M&T Bank Stadium – Baltimore, Maryland (Home Of The Baltimore Ravens)

M&T Bank Stadium can be found in Baltimore in Maryland.

Since 1998, it has been the home to the Baltimore Ravens, and also next to Oriole Park, which is home to the Baltimore Orioles.

Commonly, M&T Bank Stadium is referred to as the Raven’s Stadium. It has become one of the most praised NFL stadiums for its facilities and fan amenities.

Keep reading to learn more about M&T Bank Stadium, the home of the Baltimore Ravens.

How Many Seats Are In M&T Bank Stadium

The M&T Bank Stadium consists of 5 different levels including the lower bowl, upper blow, club level, 300 suites level and 400 suites level.

Overall, this stadium has a capacity of around 71,008. Within that, it also has around 128 suites and 8,196 club seats.

Directions – How To Get To M&T Bank Stadium

There are a couple ways to get to the M&T Bank Stadium, and they all differ, depending on the direction that you are traveling to the stadium from.

If you are heading from the south, then you will drive on Interstate 95 north and head towards Baltimore.

You will then want to take exit 52, known as Russell St. Once you reach the bottom of the ramp, you will then need to steer into Russell Street, and then you will see the stadium on your right.

In addition, you could drive on the interstate 295 north towards Baltimore. Eventually, Interstate 295 will become Russell Street and the stadium will appear on your right.

Although, if you are coming from the northwest, then you will need to drive on the interstate 83 south to Lombard Street, and make a right.

After that, take a left turn into Green Street, you will then find the stadium appear on your left.

If you are coming from the northeast, then you will need to drive on the interstate 95 through the Ft. McHenry Tunnel.

Keep driving until you reach exit 53 north, and position yourself into the right lane for Russell Street/MLK Boulevard.

Once you reach the bottom of the ramp, take a left into Lee Street, and then at the lights take another left into Russell Street. You will then see the stadium on your left.

Where To Park Near M&T Bank Stadium

There is plenty of parking at the M&T Bank Stadium, with the parking lots opening around 4 and a half hours prior to kickoff.

You can park in Horseshoe Casino Garage Parking, which is a short walk from the stadium.

There is also Camden Yards Lee Street parking lot, 601 E West street parking and Camden Yards Lot H, all of them are a short walk from the stadium.

Or you can park in the following lots by the stadium: Lot B, B/C, F, G, H, E, and D.

For those of you with disabilities, the disabled parking is available on a first come, first served basis in Lots B, C and R.

You are required to have a state issued disabled license plate or placard to gain entry to any available disabled parking spaces.

It is recommended that if you do require disabled parking, you arrive as early as possible, as these spaces fill up very quickly.

However, for everyone else when it comes to parking for M&T Bank events, the parking is typically sold in advance.

In action to this, you can only part in the lots if you have a permit. When it comes to a Raven game, the stadium parking lots are sold to permit holders.

Alongside that, there is also game day transportation that is provided by the stadium. Various buses will pick you up from different locations, that are found on the M&T Bank Stadium website,

Other M&T Bank Stadium FAQs

How Much Did The M&T Bank Stadium Cost To Create?

The M&T Bank Stadium finally opened in 1998. This stadium cost around $220 million to be built.

The money was generated from the Ravens team themselves and debt service by lottery proceeds and revenue bonds.

What Was The M&T Bank Stadium Known As Before?

Originally, the M&T Bank Stadium was known as the Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards.

However, in 1999, PSINet gained the naming rights of the stadium, and changed its name to the PSINet Stadium.

However, in 2022 the name then changed back to the Ravens Stadium, because PSINet had to file for bankruptcy.

After this, it was when M&T Bank purchased the naming rights around 2003.

In addition to this, they completed a 15-year contract with the Ravens for $75 million, and the stadium became the M&T Bank Stadium.

In 2014, the naming rights contract was prolonged for another 10 years and $60 million, with the name being extended for use until 2027.

How Much Is A Ravens Ticket And Parking?

The price of a Baltimore Ravens ticket can vary depending on the game schedule. Also, the price of the ticket will differ depending on where in the stadium you intend to sit.

However, typically a Raven ticket can cost as little as $42 and can be as much as $209. Although, an average price for a ticket can be around $120.

In addition to that, the average price to park on one of the many M&T Bank Stadium parking lots, this can set you back another $55.

It is important to make sure that you buy your parking ticket in advance, otherwise you may not gain entry to the lot.

If you want a ticket, then you will have to be quick. As it is known that since 1996, the Baltimore Ravens have sold out every single home game.

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