Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis, Indiana (Home Of The Indianapolis Colts)

Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana was built to replace the RCA Dome as the home of the Indianapolis Colts.

Since the stadium opened in 2008, it has been used as the home of the Colts for their AFC South games. It is estimated that construction cost around $720 million.

Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis, Indiana (Home of the Indianapolis Colts)

The Indianapolis Colts were founded way back in 1953, and throughout the years, they have called a number of different stadiums their home. But, since the doors opened at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2008, it has been the Colts’ home ground.

How Many Seats Are In Lucas Oil Stadium?

The official capacity of Lucas Oil Stadium is 67,000 for football, and 70,000 for basketball matches. The capacity for football matches is expandable depending on the game that is being played.

The capacity at Lucas Oil Stadium covers around 1.8 million square feet, and it is spread across multiple levels. 

General seating makes up the majority of the capacity at Lucas Oil Stadium, but they also offer club lounges and 139 suites which can be booked for matches.

The different tiers of seating at Lucas Oil Stadium offer a different view depending on where you book, but no matter where you are sitting you will get a great view of the Colts as they play on the field below.

Directions – How To Get To Lucas Oil Stadium

Most people choose to travel to the Lucas Oil Stadium by car. Here are directions for how to get to the stadium if you are traveling from the North, South, East or West.

If you are traveling from the North, then the journey is simple. All you need to do is follow I-65 South until you reach West Street (exit 114).

Exit here, straight onto South Street, and you will be able to see the Lucas Oil Stadium. Simply follow the signs to enter the stadium’s grounds.

Alternatively, if you are traveling from the South, take the I-65 North to I-70 West (Exit 110B). Take this exit, and then exit again at I70 for West Street (Exit 79A).

This should be a right-hand exit, and you will find yourself on South Street where you will easily be able to find the stadium.

If you are driving from the East, take I-74 West to I-465 West.

Then follow  I-465 West to I-65 North, I-65 North to I-70 West, Exit I-70 at West Street (Exit 79A). This should be a right (north) exit, leading you on South Street from which you will be able to see the stadium.

Finally, if you are traveling from the West, then take I-74 East to I-465 South (Exit 73A). Exit here, then follow I-465 South to I-70 East. Exit at I-70 East, then continue until you reach Exit 79A (West Street).

Exit here, and you will find yourself on South Street where you will easily be able to access the stadium.

Where To Park Near Lucas Oil Stadium

Once you are near the stadium, you will need to find somewhere to leave your car during the game. Thankfully, there are a couple of different parking lots in the surrounding area that are suitable for game day parking. 

In particular, we would recommend checking out Mayer Chapel Building lot, or Norwood Street lot. Both of these parking lots can be found on Norwood Street which is really close to the stadium.

You can also pre book parking for these parking lots if you want to, which makes them perfect if you are nervous about not being able to find a space.

There is parking available in the Lucas Oil Stadium itself, but you have to have a Colt’s parking pass for these spaces. Most of the time, these spaces will be taken up by season ticket holders.

However, if you need accessible parking, it might be worth contacting the stadium to see if they have any available. 

Other Lucas Oil Stadium Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Called Lucas Oil Stadium?

Lucas Oil Stadium is called Lucas Oil Stadium due to a naming rights agreement with Lucas Oil. The deal was signed in 2006 when the stadium opened, and it is reported that the 20-year deal cost the company around $122 million.

When the agreement runs out, it is possible that the stadium will be given a new name.

Why Is Lucas Oil Stadium Built At An Angle?

Lucas Oil Stadium is built at an angle. This was not done by mistake, instead this was a specific feature in the design of the stadium. The angle at which the stadium is built is important as it maximizes the view of downtown Indianapolis.

Is Lucas Oil Stadium Retractable?

Yes, the roof at Lucas Oil Stadium is retractable. The panels that cover the center of the stadium can be retracted down the slopes of the roof, allowing a giant space to be opened at the center.

The design of the roof at Lucas Oil Stadium is very clever, and it is one of the main features in the stadium.

How Early Can You Get into Lucas Oil Stadium?

If you are visiting the Lucas Oil Stadium for a Colts match, then it is understandable that you might want to arrive early.

Like many sports stadiums, the Lucas Oil Stadium opens its doors to general ticket holders 2 hours before the game is due to kick off. If you have premium seats, then you may be granted access up to 3 hours before.

Does Lucas Oil Stadium Have Real Grass?

No, the Lucas Oil Stadium does not have real grass. Like many stadiums, Lucas Oil has opted for a new synthetic turf due to how durable it is in comparison to real grass.

Real turf can quickly become damaged, especially if a match is played with the roof open. But, synthetic turf is much more hardy, allowing a consistent pitch for the Colts to play on throughout the season.

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