NRG Stadium – Houston Texans – Food Options 

Home of The Houston Texans, NRG stadium opened in 2002 and is located at One Reliant Park.

The stadium is a hub for the surrounding communities, hosting not just NFL games but also rodeo matches, high school and college football, soccer, basketball, music concerts and much more. 

If you’re planning on attending an event at the NRG Stadium, and want to know more about the food options ahead of time, read on!

So far as the NRG Stadium is located in Houston, you can expect barbecue and Tex-Mex themes throughout the stadium’s concession stands. 

There are a number of more adventurous options available, including cheese steaks and stir-fry.

Food At The Nrg Stadium

For those looking to eat more traditional stadium fare, there is a healthy choice of foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza. We’ll now break down some options further in the following sections.

Concessions At The Nrg Stadium

If you’re wondering what to expect from the many concessions stands inside the NRG stadium, you’re in the right place. 

An important point to remember is that nearly all the concession stands in the NRG stadium are staffed by volunteers as part of the ARAMARK Non-Profit Program. 

These volunteers work to raise money for their chosen non-profit organization. A percentage of each dollar spent at these concession stands is donated to these organizations. 

There are concession stands located throughout  the upper and lower concourses of the stadium. Every one of the concession stands are managed by ARAMARK Sports Entertainment.

As mentioned above, these concession stands sell a variety of food and drink ranging from hot dogs, burgers, and pretzels, to water, soda, and domestic/foreign beers. 

On game days, there are value food and drink items available at a number of concession stands. These items include but are not limited to: 

  • Water for $2 
  • $5 Domestic Draft Beer 
  • $5 Hot Dog Combo 
  • $5 Nacho Combo 

Classic Food At Nrg Stadium

One of the biggest food vendors we noticed at the NRG Stadium is Papa John’s Pizza. If you’re looking for pizza with a good choice of toppings including cheese, veggie, or pepperoni, you should head to the lower level at the four quadrants to find Papa John’s Pizza stands. 

As mentioned above, there are a number of touchdown deals to be found throughout the venue on game days.

Foods like pretzels, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn and beverages like domestic beer and water are all available as part of these touchdown deals.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, we recommend giving Aramark’s Sriracha Chicken Sticky Pops a go. These chicken drumettes are served with a sweet and sticky sauce, and they’re amazing!

Restaurants Near Nrg Stadium

There are a number of classic Texan restaurants located in the vicinity of NRG Stadium. All of which are ready to cater to hungry fans on game day.

Located about 0.3 miles from the stadium you will find Pappas Bar-B-Q, a staple Texan barbecue restaurant serving up the best of this cuisine. 

If you’d rather try something a bit different, Asahi Sushi serves Japanese inspired food and drinks that will really tantalize your taste buds, this is within walking distance of the stadium at 0.1 miles away. 

Roughly the same distance (0.1 miles) away you’ll also find Russo’s NY Pizzeria. This New York classic dishes out some of the tastiest pizza in town.

How Much Does Food Cost At Nrg Stadium? 

Food at NRG Stadium, particularly food included in their game day deals, is very reasonably priced. Popcorn, Nacho, and Hot Dog Combos are all priced at $5 and are available in these sections: 

118, 115, 138, 135, 323, 351, 510, 506, 536, and 532. 

Can You Bring Food Into The Nrg Stadium? 

As per NRG Stadium’s policy, fans are not allowed to bring food from outside into the stadium. 

What Restaurants Are Inside The Nrg Stadium?

As mentioned in our introduction, the restaurants inside NRG Stadium all follow a similar theme, BBQ and Tex-Mex. 

If you’re looking for something more along the lines of Italian than Papa John’s or even deli sandwiches courtesy of Antone’s are your best bet. Both of these restaurant chains are located in multiple sections in both upper and lower levels.

How Much Does Beer Cost At Nrg Stadium? 

If you’re attending the stadium on game days, we’d strongly recommend taking advantage of the stadium’s touchdown deals. 

In terms of the cost of beer, these touchdown deals include domestic beer served in the Bud Light Plaza. A 12 oz beer will only cost you $2.50 as part of this deal. For domestic draft beer you’re looking at $5 a beer. 

Other Nrg Stadium Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Order Food From The Texans Game? 

NRG Stadium recently introduced sEATz software, operating under the name Texans Mobile Express. 

This software, in the form of the Texan’s Mobile App, allows guests to place food and drink orders for pickup at a designated kiosk, without waiting in line. 

Can You Smoke At Nrg Stadium? 

As with all major stadiums, smoking, including electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, is not allowed inside the stadium. 

There are designated smoking areas available outside the stadium where smoking is permitted. 

Can You Use Cash At Nrg Stadium? 

Like many other stadiums, The Texans and NRG park have implemented a cashless payment system for food and merchandise. 

Can I Bring A Backpack To Nrg Stadium? 

Every item brought to the stadium is subject to inspection. If you have a bag larger than 11” x 17” or a backpack, it will not be allowed in with you.

There are also no storage areas or lockers available for you to store them, so make sure you plan ahead. Diaper bags and purses are allowed but will be subject to inspection.

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