Paul Brown Stadium – Cincinnati Bengals – Food Options

The Paul Brown Stadium is the famous home of the NFL team Cincinnati Bengals.

It can be found along the riverfront in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, and has a modest seating capacity, coming in at 65,515.

Paul Brown Stadium - Cincinnati Bengals - Food Options

And with so many potential guests for each game, you can bet that they’ve put a lot of thought into how to keep fans sufficiently nourished and hydrated.

And to that end, they’ve arranged for a whopping 56 concession stands and bars to be set up throughout the stadium for fans’ convenience and enjoyment.

Concessions At The Paul Brown Stadium

We’re pleased to report that there are a whopping 56 concession stands positioned at various points throughout the Paul Brown Stadium.

Classic concession stand meals can be purchased on concession stands on the 100, 200, and 300 levels.

You can pick up all your traditional concession stand favorites for a Bengals game, including the likes of hot dogs, pizza, chicken/buffalo tenders, burgers, french fries, nachos, popcorn, pretzels, and peanuts.

There’s also bar food available thanks to Queen City Taphouse, and a wide range of grilled cheese sandwiches and meats available at the Who Dey Melt Grill.

And for something sweet, you can also pick up classic desserts such as ice cream.

Classic Food At The Paul Brown Stadium

If, however, you’re not really in the mood for traditional concession stand food, you’ll have the opportunity to try out classic Coney Cincinnati foods…

For example, if you head over to one of the Gold Star Chili stands, you can enjoy the area’s famous small-batch Cincinnati-style chili, Coneys and Chili Burgers.

Then there’s also Gliers Bratts / Metts, where you can sample even more Cincinnati favorites.

What’s more, you’ll also have the opportunity to sample local craft beers at several of the bars dotted around the stadium.

Restaurants Near The Paul Brown Stadium

If you wanted to make a whole day of your trip to Cincinnati (and why wouldn’t you?)

There are a great many good quality restaurants, cafés and bars in the area surrounding the stadium. In fact, there are 33 great options, all within walking distance of Paul Brown Stadium.

Here are some highlights for you…

There’s Pies and Pies less than 500 feet from the Stadium where fans like to enjoy scenic views, pizza, sandwiches and craft beers.

Or, if you’re into waffles and crêpes, you could check out Taste of Belgium, which is less than 1000 feet from the stadium.

It has a full coffee bar and a range of sandwiches to choose from. And it has a great view of the SkyStar wheel.

But if you love chicken wings, there’s a gem of a place just over 1000 feet from the Stadium in Third street called Kitty’s Sports Grill.

Or, if you fancy a high-end sports bar, we can heartily recommend Yard House.

The menu has everything from seafood and steaks to nachos, burgers and tacos, as well as a long list of draft beers.

It has great views of Northern Kentucky, and it’s great for both foodies and picky eaters.

We can also recommend Jefferson social, which features live artists and DJs, and has private seating areas, and excellent Mexican food.

How Much Does Food Cost At The Paul Brown Stadium?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the price tag for some of the more popular food options at the Paul Brown Stadium:

  • Chicken tenders $9.75
  • Hot dogs $5.50
  • Nachos $8
  • Peanuts $5.75
  • Pizza $8.75
  • Popcorn $5.75
  • Pretzels $6.25
    (Prices were correct when this article was written.)

Can You Bring Food Into The Paul Brown Stadium?

Unfortunately, you cannot take your own food, snacks or beverages into the Paul Brown Stadium, unless they are required for medical purposes, as per the stadium’s policy.

Not that you’ll want to with everything that’s available at the stadium anyway.

What Restaurants Are Inside The Paul Brown Stadium?

Here follows a quick sample of some of the vendors with stands at the Paul Brown Stadium:

  • Buffalo Wings And Rings
  • Gliers Bratts / Metts
  • Gold Star Chili
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • Queen City Taphouse
  • Tater Tots
  • Tenders, Love & Chicken
  • Who Dey Melt Grill

There’s also a good selection of bars there, as follows:

  • Buffalo Wings And Rings cocktails
  • Canopy bars
  • Cocktail bars
  • Plaza bars
  • Queen city tap house bars
  • Sideline east bar

How Much Does A Beer Cost At The Paul Brown Stadium?

We’re pleased to report that you can buy alcoholic beverages at the Paul Brown Stadium. What’s more, a 14 ounce beer is very reasonably priced at just $5 (or at least it was when this article was written).

This works out at about 36 cents per ounce, which is cheaper than at most other NFL stadiums, with the average cost across all stadiums coming in at 46 cents per ounce.

You cannot bring in your own alcohol, and there’s a limit of 2 alcoholic beverages per person per transaction. No alcohol will be sold to a guest who appears to be intoxicated, and guests passing alcohol to minors will be ejected and subject to arrest.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About The Paul Brown Stadium

What Are You Allowed To Bring Into Paul Brown Stadium?

We did mention this earlier, but it bears repeating here. You are NOT allowed to bring your own food, snacks or beverages into the stadium.

But there are some handy items that you are allowed to bring with you. This includes the likes of mobile phones, binoculars, small cameras, diapers, and seat cushions.

What Food Is Famous In Cincinnati?

The official food of Cincinnati is Cincinnati-style chili, which is a spiced meat sauce used as a topping for hot dogs (“coneys”) or spaghetti.

Do Bengals Club Seats Include Food?

If you’re lucky enough to get “Club LUX” membership, not only do you get all the club seat benefits, but you also get a generous $50 Food & Beverage Credit Per Seat Per Game and a free Parking Pass!

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