NRG Stadium – Houston, Texas (Home Of The Houston Texans)

NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas is famous for being the home of the Houston Texans. This stadium first opened its doors back in 2002 with the intention of being used by the Houston Texans, however this is a multi-purpose stadium and it has been used for other events.

NRG Stadium – Houston, Texas (Home of the Houston Texans)

These include Superbowl, WrestleMania, the Texas Bowl and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. 

The Houston Texans were founded in 1999, and have played all of their games at the NRG Stadium since it opened.

The Texans currently play in the AFC South Division and have played at the NRG Stadium throughout all of its different name changes. 

How Many Seats Are In Nrg Stadium?

NRG Stadium currently has a capacity of 72,220. When the stadium opened back in 2002, it only had a capacity for 69,500.

This was increased to 71,054 in 2003, and then to 71,795 in 2014. In 2018, the capacity increased slightly, leaving the overall capacity of the stadium at 72,220. However, for special events, it is possible to increase capacity to 80,000. 

The seats at NRG Stadium are split across multiple levels, and this is why the capacity is able to be so large. The stadium has field level, general access, club level, upper concourse, and suite seating.

All of these seats offer generous views over the stadium, and the stadium is designed this way because it is multi-purpose.

The NRG Stadium is used for a range of events, and this seating plan allows event planners to get the most out of the stadium.  

Directions – How To Get To Nrg Stadium

If you are planning on driving to NRG Stadium, then you will either be traveling from the North, South, East or West. Follow these directions to find the stadium.

Should you be traveling from the North, then you will need to take the I-45 (South). Follow this road, then exit onto Hwy.288 (South) to 610 loop (West).

Take the 610 (west) until you reach Fannin, then exit and turn right. From here, turn left onto either Naomi or Holly Hall which will lead you to the main gate of NRG Park. 

If you are traveling from the South, then take the I-45 (North) until you reach the 610 (west) to Fannin.

Exit here and turn right onto Fannin, then turn left from Fannin onto Naomi or Holly Hall. Both of these roads will take you to the main gate of NRG Park. 

Alternatively, if you are coming from the West, you should take the I-10 (East) to 610 (South). Then take the 610 (South) to the Fannin exit.

Exit here and turn left onto Fannin, then turn left onto Naomi or Holly Hall. Again, you will find the main gate of NRG Park on this road. 

Finally, if you are traveling from the East, you need to start your journey by taking the I-10 (West) to 610 (South). Take the 610 all the way to the Fannin exit.

Exit here, and turn right onto Fannin, then left onto Naomi or Holly Hall where you will find the main entrance for NRG Park.

Where To Park Near Nrg Stadium

If you are driving to NRG Stadium, then you will need somewhere to park your car. Thankfully, the NRG Stadium has parking specifically designated for those who are visiting the stadium.

However, this parking does fill up rather quickly, so you will need to get to the stadium early if you want to grab a spot.

To find the parking lot at NRG Stadium, you will need to use entrance gate 9. This gate can be found on the corner of Kirby and Westridge.

NRG Stadium – Houston, Texas (Home of the Houston Texans)

If you are using a Sat Nav to find your way to the stadium, simply use this address to easily find the parking lot: 8825 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77054.

If you can’t get a spot in the official NRG Stadium parking lot, there are some other places that you can check out for parking.

These include 1400 La Concha Ln. Lot, 8181 Stadium Dr. Lot, and Toys R’ Us Lot – 1212 Old Spanish Trail. These parking lots also tend to be cheaper than the cost of parking in the lot at NRG Stadium.

Other NRG Stadium Frequently Asked Questions

What Does NRG Stadium In Houston Stand For?

The NRG Stadium in Houston is known as the NRG Stadium because of a naming rights deal with NRG Energy.

So, “NRG” is not an abbreviation for a longer name that the stadium has, instead it is simply known as this because of the agreement with NRG Energy. Prior to this naming rights agreement, the stadium was called the Reliant Stadium.

Does NRG Stadium Roof Open? 

Yes, the NRG Stadium roof does open. The NRG stadium has a fully retractable roof, and this can be opened/closed depending on the match that is being played.

Most of the time, the roof at NRG stadium remains closed as this seems to be a preference for the Texans. However, some games have famously been played under an open roof.

What Are You Allowed To Bring Into NRG Stadium?

NRG Stadium advises against bringing bags into the stadium. If you do bring a bag, then it must be no larger than 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches.

NRG Stadium also operates the clear bag policy, so your bag should also be made of a clear material, with the contents inside clearly visible.

Does NRG Stadium Have Food?

Yes, there are food stalls at NRG Stadium. So, you will be able to purchase snacks when you visit for a Texans game. Alcoholic and soft beverages are also for sale at the stadium.

How Much Did The NRG Stadium Cost To Build?

It is estimated that the NRG Stadium cost around $352 million to build ready for its opening in 2002. The total cost was influenced by the length of time that construction took, as it took 30 months to complete the stadium.

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