Lumen Field – Seattle Seahawks – Food Options

Lumen Field is the home of the Seattle Seahawks and has been known by different names in the past, CenturyLink Field, Qwest Field, and Seahawks Stadium.

Lumen Field - Seattle Seahawks - Food Options

Regardless of its name, however, if you’re coming for a game, you will want to know what the food options are. 

Luckily, there is a selection of excellent concessions in the stadium and plenty of classic game day food to be had. If you want a meal before or after the game, there are also restaurants close to Lumen Field. 

We’ll take a look at some costs of food and beer at the stadium and find out what you can and can’t take inside with you. Finally, we’ll answer some questions about the food options at Lumen Field. 

Concessions At Lumen Field

There are menus and built beer lists to suit most tastes at Lumen Field. The stadium has thought of how it can cater to all tastes and delivers traditional fare as well as savory choices. 

In total, there are twenty-seven concession stands in the stadium. Ballard Pizza, Chicken and Biscuits and Great State Burger offer classic game day food such as hot dogs, burgers, tacos, fried chicken, and pizza. 

Then there are concessions like Din Tai Fung serving chicken wontons and pork buns and Ivar’s where you can get fish and chips and clam chowder.  Eight of the concessions offer gluten-free options, fifteen offer vegetarian choices and four have vegan menus. 

Classic Food At Lumen Field

No trip to a Seahawks game would be complete without classic stadium food, and you won’t be disappointed with the choices at Lumen Field. 

Kidd Valley offers traditional burgers and milkshakes, while Local Dogs and Links provide the hot dogs. Pretzels and churros are available at Local Eats and Observ. If you want all of the above in one place, check out Smokehouse BBQ. 

For sandwiches, wraps and salads, Grab & Go offers a good selection and PNW Grille serves cheese steak and grilled Cuban sandwiches. 

If you want some freshly squeezed lemonade and cotton candy, then head to Observ. Or for some good old-fashioned pizza, Ballard Pizza and Pizza Hut deliver, although not literally!

Restaurants Near Lumen Field

Below are three of the closest restaurants to Lumen Field.


For a pre-game treat, this Japanese restaurant is right next door to Lumen Field. It serves sushi and sashimi with prices ranging from $25-$40 for lunch or dinner. It also has a selection of soups, noodles and grilled appetizers. 

Taylor Shellfish Farm

As the name suggests this restaurant serves seafood and there is quite a selection. Oysters, whole Dungeness crab, and jumbo prawns to name just a few of the delicious choices on this restaurant’s menu. 


Zeitgeist offers American cuisine for breakfast, lunch or brunch. It’s an independent coffee house with an emphasis on art and the community with a gallery featuring local artist’s work.  Perfect for a pre-game catch-up with friends.

How Much Does Food Cost At Lumen Field?

For a hot dog and pretzel, expect to pay around $7, or you could go for the 12s combo deal of two hot dogs, two bottles of water and a bag of popcorn for $12. This is not a bad deal as a jumbo hot dog will usually cost $7 on its own. 

A bottle of water will cost you around $5 at the concession stands. You can bring an empty plastic bottle and fill it at one of the water fountains around the stadium. If you don’t have an empty bottle, they can be bought in the stadium for $1. 

A bag of kettle popcorn will cost around $8 while standard butter popcorn is $6. Candy and peanuts typically cost around $5.50 at the concessions. 

Can You Bring Food Into Lumen Field?

If you would rather not pay stadium prices for your food then you can bring single servings into Lumen Field. This must be in a clear plastic bag, although you are allowed to also bring in a pizza in a box. 

Beverages are not allowed except for baby bottles, juice boxes or factory sealed water bottles. 

What Restaurants Are Inside Lumen Field?

Restaurants inside Lumen Field include Pioneer Square and John Howie Restaurant. The Night Market and Pacific Northwest Marketplace also feature rotating local chefs, restaurateurs and cuisine. 

How Much Does A Beer Cost At Lumen Field?

Domestic beer at Lumen Field will cost you around $5 while a premium beer will cost approximately $6. However, it is worth noting that during a home game the price of beer has been noted at around $8-$9 for a 16 ounce glass. 

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Other Lumen Field Frequently Asked Questions

Do They Serve Liquor At Lumen Field?

Brougham Beer Hall sells various craft beers and wine. The Craft House sells craft beers as does Beecher’s Mac & Cheese and Grab & Go. Elysian sells local wine and various craft beers and Tapped & Corked sells various local wines and craft beers. 

There is a two limit purchase on beer or wine at concession stands or portable concessions within the stadium in line with their alcohol policy. ID must be provided to purchase alcohol. 

Is There A Starbucks At Lumen Field?

Yes, there is a Starbucks concession stand at ten locations within Lumen Field selling coffee beverages, espresso, hot cocoa and tea. 

Where Should I Eat Before A Seahawks Game?

There are many restaurants in the area around Lumen Field, some of which have been covered in this guide, where you can eat before a Seahawks’ football game. There are also a lot of great sports bars to enjoy a meal before, during or after a game. 

The Bridge, Kangaroo and Kiwi and The Westy are just three of the best sports bars around Seattle where you can enjoy good food, great beer and relax to enjoy the game or just the view.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide to food options at Lumen Field has been helpful to you.

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