Levi’s Stadium – Santa Clara, California (Home Of The San Francisco 49ers)

The Levi’s Stadium can be found in Santa Clara, just outside California. This stadium has been the home to the San Francisco 49ers since 2014.

Just as the name suggests, this stadium was named after Levi Strauss & Company, once they purchased the naming rights back in 2013.

Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara, California (Home Of The San Francisco 49ers)

The Levi’s Stadium has served as a place that has hosted a wide range of sporting events, not just the NFL.

They have also hosted concerts, ice hockey games, college football games, and soccer games. In recent years, it has also served as a mass vaccination site.

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How Many Seats Are In Levi’s Stadium?

The Levi’s Stadium has approximately 65,800 seats, which includes 174 executive suites. However, the capacity can expand to reach around 75,000.

The capacity is usually increased, when the stadium is hosting large sporting events, like when they hosted the FIFA World Cup and The Super Bowl.

Yet, in 2015, history was made when the Dead Fare Thee Well Tour extended the capacity and stadiums, so that 83,000 fans could attend the concert.

The design of this stadium allows for two thirds of guests to be seated in the lower bowl.

This then makes the Levi’s Stadium lower bowl one of the largest throughout all NFL stadiums.

In addition, there are plenty of arrangements and options for any guests that have disabilities.

Directions – How To Get To Levi’s Stadium?

Levi’s Stadium can be found 64 km, or 40 miles, from San Francisco. There are many ways to make your way to the stadium.

The Stadium can be found at the following address: 4900 Marie P. DeBartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054.

For those of you, who want to drive down to the stadium, the stadium is located near several major expressways and highways.

These include the Lawrence Expressway, San Tomas Expressway and Highways 101, 237 and 880.

If you do want to drive, then check out the Levi’s Stadium website, where you can input your address and get personalized directions straight to the stadium from where you live.

If you are from the southern Bay Area, then the VTA Light Rail is the most direct option to get to the stadium.

The VTA Light Rail will pick you up and drop you off from the Great American Stadium, which can be found on the northern side of the stadium.

You can get on the light rail from Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Mountain View, Campbell and Milpitas, and head straight to the stadium.

Although, if trains are not for you, then you could hop onto the VTA bus service, which is located around the southern bay. The buses will drop you off and pick you up just outside the stadium.

For those of you who don’t live near the southern bay, then you can consider the Caltrain or Ace trains.

That will provide you direct trains to the stadium.

Where To Park Near Levi’s Stadium

For non-event days, public parking is made available for guests for free. This parking can be found by driving to Tasman Drive, and just off there you will find Red Lot 1.

However, on event days, the stadium recommends that you prepay for a parking pass online.

Generally, the parking lots at the stadium will open around 3.5 hours before the start of the event.

When it comes to the parking lots, these are all designated by color, number and pass.

To be able to park in one of the Levi’s Stadium parking lots, then guests must have a valid pass, ticket or credential to be able to park in their designated parking space.

The spaces themselves are normally not pre-assigned, and you are not allowed to receive any particular space. On event day, you will be directed to a particular parking lot.

On event day, a very limited amount of parking spaces might be sold, however, these will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Parking lots for the stadium includes: Yellow Lot 3, Green lot 1, and Red Lot VIP. There are also parking lots around these stadium parking lots that you can use.

For electric cars, there are also two charging stations around these parking lots as well.

Other Levi’s Stadium Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is The Levi’s Stadium In Santa Clara?

Originally, the 49ers had declared that they had plans to create a new stadium in Candlestick Point.

Yet in 2006, it was announced that these plans could not go ahead, as the cost for the infrastructure and other charges for parking lots etc., would cost more than the stadium itself.

Therefore, the team decided to make their new stadium in Santa Clara instead.

How Much Is A Ticket To Watch The 49ers?

The price is always changing, but on average you could spend as little as $51 on a ticket to the Levi’s Stadium.

Yet, if you want a better view or much more comfortable seats, then the price can rise up to a maximum of $286.

What Are The Health And Safety Protocols? (related to COVID)

Levi’s Stadium encourages all guests to be vaccinated, but it isn’t a requirement. If you feel unwell in any way, whether they are COVID-9 symptoms or not, you are asked to stay at home.

Alongside that, guests don’t have to wear a face mask while outside, but while you are indoors it is a requirement to wear a face covering.

Also, Levi’s Stadium has placed several hand sanitizer dispensers all around the stadium for you to use.

There is also a disinfectant cleaning team that will continue to go around common areas that are used a lot to make sure everywhere is as clean as possible for you.

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