Lincoln Financial Field – Philadelphia Eagles – Food Options

Home to the Philadelphia Eagles, Lincoln Financial Field is an iconic landmark in a city that loves its football team.

The stadium opened in August 2003, to give the Eagles its own space to practice and play for their fans.

With a capacity of almost 70,000, this huge stadium can cater to staggering amounts of football fanatics on those big game days.

This guide will walk you through all the food options available in, and nearby, the stadium, as well as prices and rules regarding food and drink at Lincoln Financial Field.

Food At Lincoln Financial Field

The Philadelphia Eagles have partnered with Aramark as Lincoln Financial Field’s exclusive food and beverage caterers.

They have created a signature sandwich menu for their Club Level patrons, including their Beef Brisket Meatball Sandwich and EPA Pork Sandwich. 

For the general population of Eagles fans, the Lincoln Financial Field has its very own market throughout the entire stadium, featuring food from local vendors around Philadelphia.

There are many places for great food, with some famous city staples among them, including Chickie’s & Pete’s, Tony Luke’s, and The Pierogie Place, to name just a few.

There are also plenty of tasty vegetarian and gluten-free options throughout the stadium, as well as delicious beer and soft drinks to wash it down with.

Concessions At Lincoln Financial Field

Lincoln Financial Stadium has four levels of concession stalls throughout the complex, ranging from famous Philadelphian eateries to well-known American staples.

The stadium has multiple Papa John’s and Dunkin Donuts stands, so you won’t have to worry about the line to get your slice or a piping hot cup of coffee.

It also has multiple bars to quench your thirst for an ice-cold beer, and nearby local food stalls serving some of Philadelphia’s favorite food.

Classic Food At Lincoln Financial Field

The stadium offers some must-eats that are famous around the city. You’ll believe the hype when you take your first bite of these classics.

Chickie’s & Pete’s Crab Fries

With 21 locations within the Lincoln Financial Field, Chickie’s & Pete’s serve up their famous crab fries.

These crinkle-cut fries are seasoned with their secret crab spice and come with white cheese sauce; one of the most popular items on the stadium’s menu.

Love & Honey Fried Chicken

The stadium is also a second home to Love & Honey Fried Chicken, which is known for its legendary sauce. The chicken is prepared for eight hours before serving, making for crisp and succulent fried chicken.

With their honey or hot honey sauce, this chicken is taken to the next level, making for some of the best fried chicken in the city.

Tony Luke’s Philly Cheesesteak

What’s the point in visiting Philadelphia if you’re not going to try a world-famous Philly cheesesteak? At the Lincoln Financial Stadium, you can! The Tony Luke’s food stand serves one of the most popular cheesesteaks in the city.

Make sure you get there quickly to avoid the lines, as this sandwich is second to none.

Restaurants Near Lincoln Financial Field

If you’re tailgating, or would rather grab a bite while exploring the city before a big game, there are plenty of restaurants nearby the stadium to sate your appetite.

There are lots of places to choose from, from sit-down meals to food you can take on the go. 

Celebre’s Pizzeria

After 60 years of serving the community, Celebre’s Pizzeria is one of the most popular restaurants for authentic Italian pizza.

Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia Eagles - Food Options

They offer a range of signature pizzas and have great vegetarian options. Celebre’s is situated close to the stadium so no need to rush as you enjoy your meal. You can also get take-out so you can take your pizza on the road.

Jim’s Steaks

Another one of the many Philly cheesesteak places around Philadelphia, Jim’s Steaks is serious about its sandwiches. You can customize your cheesesteak however you like with a fantastic range of toppings, so why not go all out!

What’s great about Jim’s Steaks is that even after you’ve left Philadelphia behind, you can still order a sandwich to your address, wherever you are in the US.

Xfinity Live

If you want a fun and atmospheric experience, while still having a sit-down meal with your friends and family, make a reservation at The Spectrum Grill at the Xfinity Live complex.

There are also quicker options for food and drink around the complex if you’d rather prioritize getting hyped up for the coming game.

How Much Does Food Cost At Lincoln Financial Field?

Concessions in the Lincoln Financial Field are slightly higher compared to other NFL markets, so you should expect to pay around $12 for food items and $6 for a soft drink. Cheaper options are available outside of the stadium.

Can You Bring Food Into The Lincoln Financial Field?

You can bring food into the stadium, however, it must be wrapped in clear plastic or kept in a transparent freezer bag. If you do bring your own food, make sure it can be eaten with your hands, as you cannot bring cutlery into the stadium.

No bottles, cans, or beverage containers of any kind are allowed into the stadium. However, if you are tailgating in the parking lots, you can bring your own alcohol and grills, as well as any food and soft drinks.

What Restaurants Are Inside The Lincoln Financial Field?

There are no restaurants inside the Lincoln Financial Stadium, but there are plenty of food stalls to choose from. Club Level patrons can be catered to by the Eagles’ exclusive catering partners, Aramark.

How Much Does A Beer Cost At Lincoln Financial Field?

A beer will cost you around $12 in the stadium. Cheaper options are available outside the stadium, and tailgaters can bring their own alcoholic beverages into the designated tailgating parking lots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring A Water Bottle Into Lincoln Financial Field?

Bottles, cans, or beverage containers of any kind are not allowed into the stadium A search is conducted at the gates to prevent these and other prohibited items from entering.

What Is Club Level At Lincoln Financial Field?

The Club Level at Lincoln Financial Field is perfectly situated on the second tier of seating, For football games, these seats offer some of the best, unobstructed views.

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