MetLife Stadium – New York Giants – Food Options

Home to both the New York Jets and the New York Giants football teams, MetLife Stadium is iconic in the NFL.

MetLife Stadium

As one of the world’s largest stadiums, with a staggering capacity of 82,500, it has hosted hundreds of major events, including the Super Bowl and the highest-grossing Wrestlemania of all time. 

Being such a huge stadium, it has to cater to thousands of fans with food and beverages. This guide will walk you through all the food and drink options available when visiting MetLife Stadium, to make your day even better.

Food At MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium has a great selection of food options available for the hungry football fan.

Made up of local food vendors and MetLife Stadium caterers, the stadium has plenty of American classics, like burgers, sandwiches, and pizza, as well as authentic dishes from around the world, including tacos, noodles, and gyros.

There are also vegetarian options and gluten-free options available for those with dietary restrictions.

No matter what food you choose, MetLife Stadium has several bars throughout the complex so you can wash everything down with an ice-cold beer, or a refreshing soft drink. 

Concessions At MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium has many unique concession stands across the stadium, often with multiple stands so you can grab your favorite bite to eat wherever your seats are. 

The stadium’s main suppliers of hot food are Bubba Burger, selling the classic American favorites we all know and love, Franks, for sweet food options, and New York Deli, serving up iconic sandwiches. 

There are plenty of smaller vendors too, offering even more variations. These portable stands are interchangeable, leaving room for more food options in the future.

Some of the most popular stands include Fat Rooster, WingMan NYC, and Mr. Tot. These stands offer up some of the best food that East Rutherford has to offer.

Classic Food At MetLife Stadium

In this diverse city, there are so many dishes that you must try while visiting MetLife Stadium. These are just a few of the classic eats available.

Fat Rooster Chicken Sandwich

Nothing beats a chicken sandwich, and Fat Rooster has got it right. Made with spicy seasoning to give it an extra kick, this chicken sandwich is a must-eat.

Along with sweet honey mayo and strong dill slaw, the Fat Rooster sandwich stands out from the rest. To give it a try, head to MetLife West Hall.

Cheetos Popcorn

The snack known all across the nation and beyond: Cheetos! These cheesy treats are in most of our pantries and always give us our junk food fix.

MetLife Stadium has created Cheetos popcorn, mixing two iconic snacks to make something great. It’s simply popcorn with Cheetos seasoning, an excellent combination to munch during a game. Cheetos popcorn can be found in section 329.

New York Deli Pastrami Hoagie

Delicatessens are well known in New York City for some of the best hoagies around. MetLife Stadium has brought the New York Deli to East Rutherford, where you can get a delicious pastrami hoagie for yourself.

Delicate peppered meat best served on rye bread, you might have to go back for another. Go get yours in sections 146, 210, 242, 306, or 330.

Restaurants Near MetLife Stadium

For those wanting to explore what food the area has to offer, or those planning on tailgating the big game, there are some amazing restaurants near MetLife Stadium. Here are some of the best you can visit.

Yard House

MetLife Stadium - New York Giants - Food Options

Designed for beer and food lovers alike, Yard House is a modern, casual eatery with great food, a rock’n’roll vibe, and a brilliant selection of craft beers and cocktails.

They have an inspired menu from all corners of the world, featuring fried macaroni and cheese, street tacos, seafood, and steak. It’s the perfect place for a pre-game meal.

Ridge Road Hot Bagel & Deli

This deli is renowned in the area for its menu. For food on the go or a casual meal, the Ridge Road Hot Bagel & Deli offers made-to-order sandwiches and bagels, with a range of ingredients and extras to choose from.

Fresh every day and serving up classic food, this deli will stop your stomach from rumbling before the big game.


A family-owned restaurant established in 1977, Natoli’s makes you feel at home with its fantastic Italian comfort food.

The restaurant serves a selection of Italian dishes, including daily lunch specials, from pizza to paninis, from pasta to salads. Stop in before visiting MetLife Stadium for a relaxing meal before the action starts.

How Much Does Food Cost At MetLife Stadium?

Food prices can depend on the event taking place, with more popular events, like a Giants game, having more expensive pricing. Food will usually cost you between $6 and $14, depending on the event.

Can You Bring Food Into The MetLife Stadium?

Food is allowed to be brought into the stadium if the food is contained in a clear plastic bag. Factory-sealed, plastic bottles of water or soft drinks that are 20 oz. or less in size are also allowed.

What Restaurants Are Inside The MetLife Stadium?

While there are no sit-down restaurants in the MetLife Stadium, there are many vendors and bars in the complex for you to purchase food and beverages to take into the event. There are also many restaurants near the stadium for you to visit.

How Much Does A Beer Cost At MetLife Stadium?

A beer at MetLife Stadium will cost you between $5 and $11, depending on the popularity of the event held at the stadium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MetLife Stadium Sell Liquor?

The stadium does serve alcohol but will stop serving at the beginning of the third quarter of a game. For non-football events, the cut-off time will vary and be determined by MetLife Company management.

Is There Kosher Food Available At MetLife Stadium?

There are multiple kosher vendors in the stadium located in sections 123, 144, 206, 209, 243, 309, and 334.

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