid Dog: This juices dog is loaded with a ton of cheese, mac n cheese and hot Cheetos. Grab one of these in section 304 on the upper level at Loaded Dogs. 
  • Tostitos Nachos: Delicious nachos with an incredible range of toppings found in 302 and 305 in the upper level. 
  • Slice House Pizza: Get your hands on their cheese and pepperoni pizza slices located on the upper level in section 315. 

Restaurants Near Levi’s Stadium

Restaurants Near Levi’s Stadium

San Francisco has a long history of exceptional places to eat. From Italian linguine out in Long Beach to famous dim sum in Chinatown, the best way to get to know San Francisco is to eat in San Francisco. 

If you’ve finished a 49ers game and fancy grabbing some dinner, your first thought might be to head back to the city. 

Hold your horses for a second, as the area around Santa Clara and the Peninsula in southern San Francisco have some excellent places to dine in victory or defeat. 

We’ve chosen only a handful of the excellent restaurants in the area below. 

La Fontana 

Being so close to the stadium, La Fontana makes for an excellent “last minute” option if you don’t want hot dogs or burgers. 

The focus of La Fontana’s menu is a mixture of Californian and Mediterranean cuisines. 

With a large dinning area, La Fontana is an excellent choice for large groups. 

Goo Yi Goo Yi 

Goo Yi Goo Yi is a great example of delicious Korean cuisine found dotted around Levi’s Stadium. 

Their menu is very extensive, especially when compared to restaurants like 99 Chicken. 

They offer authentic seafood dishes like Nakji Bokum (octopus with green onion and vegetables) and Eundaegu Jolim (black cod and radish casserole). 

If you’re looking for something a little less exotic, their meat dish called Kal Bi Tang (short ribs cooked in a mild soup) is a firm choice. 

How Much Does Food Cost At Levi’s Stadium? 

As with most major football stadiums, you should expect to pay a little more for things you might get cheaper outside the stadium walls. 

In terms of Levi’s stadium, a 21 ounce soda will cost you around $5.25 and a pizza slice will set you back around $8. 

Can You Bring Food Into Levi’s Stadium?

Fans can bring food from outside the stadium into the venue on game days. 

However, the rules surrounding this are that all food must be placed in clear containers/plastic bags. 

What Restaurants Are Inside Levi’s Stadium?

The choices for restaurants inside the stadium cater to all sorts of tastes. 

From restaurants like Smoking Pig to Silva Sausage Links to Hula Truck and Blue Line Pizza, Levi’s stadium’s got you covered. 

The restaurants inside Levi’s Stadium all offer drinks, some of which are discounted for season ticket holders. 

We like the fact that there are some great choices for veggies and vegans too, including Incogmeato.

How Much Does A Beer Cost At Levi’s Stadium?

The Niners stadium is ranked as the 3rd most expensive game to attend. 

Even if you are a season ticket holder, this entitles you to discounted food and drink, everyone pays the same $11.50 for beer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Order Food At Levi’s Stadium

If you have dietary restrictions, you’ll be glad to know that there are items available on the 49ers Member Inclusive Menu that will cater to all these needs. 

Is Levi’s Stadium Cashless? 

In short, yes, Levi’s Stadium is cashless. Visitors are only allowed to make card and mobile payments at concession stands and merchandise kiosks inside the stadium.

Do Season Ticket Holders Get Free Food? 

Along with the Member Inclusive Menu catering to dietary restrictions, the menu also includes a selection of food and drink items for no additional cost to season ticket holders on game days.

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