Raymond James Stadium – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Food Options

The famous Raymond James Stadium is home to NFL team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and is a prominent host for the Super Bowl. The stadium can be found at Tampa Bay, which is in Florida. 

Raymond James Stadium - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Food Options

It is a multipurpose stadium, and in addition to being used for hosting NFL and other football games, it has also been known for hosting soccer games, large scale music concerts, and even professional wrestling.

It has a large seating capacity, coming in at 66,321, expandable to a whopping 75,000.

And with so many potential guests for every game, you can bet that the stadium is fully kitted out with plenty of restaurant partners to serve hot and cold food and drinks during each game.

This is the focus for the remainder of this article.

Concessions At The Raymond James Stadium

You can get all of your favorite, traditional concession stand food and drink options at the Raymond James Stadium if you go to a Bucs game…

This includes the likes of beer, burgers, hot dogs, fries, pizza, popcorn, peanuts, bottles of water, soda, fried chicken, sandwiches, nachos, and chicken wings.

If you scroll down a little, you will find a list of prices for some of the more popular food and drink options.

Classic Food At The Raymond James Stadium

Being very much a coastal area, the Tampa Bay area is particularly known for its seafood. Florida’s most traditional food is rock shrimp and grits.

And Tampa Bay is also known for its deviled crab. What’s more, many generations of Tampa chefs use ingredients such as shrimp, blue crab, and oysters.

Sadly, however, this classic Tampa Bay seafood is somewhat lacking in the Raymond James Stadium, which focuses almost exclusively on traditional concession stand foods.

That said, there are notable cultural influences that impact the classic Tampa Bay, Florida dishes. This includes the likes of Spanish, Cuban, Southern US, Italian, Asian, and Mexican flavors.

To an extent, you will find these influences within the restaurants at the stadium, but to be honest, this is minimal.

However, if you wish to sample local cuisine while you’re in the area, you can always grab a bite to eat in the local area before (or after) heading to the stadium, which leads us nicely to our next section.

Restaurants Near The Raymond James Stadium

If you wish to sample local food in the area surrounding the stadium, you have some great options available to you.

Here’s a quick run through…

Ocean Prime is a nationally acclaimed restaurant and is a somewhat upscale chain, known, of course, for its seafood, as well as its long wine list and sophisticated decor.

Here you will get local, regional flavors on the “made from scratch” menu. You can make bookings online, well in advance of the game.

And it’s only a 7-minute drive from the stadium.

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood is a seafood and steak restaurant chain. So if one of you does want to sample local seafood and one or more of you do not, the restaurant should be able to accommodate both palates.

They offer the finest fresh seafood, and an exceptional dining experience. And at 1.8 miles from the stadium, it is a mere 5-minute drive away.

Raymond James Stadium - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Food Options

How Much Does Food Cost At The Raymond James Stadium?

The cost of the various food options available to buy at the Raymond James stadium varies depending on which vendor stand you go to.

Here’s a list of prices for some of the more popular food options…

  • Bacon Bomb burger $13.25
  • Barbecue pulled pork sandwich $16.75
  • BBQ loaded nachos $15.25
  • Blacksmith Bacon burger $17
  • Boneless chicken wings $14
  • Chopped brisket sandwich $16.75
  • Crispy Sriracha Chicken sandwich $11.50
  • Classic cheeseburger $10.25
  • Curly fries $8
  • Double Double burger $14.25
  • Hot dog $7.75
  • Pizza slices $10 – $12

Can You Bring Food Into The Raymond James Stadium?

Unfortunately, according to the stadium’s policy, fans are NOT permitted to bring in any outside food or beverages.

So you will either need to purchase food or drink while you are there, or grab something to eat and drink either beforehand or afterward, once you’ve earned an appetite.

What Restaurants Are Inside The Raymond James Stadium?

There are lots of restaurants and vendors within the stadium itself. Here’s a quick list of some of the more popular ones…

  • Little Caesars Pizza
  • Aussie Grill
  • Coppertail Brewing Co.
  • Cannon Fire BBQ
  • Crafty Dogs
  • Pizza Plant
  • Winghouse
  • Vizzy Bar

How Much Does A Beer Cost At The Raymond James Stadium?

Unfortunately, although alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at the stadium, they are rather expensive.

A beer can cost you anywhere between $11.50 and $13.50, depending on brand and size.

Meanwhile, a hard seltzer costs $16, and cocktails vary in price between $14.50 and $26.50.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Attending The Raymond James Stadium

Do You Have To Wear A Mask At Raymond James Stadium?

Although face masks are not strictly mandatory at the Raymond James Stadium, they are recommended, but obviously you can take them off while eating or drinking.

Do They Sell Liquor At Raymond James Stadium?

We are pleased to confirm that they do sell alcohol at the stadium. But it’s worth noting at this point that you can only purchase 2 such beverages per person per transaction.

As we mentioned earlier, A beer can cost you anywhere between $11.50 and $13.50, depending on brand and size.

Meanwhile, a hard seltzer costs $16, and cocktails vary in price between $14.50 and $26.50.

Can You Tailgate At The Bucs Games?

We are very pleased to report that there’s an exclusive Buccaneers Tailgate Party at every single regular season home game.

You get access to the tailgate three hours before kickoff directly outside the stadium. What’s more, this party is all-inclusive, and you can get water, soda, beer, wine and spirits.

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