Nissan Stadium – Nashville, Tennessee (Home Of The Tennessee Titans)

Nissan Stadium, which was previously known as LP Field, The Coliseum, and Adelphia Coliseum, is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It is the home of the Tennessee Titans, members of the AFC South Division.

Nissan Stadium opened its doors in August 1999, and it cost approximately $264 million to build.

Nissan Stadium – Nashville, Tennessee (Home Of The Tennessee Titans)

The stadium is a multipurpose stadium, and it is owned by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County by whom it was partially funded.

The Stadium has gone through a number of different names since it first opened, but at the current it is known as the Nissan Stadium as part of a 20-year naming deal with Nissan.

The Tennessee Titans are a historic football team who were founded in 1959, but they have only been known as the Titans since 1999. Previously to this, they have been known as the Tennessee Oilers, and the Houston Oilers.

Since they were renamed the Tennessee Titans, their home has been the Nissan Stadium.

How Many Seats Are In Nissan Stadium

The Nissan Stadium has a capacity of 69,143. The stadium is constructed of 4 different levels: the lower level, club level, loge level and upper level.

Each level is split up into multiple sections, in a similar fashion to how most sports stadiums are configured.

Club level at Nissan Stadium is a tier above regular seating. Club level seats are extra wide with extra padding.

Each seat also comes with a cup holder and indoor access.

In addition to club level seating, Nissan Stadium also has 3 party suites that can be booked for private groups.

These suites can be found circling the stadium, and offer excellent views of the football field.

Directions – How To Get To Nissan Stadium

Nissan Stadium is easy to reach in your car, and it can be reached from the North, the South, the East, and the West.

If you are traveling from the North, proceed south on the I-65 to I-45 east exiting at James Robertson Parkway.

Stay in the right lane, going through the first and second traffic lights, all the way down to Shoney’s on the corner of Woodland Street and Interstate Drive.

Here take a right onto Russell Street, then left onto 2nd street where you will find signs directing you to the stadium.

If you are traveling from the South, proceed North on the I-65 to I-45, and exit at Shelby Street which is on the left.

Proceed over the bridge and through the light onto 2nd street where you will find signs pointing you to the stadium.

No matter which direction you are traveling from, the aim is to find your way onto 2nd street, and then follow the stadium signs from there.

Where To Park Near Nissan Stadium

If you are driving to Nissan Stadium, then you will need to find somewhere to park your vehicle.

Thankfully, there are a number of parking spots close to the stadium, including parking lots that are managed by the stadium itself.

If you are a season ticket holder with the Titans, then you will have the opportunity to get a Nissan Stadium-issued parking pass.

This pass will cover you for all the Titans games, allowing you to park in the Nissan Stadium parking lot.

If you require accessible parking, then Nissan Stadium has 114 accessible parking spaces on site.

These parking spaces are available on a first come first basis on game days, and cannot be guaranteed.

Outside of official Nissan Stadium parking, there are also a number of other parking lots within a short walking distance of the stadium.

These include PSC Metals Lot, 280 Crutcher Street, Smith Lot 504 6th Ave South, and Ragland Lot 314 3rd Avenue South.

So, there are plenty of places to park your car when visiting the stadium.

Other Nissan Stadium Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nissan Stadium Open To The Public?

Yes, when the Tennessee Titans aren’t playing on the field at Nissan Stadium, the stadium is open to the public for tours.

Both public and private behind the scenes, exclusive tours are available at Nissan Stadium. You can find out more information about these by visiting their website.

Is Nissan Stadium Grass Or Turf?

The field at Nissan Stadium is made of real grass. The grass used to make the field at Nissan Stadium is Bermuda grass.

But, it is a type of grass that can be taken apart and lifted when events other than football are occurring at Nissan Stadium.

Can You Walk From Downtown Nashville To Nissan Stadium?

Yes, you can walk from downtown Nashville to the Nissan Stadium, it takes around 20 minutes to walk this distance, and the walk itself is usually through a very safe area.

It is a fair walk, but if you are within the area, it is doable.

How Much Did Nissan Pay For Naming Rights?

The exact amount that Nissan is paying for naming rights of the Nissan Stadium is unclear.

However, it is estimated that the company is paying around $130 million in total for the 20-year naming rights deal that they have made for the Nissan Stadium.

This calculates to the company paying around $6.5 million per season. The 20-year deal was signed in 2015, so it should end in 2035, unless it gets extended.

What Other Teams Play At Nissan Stadium?

While the Nissan Stadium is home of the Tennessee Titans, it is a multipurpose stadium and they aren’t the only team that plays there.

The stadium is also home of the Tennessee State Tigers Football.

How Old Is Nissan Stadium?

Construction of the Nissan Stadium began in 1997, and the stadium officially opened its doors in August 1999. That means that at the time of writing, the stadium is around 23 years old.

Of course, when it was first constructed in 1999 it opened under a different name.

When it was first opened, the stadium was called Adelphia Coliseum, it only became known as the Nissan Stadium in 2015.

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